The World Boxing Council, who partnered with Floyd Mayweather to host the event, is expected to offer a new way of looking at sports and combat. The WBC has taken steps towards creating an ecosystem that will allow other fighters in their organization to produce, promote and trade digital assets on the blockchain.

floyd mayweather jr., the world’s first NFT sporting event, is a boxing match between floyd mayweather jr. and Conor McGregor. The “floyd mayweather jr” is a digital representation of the boxer that will be used in this fight.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the all-time great fighters. He’s not only undefeated, but he’s also very wealthy. Mayweather is hoping to boost his bank account by investing in the NFT craze, which has attracted a slew of other celebrities and sports.

Here’s a breakdown of Floyd Mayweather’s world-first NFT athletic event, including what it is and how it will function. 

Floyd Mayweather’s NFT event is described in detail.

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The event was initially set on May 14 on the helipad of a hotel roof in Dubai, according to Bad Left Hook. Furthermore, Mayweather would not only be fighting a professional boxer in an exhibition contest, but the rest of the event was also loaded.

Mayweather was scheduled to face Don Moore, a boxer with an 18-0 record who hasn’t fought since 2016. The remainder of the bill included competitors such as UFC legend Anderson Silva, who was set to meet Bruno Machado, and Badou Jack, a reasonably rated boxer who was set to face Hany Atiyo.

Unfortunately for Mayweather and the rest of the card, there was some unexpected news at the event. According to ESPN, UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan died on May 13th. As a consequence of his death, the UAE ordered a three-day work stoppage, preventing the event from going forward as scheduled. Mayweather’s NFT event will be rescheduled, although the exact date and location are unknown.

Purchasers of NFTs will enjoy special perks.

According to CryptoSlate, the event will be rather straightforward in terms of NFTs and crypto. Fans and inquisitive people may purchase access to view the event live, just like they do with any other PPV event. People will purchase an NFT ticket in this situation, which will allow them to watch the PPV event live.

Furthermore, possessing an NFT ticket grants access to special things. “Limited edition 3D collectibles, unique video footage, and official media files,” according to CryptoSlate. Other benefits, such as “future access, incentives, and rewards,” may be available, and their value may rise after purchase. 

Aside from that, there is a difference in the vendor. People will have to go to Rarible to purchase one of those NFT tickets, rather than paying ESPN for a PPV. That’s basically the only thing I have to say about it. Mayweather seems to be putting money into NFTs in other ways as well.

Floyd Mayweather even started his own NFT company.

Floyd Mayweather smiles during a press conference in 2022

Floyd Mayweather smiles during a press conference in 2022 Floyd Mayweather, boxing legend | Eric Espada/Getty Images

Mayweather, in addition to his forthcoming fight and NFT event, has now established his own NFT. Floyd Mayweather NFT is how it’s referred to. It will provide Mayweather’s supporters access to an exclusive community of fellow Floyd Mayweather NFT holders, according to the FloydNFT. Mayweather fans may take advantage of a number of privileges in this group. 

Exclusive material and comics, for example, are exclusively available to community members. Mayweather is reportedly involved in the community, so fans may have the opportunity to contact with him. Furthermore, Mayweather seems to be a Metaverse participant, indicating that he is fully committed to crypto and NFTs. 

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