This was a question that I had been meaning to ask for a while, but had never gotten around to doing so. I had to do it, though, and after looking at the two, I was pretty shocked at how short Floyd Mayweather is compared to Logan Paul. Now, some people may cite Logan’s height as a reason why he didn’t beat Mayweather out of the ring, but I think purely by looking at their heights, Floyd clearly could have beaten him.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul have been good friends in the past. They have hung out a few times, and Paul even paid for Mayweather’s Las Vegas hotel suite at a recent boxing match. But, did you know that Paul’s ridiculous height and Mayweather’s very average height makes Paul look way taller than Mayweather? It’s not a big difference at all, but it’s noticeable, and it’s obviously not a fair comparison.

We do know that Floyd Mayweather is a full foot taller than Logan Paul. But how much taller is the tiny cousin of YouTube’s biggest star?. Read more about floyd mayweather net worth and let us know what you think.

Are you ready to see the strangest fight in boxing history? Sure, there have been stranger fights in sports history, but it’s hard to find a stranger fight than the one we’re about to witness between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Youtuber Logan Paul. Clearly Mayweather has the advantage, he is one of the best boxers in the sport. Paul, however, has a growth advantage. So how much bigger is Paul than Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul fight on-Boxing Show

. Many of us have seen Mayweather win big fights over the years against some pretty talented boxers. That’s not the case. Mayweather enters the fight with a 50-0 record, while Paul has only fought one professional fight, losing to YouTuber KSI in 2019. So it’s basically about money, because Mayweather is one of the most famous athletes in the world and he always brings in a lot of money on TV broadcasts. According to Sports Illustrated, he made over $1 billion in pay-per-views during his career. Paul, meanwhile, has 23.1 million followers on YouTube and 19.7 million on Instagram. Paul’s brother Jake Paul also has 20.4 million followers on YouTube and 15.9 million followers on Instagram. It’s simple: This fight is all about money. Mayweather told Sports Illustrated that he has made $30 million from all the events leading up to the fight and thinks the fight itself will earn him between $50 million and $100 million. Whatever the outcome, both will win a substantial amount of money.

How much taller is Logan Paul than Floyd Mayweather?

word-image-1256 word-image-2902 Floyd Mayweather (l-r) and YouTube user Logan Paul during a media interaction at the 3rd. June 2021. | CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images The only advantage Paul has in this fight is that he is much bigger than Mayweather. According to The Athletic, Paul is 5’9″ and Mayweather is 5’8″, which means Paul has a 6’9″ height advantage. He is also four inches taller than the legendary boxer, as he has a wingspan of 76 inches, compared to Mayweather’s 72. Paul’s biggest advantage, however, is his weight, as the YouTuber weighed 189.5 pounds for the fight and Mayweather weighed 155 pounds. Mayweather isn’t too worried about the size difference, though. He sometimes thinks size wins fights, Mayweather told Sports Illustrated. Or weight wins fights. I don’t care what people say. The fight beats the fight.

What are the rules of the duel?

. Because this is a practice fight, the rules for a Mayweather-Paul fight are a little different than a normal fight. According to Sporting News, the official rules are as follows:

  • There will be no judges.
  • There will be no official winner.
  • Knockouts are always legal and at the discretion of the referee.
  • Eight three-minute rounds will be played.
  • Boxers will fight with 10-ounce gloves.
  • They won’t be wearing hats.

The most unusual rule is that there is no official winner, so how does it work? Sporting News reports that there will be no official winner, as this is a practice fight that will not count towards Mayweather and Paul’s professional record. Still, they can technically say they won if they knock the other fighter down. Paul seems to think he has a chance too. He’s not ready, he doesn’t know what to expect, Paul said during the weigh-in, Yahoo Sports reported. And it’s not the biggest fight of my life, it’s the biggest fight of his life because he has so much to lose. I’m gonna have fun. He continued: The fact that I am here proves that this is a simulation, none of this is real, the aliens are coming in June….. Be ready for them… I will bring the simulation and defeat the greatest boxer in the history of the planet. It may not be an exciting fight, but given their characters, it should be an interesting event. Get the popcorn ready. COMPARED TO: The threat of Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have scared Logan Paul so much that he now has 24-hour security to ensure his safety. Read more about how much does logan paul weigh and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Logan?

We’re not going to dig into the details of Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather’s long-running beef, but just know that Logan Paul is six inches taller than the thirty-three year old boxer. The answer to the question above may surprise you. Floyd Mayweather is quite a bit taller than Logan Paul. While Floyd stands at 6’7″, Logan is a much shorter 5’9″. Even though Logan has been gaining a lot of attention from the media and the celebrities, He can’t hold a candle to Floyd on the TV screen.

How much is Mayweather vs Logan?

This fight has been one of the most anticipated in recent memory, and the hype train is still steaming along. The fight is scheduled for May 3rd, and a victory by either fighter would be a massive boost for their respective careers. However, for a lot of MMA fans, the fight is seen as a bit of a mismatch, with the Money Team’s Mayweather being seen as too old and slow to make it a real fight. However, a recent poll of MMA fans on r/MMA found that there is only a 7% chance that Mayweather will win, and that the MMA fans are expecting a victory by the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, who is, at least in terms of popularity, more well-known in the MMA While the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is a year away, fans are already scoping out the potential fight of the century if it comes to fruition.

Who won Floyd vs Logan?

For the last few years, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul have been some of the biggest names in boxing and mixed martial arts. The two superstars have gotten into a number of scraps on social media and in the ring. Their rivalry has been so heated that they’ve even appeared on each other’s talk shows. Now, a new poll has shown that the fans think that the two athletes are about the same height. Last night, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had their first fight of their long-awaited and highly anticipated boxing showdown. Mayweather had a lot of fans, and I was one of them. While his win over Pacquiao was at first surprising, I didn’t have a hard time seeing how he won. No one is unbeatable in the ring, and Mayweather is much older than Pacquiao.

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