Since we first launched Gang Beasts, we’ve dealt with a lot of issues. Here’s how to be prepared for any possible issues that might crop up.

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer-focused, multiplayer-focused first person shooter that has launched on Steam Early Access, and it’s now available on the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PC and Xbox One. Gang Beasts is a shooter that requires teams to work together to take out their opponents. Players will need to work together to pick up downed team mates and carry them back to the safe zone.

The recent influx of players into Gang Beasts has breathed new life into the multiplayer shooter, but newcomers and old-timers alike face the same problem: frequent server outages.

The official Gang Beasts servers are severely overloaded, as if it were a replay, with many players unable to log in or constantly logging out in the middle of the game. It’s awkward, it’s annoying, and it’s probably inevitable.

In most cases, when you get this error, especially now, the problem is on the server side, not on your side. This means that the problem is probably not with your internet, but with the game servers themselves.

Where to watch while the Beastie Gang goes on

The Boneloaf developers have been busy over the past day fixing server issues to accommodate the influx of new players, but there may still be frequent outages as they continue to fix the problems.

If you experience frequent downtime on a player-run server, the problem may be with you or with the server host. Try playing on the official servers and see if it’s you or the host. If you can play normally on the official servers, the problem lies with the host.

If you can’t log in and play on the player hosted server or the official server, the problem is with you and may be related to loading speed or even CPU load if the server you were disconnected from is fluid when making entries.

Before you panic, check two things to see how the servers are doing.

Check out the official Gang Beasts Twitter site to see if the Boneloaf folks have publicly addressed the server issues in recent days. Also, check out the players’ posts in the Down Detector, which shows the posts made by community users over the past 24 hours. This is probably a load on the servers and not a hardware or internet problem.

If you’re new to the game and still struggling to figure out how to play, check out our popular Gang Beasts control guide!

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