Over the weekend, the boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya made headlines for his claims regarding UFC president Dana White. De La Hoya, who retired from boxing in 2014, has been outspoken against White in the past, and he is still angry following the UFC’s decision to strip him of his boxing license. The former world champion said he would return to the ring to fight White, who De La Hoya claims had threatened him in the past. De La Hoya also said he supports the #FreeMeek campaign that was launched to help free UFC fighter Meek Mill from prison.

The newest edition of the UFC brand, “The Ultimate Fighter”, is going down at the end of the month. The reality show is finally here, and it’s business as usual for the sport, with a few new faces mixed in. The UFC is now functioning as a promotion for the fighters. There have been a lot of shake ups in the UFC lately. Top guys like Couture, Bonnar, and Silva have left the UFC. The UFC is having a hard time finding a good main event for their biggest shows. The SAG-AFTRA strike is going on, which is holding back a huge amount of top talent.

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Let’s just say former boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya didn’t put UFC president Dana White on his Christmas wish list. De La Hoya went on a tirade against White on Twitter after he blocked the Georges St. Louis fight. Pierre vs De La Hoya because he is still under contract with the UFC. It got so bad that the former boxer challenged White to a fight.

Oscar De La Hoya seeks revenge

word-image-3636 word-image-8718-scaled Golden Boy Promotions President and CEO Oscar De La Hoya gestures during the press conference for the fight between Canelo Alvarez and WBO featherweight champion Sergey Kovalev in the KA Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on September 30. October 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kovalev will defend his title against Alvarez, who is making his bantamweight debut, on the 2nd. in November at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images) COMPARED TO: Oscar De La Hoya sees the pandemic as a blessing in disguise Like many famous retired boxers, De La Hoya was eager to make his comeback. In August, he confirmed to ESPN that he would return to the ring at the age of 48. He said it would not be a practice fight like the one between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. He finished his professional career with a 39-6 record and 30 knockouts. It’s a real struggle, he told ESPN. I miss the ring. I love boxing. Boxing has given me everything I have now and I miss it. His last fight was almost 13 years ago, but that doesn’t seem to matter to these boxers who are desperate to relive their glory days. You see, it took a long time. Yes, he said that in August. But my punch is faster than ever. I have to make sure that my condition is perfect, that my health is good. And that will happen in the coming weeks. So we’ll see.

De La Hoya is considering Georges St. Peter as his next opponent

. COMPARED TO: Oscar De La Hoya is willing to lose to any opponent in his return St. John’s Pierre is considered one of the best fighters in history. He’s a two-time UFC champion. He and De La Hoya both want to fight, but White gets in the way. White prevents the fight from going ahead because St-Pierre is still under contract with the UFC. He hasn’t fought in the UFC since 2017. Ryan Kavanaugh, who is trying to promote the fight under his Triller Fight Club banner, said he even threw money at White to convince him to allow the fight. We’re trying to hope that we can get to the charity side of Dana, Kavanaugh said, according to ESPN. I offered $250,000 and asked others to join. So now we’re talking about a million dollars for a charity of Dana’s choosing, so GSP can fight for money in boxing instead of the UFC. He knows St. John’s Pierre will never fight in the UFC again.

He blows white and calls him to battle.

COMPARED TO: What happened to Oscar De La Hoya and what is his condition? While Kavanaugh took a more polite approach to reaching out to White, De La Hoya took a different approach. In a tweet Friday, the fighter turned to White and urged him to stop stopping St. Pierre from fighting. Then he challenged White to a duel. @danawhite has stopped blocking @GeorgesStPierre’s chance at a fight, De La Hoya tweeted. How about you get in the ring first, little b*#ch, and I’ll kick your ass, I’ll fight a real man #DeLaHoyaGSP #LetGSPFight. White scoffed at all this, calling Thriller and De La Hoya’s men idiots. He said he didn’t care what they did with their fights, but he didn’t want to mess with them. White said he wouldn’t even take his calls. I don’t want to talk to any of these idiots, he said in a video with reporters posted by MMA Crazy.

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