In the football world, Akili Smith is considered one of the finest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. However, he’s still only known as one player – Jerry Rice. What if we could see a game from his perspective and then watch him go on and finally lead his team to championships?

The “adam schefter twitter” is a tweet that was posted by Adam Schefter on his Twitter account. The tweet was in response to the question, “He’s a better player than Akili Smith?”

Aaron Rodgers has a goal in mind. Rodgers is on his way to winning his fourth MVP award, whether it’s to prove his critics wrong, showing the Green Bay Packers shouldn’t have picked Jordan Love, or demonstrate he can finally bring the Packers back to the Super Bowl. He has the greatest record in the NFL and has showed no signs of slowing down at the age of 38.

Rodgers has only lost once since being humiliated by the New Orleans Saints in Week 1. In a 34-31 defeat against the Minnesota Vikings, he may have had his greatest statistical game of the season, completing 23 of 33 passes for 385 yards and four touchdowns. Rodgers is pounding defenders, but he is also punishing clubs who passed on him in 2005.

Aaron Rodgers is the overwhelming favorite to win another NFL MVP award.


Aaron-Rodgers-4-1024x683 Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers walks off the field after a game against the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on December 25, 2021. | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

Rodgers is the favorite to earn his fourth MVP award, according to Odds Shark. Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor look to be in a three-man battle with two weeks left in the season. Cooper Kupp and Patrick Mahomes might be added to the mix. After leading the Packers to a 12-3 record, Rodgers has been distancing himself from the pack.

The Saints thrashed the Packers 38-3 in the season opener, which was Rodgers’ greatest blunder. He had been absent from the organization due to a contract disagreement, and when he threw two of his four interceptions in that game, worries about his future in Green Bay rapidly surfaced. Rodgers has thrown 33 touchdown passes, two interceptions, and is 12-1 since that blunder. Rodgers was sidelined with COVID-19 in Green Bay’s third defeat, which came against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rodgers broke a tie with Brett Favre for the most touchdown throws in Packers history on Sunday. If Rodgers wins another MVP, he’ll break a tie with Favre, who has three. Rodgers would fall one MVP short of Peyton Manning, who won five in his Hall of Fame career.

Rodgers has thrown 16 touchdown passes without an interception in his previous five games. In four of those games, the Packers have scored at least 31 points. Green Bay plays Minnesota at home and then goes to Detroit to face the Lions in the regular-season finale, both of which are winnable games. If Green Bay wins out and finishes 14-3, Rodgers will get the award.

Aaron Rodgers makes scouts and defenders look terrible.

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Rodgers’ draft day in 2005 may have been the longest of his football career. It was unclear if he or Alex Smith would be taken first overall by the quarterback-needy San Francisco 49ers. The Niners chose Smith, and Rodgers waited anxiously for Green Bay to choose him at No. 24 after waiting through 23 more choices.

Since taking over for Favre in 2008, Rodgers has had a chip on his shoulder. He’s a 10-time Pro Bowler who’s thrown 445 touchdown passes in his career. He has not only embarrassed defenders, but he has also humiliated some of the scouting reports on him.

Rich Snead, a scout with the Tennessee Titans in 2005, claimed he liked Rodgers but that his comparisons to other quarterbacks were unflattering.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Snead remarked, “I like him.” “I’m simply not sure whether he’s reached his limit.” He’s more accurate than (Kyle) Boller, but he’s not nearly as fast. He’s a much superior player over Akili Smith. (Trent) Dilfer was more athletic. Joey Harrington is a bit more mobile than him.”

Snead wasn’t the only one. Rodgers drew the ire of another AFC scout.

The unknown scout said, “I don’t like him.” “He’s a Harrington and Boller clone.” They all toss in the same direction. What exactly did those men do? Nothing. It’s alright if you pick him in the second round. He’s a fascinating character. There, they do an excellent job at instructing quarterbacks. “I don’t believe he’s as excellent as last year’s top quarterbacks.” 

‘I believe he has a fair chance of becoming a flop,’ one NFC scout said of Rodgers.

Rodgers, measured at 6-foot-2, was considered “too short” by several scouts in 2005. He was dubbed a “system quarterback” by others. One NFC scout even predicted that Rodgers would be a flop in the league.

 “I believe he’s going to be a flop,” the scout said. “Just like every other quarterback tutored by (Jeff) Tedford. I have a problem with him since he is often dismissed. He doesn’t have a lot of control over the football’s release. He has a mechanically stiff personality. Brett Favre has the ability to shift his release point and locate new windows. With Alex Smith, there will be more growing pains, but in the end, he has a lot greater chance of becoming much better.”

Another AFC scout was completely incorrect in his evaluation.

“He’s a quarterback for the system.” “I’m a 3-, 5-, and 7-stepper,” he said. “He is unable to produce on his own. Under duress, he panics. It’s simple for him to get agitated. I don’t believe there is a quarterback worth a first-round selection in this draft. I’m not joking. “It’s not worth it for any of them.”

Rodgers, like many of these scouts, had a tough draft day. Most of them were completely incorrect, and Rodgers now has the final laugh.

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