The game’s most recent update introduced the ability to change classes in the game. If you’re looking for a new class or just want to try out something new, this is your chance!

The world war z can’t change class is a problem that has been present for a while. However, there is a solution to the issue that involves changing classes in-game.

You may play as one of six different character classes in World War Z. Each has its unique set of weapons, equipment, and benefits. It’s worthwhile to test them all out to see which one best suits your playstyle, but how can you do that? 

There’s something for everyone among the Gunslinger, Exterminator, Fixer, Hellraiser, Medic, and Slasher classes, and we’ll teach you how to switch between them in this tutorial.

In World War Z, how do you change your class?

Zombies running through a ruined mall.

Classes may be changed between games, and each character’s class selection is unrestricted. Technically, switching from one character to another has no effect since characters always default to the category chosen in the class menu.

Start a new game in co-op campaign, whether offline or online, to get access to the menu. You’ll be brought to the episodes level selection menu, where the “Customize” tab will be located to the right of the “Episodes” button.

Find the “Class” option by pressing R1 on a PlayStation, right bumper on an Xbox, or your mouse on a PC.

Select that, and you’ll be brought to the class menu, where you’ll find a list of all the character types. Back out of the menu after selecting the one you’d want to test. Your choice will be set as the default for all characters and will stay that way until you change it again.

Everyone has their own personal style, and World War Z’s customization choices make it easy to create your character around it. Each character has additional upgrades and powers as you level up, so if you don’t like a class the first time you play it, try it again later when you’re a higher level. It has the potential to grow on you. Check out our other WWZ tutorials here if you want to learn more!

The world war z skins are a set of items that can be used to change the appearance of characters in World War Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls for World War Z?

The controls for World War Z are the same as any other shooter. You use your left hand to aim and shoot, and you use your right hand to reload.

Is Wwz Worth Playing 2020?

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Is World War Z difficult?

World War Z is a difficult game.

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