Despite the Eagles’ struggles in 2017, they still have a real chance at securing a playoff spot this week. In order to clinch, all they need is one win and help from other teams. Here’s how the game plan could go down for Philly on Sunday afternoon.

The “eagles playoff chances calculator” is a tool that predicts how the Philadelphia Eagles will fare in their final two games of the season. It also provides an analysis of the teams they’ll be playing and how it will affect their playoffs chances.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had an incredible season. The Eagles’ season has been a roller coaster, from Jalen Hurts’ troubles to Gardner Minshew stepping in well to Nick Sirianni appearing like he was ready to be fired.

However, if a number of things go their way, the Eagles can secure a postseason berth in Week 17. Yes, it’s complicated, but it’s possible.

Here’s how to do it.

Washington isn’t great, but I believe the #Eagles winning in Washington on Sunday would be a huge accomplishment given the circumstances.

December 30, 2021 — Eliot Shorr-Parks (@EliotShorrParks)

The Eagles will meet Washington for the second time in three games.

This time, Washington’s postseason dreams are over, while Philadelphia is fighting for a berth in the NFC Wild Card round.

Hurts led the Eagles to a 27-17 win against the Washington Redskins in Week 15. He scored two touchdowns on the ground and another in the air. The Eagles’ strong running offense held its own once again, with Sanders rushing for 131 yards on 18 runs and Jordan Howard rushing for 69 yards on 15 carries.

Garrett Gilbert, on the other hand, began for Washington in a bizarre Tuesday night game postponed due to COVID-19 difficulties. However, Antonio Gibson was named to Washington’s COVID-19 list on Friday, making this game much easier for the Eagles.

This time will be different, but the Eagles must defeat Washington for the second time in three weeks if they want to win a postseason berth in Week 17.

The postseason scenario for the Eagles is highly convoluted, but it is also quite feasible.

The #Eagles clinch a postseason berth versus Washington on Sunday with:

Win + loss or tie for the Vikings + loss or tie for the Saints


a victory + a defeat or a tie for the Vikings + a win or a draw for the 49ers


a tie if the Vikings lose, the Saints lose, and the Falcons lose, or a tie if the Vikings lose, the Saints lose, and the


SF victory or tie + MIN loss + NO tie + ATL loss or tie

December 29, 2021 — Jeff Skversky (@JeffSkversky)

That’s just a little too difficult.

First and foremost, the Eagles must win — or draw — their game.

They’ll need certain things to fall into place after that. The Minnesota Vikings must lose against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday evening, which seems more likely now that Adam Thielen’s injury has been updated. Kirk Cousins has been placed on the COVID-19 list and will miss Sunday’s game.

Aside from that, there are other possibilities.

Losing versus the Buffalo Bills would be beneficial and probable, particularly after Josh Allen’s squad upset the New England Patriots in Week 16. Although Matt Rhule’s club has been a trainwreck recently, the New Orleans Saints falling against the Carolina Panthers might help.

Finally, the Eagles would profit from a San Francisco 49ers win or draw versus the Houston Texans, however this is the most improbable scenario of all.

It isn’t simple, as previously indicated, but there is a way.

It’s possible that the Eagles making the playoffs in 2022 will be enough to maintain Jalen Hurts as the starting quarterback.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images/Jalen Hurts

Is Hurts the Eagles’ quarterback of the future?

He hasn’t always looked his best. He has, on the other hand, looked fantastic at other times.

The Eagles’ dual-threat quarterback has passed for 2,930 yards and 16 touchdowns this season, while also scoring 10 times on the run.

Hurts was also selected as an alternate for the NFC Pro Bowl squad, and a postseason appearance might be enough to maintain Hurts as the starter in 2022.

Sirianni and Hurts seem to be gelling, and adding some additional weapons in free agency can only benefit this combination.

Despite a 2-5 start to the season, the Eagles have gone 6-2 to become one of the most fascinating playoff teams, so there is reason to be optimistic in Philadelphia.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

San Francisco 49ers Week 17 Playoff Picture: What They Need to Snare a Wild Card Spot

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The Philadelphia Eagles are in a must-win situation against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17. If they want to clinch a playoff spot, they will need to win this game. The Eagles have been struggling all season, but they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league on their side. Reference: eagles bird.

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