Ectoplasm is a rare item that can be found in the mines of Stardew Valley. It is used to craft unique items and upgrade tools. This guide will teach you how to get ectoplasm, as well as some tips on how to use it effectively.

Where to find ghosts in stardew valley is a question that has been asked by many players. The answer is that you have to get ectoplasm from a ghost.

You’ll see an advertising placed by the Wizard, M. Rasmodius, demanding “some exceedingly uncommon and powerful goop known as ‘ectoplasm’” on the Special Orders Board after your first fall in Stardew Valley.

You will get 2500g in addition to a Mini-Obelisk recipe if you complete the Wizard’s request. This manual will walk you through the process of locating and delivering this ectoplasm.

How to Get Ectoplasm in Stardew Valley


The quest is named “A Curious Substance,” and you won’t be able to get ectoplasm until you’ve already picked it up. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem since the ectoplasm is only useful for this quest. You’ll have seven days to gather the rare and strong goop once the quest begins.

Ectoplasm is ejected by ghosts, as you may have surmised. Ghosts, Carbon Ghosts, and Putrid Ghosts are the three types of ghosts in this agricultural sim.

The only ghosts that do not shed ectoplasm are putrid ghosts, which are green. When Ghosts (white) and Carbon Ghosts (blue) are slain, they have a 9.5 percent chance of dropping some.

Where in Stardew Valley Can You Find Ghosts?

Standard Ghosts have 96 health and do 10 basic damage, making them the simpler of the two ghost kinds to kill. They are also the best choice for ectoplasm. Mines are where you’ll find them.

Before you can start looking for ghosts, you’ll have to battle and mine your way to the 51st level. Standard ghosts will come all the way down to the 79th level, which means you’ll have lots of chances to acquire ectoplasm.

You will be expelled from the mines if the clock strikes 2 a.m., and you will have to return later. As a result, it is recommended to arrive early in the day.

Where in Stardew Valley Can You Find Carbon Ghosts?

Carbon Ghosts are stronger, with 190 health and a basic damage of 25. They may be discovered in the Skull Cavern, which is located in the desert’s northwest corner.

You’ll need the Skull Key, which can be found on the mines’ last level, floor 120. You’ll almost certainly have ectoplasm by the time you discover Carbon Ghosts unless you descended the mines to that point before taking this quest.

Carbon Ghosts are an excellent opponent to target for ectoplasm if you’ve already done everything else, since the treasure you’ll acquire along the route will be much better in the Skull Cavern.

Carbon Ghosts may emerge on any Mummy level of the Skull Cavern, and the levels are all randomized, unlike regular Ghosts who occur between fixed floors.

The Skull Cavern has 2147483647 caverns, which is the 32-bit maximum integer, thus you’ll have lots of chances to meet Carbon Ghosts. When fighting them, choose a slow, high-damage weapon, since every blow will send them flying several feet backwards.

Avoid letting them strike you since they will teleport to a new place if they do. 

After you’ve obtained your ectoplasm, you must return it to M. Rasmodius before the seven-day mission ends. If you don’t, all of the ectoplasm you have will vanish.

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The stardew valley ectoplasm quest is a quest that can be found in the game Stardew Valley. It requires players to collect Ectoplasm from different locations and then use it to make potions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level can I find ectoplasm in Stardew Valley?

There is no level called ectoplasm in Stardew Valley.

What drops Stardew Valley ectoplasm?

The most common items that can be found in Stardew Valley are ores, gems, and other minerals.

Where is ectoplasm in Stardew?

Ectoplasm is a substance that appears in the show as a glowing, yellowish-green goo. It is most often found in the mines of Stardew Valley.

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