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The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have made it to the NBA Finals—and they are the two best teams in the entire league. This season, the Cavs were expected to face a gauntlet of Western Conference teams to get to the Finals, but they had such an easy road to the NBA Finals that the Warriors were able to come out of the West and then sweep the Cavs. Then, the Cavs had to face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. The Cavs finished the season with a 61-21 record, while the Warriors won by a record of 73-9. The last time the Cavs faced the Warriors in the NBA Finals was in 2007, when LeBron James had just joined the Cavs and the Warriors were in their first year

Although he never won an NBA championship during his career, LeBron James is unquestionably one of the best players in the game (so far). Now in his 13th season, he’s eclipsed the 20,000 point mark in his career, and he has many more years to go. Despite his historic career, however, James has only advanced past the first round of the NBA playoffs once in his career. Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated in the first round by the Boston Celtics.

In today’s sports world, there aren’t many certainties. Steph Curry hits a three-pointer, Jacob deGrom goes seven scoreless innings and gets a no-decision, and Tom Brady goes to the Super Bowl every year – they’re all close, but they’re not guarantees the way LeBron James always gets past the first round of the NBA playoffs. In his 18-year career, LeBron has never lost in the first round of the postseason to any of the three teams he has played for. The future Hall of Fame player faced that sad reality for the first time this season, when his Los Angeles Lakers lost 3-2 to the Phoenix Suns after five games. James will have to pull out all the stops on Thursday night if he doesn’t want to go home before the second round for the first time in his career.

LeBron James and the Lakers are about to reach the first round

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James sits on the bench during Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns| Christian Petersen/Getty Images word-image-1671 After winning his fourth NBA championship last season, James certainly didn’t expect to find himself in this position a year later. The Lakers started the season as a favorite, but surprisingly qualified for the playoffs as the 7th seed in the Western Conference. Now, oddly enough, they are one game away from elimination. Los Angeles looked poised to win the series when it led 2-1 entering Game 4 at Staples Center. But Anthony Davis injured his groin just before halftime and couldn’t get back into the game. The Lakers lost Game 4, and in Game 5, they weren’t involved in a 30-point loss even without Davis. James and the Lakers return home to win Game 6 on Thursday night. If they survive, they’ll play a Game 7 in Phoenix on Saturday, where it’s all or nothing.

Has LeBron ever lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs?

LeBron James has lost consecutive first-round games for the first time in his career. It’s also the first time in LeBron’s career he’s played in the first round. Series lost after game 5 or later. – ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 2, 2021 Any time James makes the playoffs with a skilled group around him, he will almost certainly lead his team to the NBA Finals. In his 18-year career, LeBron has made it to the championship game 10 times, which is just absurd in this day and age. James has appeared in the postseason 15 times in his career. He has never lost a first round series. In fact, prior to this year, James had never lost a series in the first round to the Suns. He has only played one first-round game in his career, and in that game he scored 45 points with 64% shooting. If LeBron can play his seventh game in Phoenix this weekend, pray for the Suns.

What should James do to escape the story?

. Many may think that LeBron will easily find his way back into the game with his incredible playoff record against the Suns, but it won’t be so easy this time around. Davis is questionable for Game 5 on Thursday with the same groin injury, and even if he plays, he probably won’t be 100 percent. We watched the Lakers do it without Davis in games four and five, and – well, it wasn’t pretty. Even if James scores 45 more points, it’s unclear if his supporting cast can do enough to lead Los Angeles to victory. But you know what? That’s what he needs to do if he wants to avoid his first career defeat in the first round of the playoffs. If you’re the best player of all time, you’ll lead the Lakers to back-to-back victories and keep your championship hopes alive for a while. Get ready for a classic LeBron performance on Thursday night. All statistics provided by Basketball Reference COMPARED TO: LeBron James ready to take on big pressure after injury Anthony DavisIt’s been a while since Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James has made it to the NBA Finals. He’s been to the Eastern Conference Finals three times, but lost each time to the Miami Heat. Does James ever lose to a team in the first round of the NBA playoffs? This brings up the question, has LeBron James ever lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs?. Read more about how many times has lebron lost in the second round and let us know what you think.

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How many times has LeBron lost in the first round series?

LeBron James is the best player in the world, and he’s also the most – if not the only – polarizing figure in the NBA. Because of this, he’s always the second man in the interview room when media members ask him about his team’s recent struggles. With the New York Knicks now eliminated from the playoffs, though, LeBron has a chance to turn his attention to his own team’s failures, and he’s not wasting any time. LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the NBA’s most inspirational figures. I’m not going to lie; as of the first few months of the season I had my doubts about whether he’d even make the playoffs with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was coming off a lost year following a trade to the Miami Heat, and there was an ongoing debate about whether or not he was good enough to lead a team to a championship. Despite all these doubts, James came back to form in a big way. He was able to revive the Cavaliers, and he took them all the way to the NBA Finals. For a brief period, it looked like LeBron James might not even lose in the first round, as he was able to win the Eastern Conference. However, my

When was the first time LeBron made the playoffs?

LeBron James has led his teams to the NBA Finals nine times, but has he ever lost in the first round of the NBA Playoffs? That’s the question that we want to answer today. In an effort to end his nine-year playoff drought, James and the Cleveland Cavaliers could be facing a tough first-round matchup against the Atlanta Hawks. Will James get his first taste of first-round disappointment? Let’s find out. LeBron James is perhaps the best basketball player of all time, and he has won two NBA Championships, both in his first seasons as a member of the Miami Heat. His first title came in 2006, when he was only 20 years old. As a result, it’s easy for fans to forget just how dominant James has been throughout his career. James has played in five NBA Finals, but he has never lost a series. Since he entered the league in 2003, James has won two NBA Championships, lost in the Finals four other times, and missed the playoffs twice.

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