In the world of Hell Let Loose, garrisons and outposts are a vital part of gameplay. These structures allow players to spawn in-game objects such as monsters or weapons. This guide will teach you how to build a garrison and outpost using the Hell Let Loose editor.

Hell Let Loose Garrisons & Outposts is a game that allows players to build spawn points in order to survive the ever-changing world. The hell let loose engineer is an important part of building these spawn points.

In Hell Let Loose, garrisons and outposts are two of the most significant buildings you may construct. The ability to spawn at strategic locations on the game’s large, expansive landscapes, such as Stalingrad or Omaha Beach, may change the tide of a violent fight.

We’ll go over how garrisons and outposts operate in this tips guide, as well as how to construct them.  

What are Hell Let Loose’s Garrisons and Outposts?

The deployment spawn map for garrisons and outposts.

Players in Hell Let Loose can only spawn in one of a small handful of HQ locations. That may be acceptable in other games, but in this one, where area sizes are massive and players move at realistic rates, getting to the frontlines may take up to ten minutes of walking.

It may be frustrating to march across the battlefield only to be killed by a stray bullet before firing a shot. Outposts and garrisons have a role in this.

Players may use outposts and garrisons to create new spawn locations for their teams.

Outposts may only be utilized by your squad (the small group of 2-5 people with whom you are associated within your army). Garrisons may be spawned on by any member of your squad. In the 50 versus 50 fights of Hell Let Loose, that’s a huge advantage, and these spawn locations may be the difference between winning and losing. 

How to Build Outposts and Garrisons

Player holding a pocket watch and building a garrison.

Outposts may be constructed anywhere on the map with no supplies required. Officers and Spotters, however, are the only ones who can build them.

Garrisons may be constructed in green territory for 50 supplies or in enemy territory for 100 supplies using two columns or rows (depending on your map’s grid). Commanders, Officers, and Spotters may construct them.

Supplies are covered in more depth in this guide, but the short version is that they may be delivered by airdrop from the Commander, a box placed by Support infantry, or one of the boxes carried by supply vehicles.

Pull the watch from your inventory and stand within 50 meters of the supplies. Choose an outpost or garrison as your desired building and put it on a level surface.  

At any one moment, a player may only construct one outpost or garrison. To build a new one of either, you must first go up to your current construction and destroy it. They can’t be erected within 200 meters of a teammate’s outpost or garrison, either.

Once these buildings are constructed, the adversary may manually demolish them by standing close and destroying them, or they can be destroyed by an explosion.

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It’s crucial to succeed in Hell Let Loose by establishing an outpost or garrison and managing the flow of troops on the battlefield. Keep an eye on your supplies and put them where your squad will need them the most. More advice to help you win the battle is on the way, so keep an eye on our other HLL material.  

The hell let loose hammer is a command-line tool that will allow players to build spawn points. Spawn points are areas where players can respawn after dying in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the garrison in hell let loose?

To get the garrison in hell let loose, you must first complete the quest to unlock it.

How do you get the supplies in hell let loose?

To get the supplies in hell let loose, you need to be a demon.

Is hell let loose Optimised?

Hell let loose is not optimised.

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