How to beat the Great Horn Heist Walkthrough?  It’s simple, really. You just need to take one of the “deluxe escort” routes. Go to the “Ravatogh” waypoint, and get out of Norg.  You will then find yourself in the “Eldieme” waypoint, right next to the Great Horn.  Go into the Great Horn, and speak with the “Gabo”.  Go to the stairs, and the exit will open up.  Go to the “Shope” waypoint, and get out of Shope.  Another exit will open, and you will find yourself in the “Celestine” waypoint, right next

As of patch 2.4, there are eight pieces of The Black Wolf set available in FFXIV. The Great Horn Heist is the only one that can drop outside of the weekly reset, so it was a good time to get it. After all, a couple of million gil is a nice little chunk of change, and it’s one of the first pieces of equipment that can make me viable in the high level raids.

Since the release of the game Final Fantasy XIV, players have been looting and looting, farming and farming, fighting and fighting, and participating in the game’s many minigame events. And yet, there is little that is so loosely defined as the Great Horn Heist. The game’s developers describe the event as an event that unlocks “the secret of the great horn”. The Great Horn Heist is one of the many events featured in the game, and is a chance to make it rain with the earned gil in your hands. However, there’s much more to the Great Horn Heist than meets the eye.

Another Make It Rain campaign in Final Fantasy XIV is drawing folks into the Gold Saucer this summer, and this year’s event begins with a detective task before you can get your hands on the new emote.

The Make It Rain 2021 campaign will run through August 11 at 7:59 p.m. PDT. MGP gains are raised by 50% throughout the duration of the tournament, as they are every year. It’s the ideal time to try your hand at the numerous GATEs, as well as the Chocobo Square’s higher reward games for MGP farming.

Players will get a fresh new emote, Vexed, as part of this year’s event objective. This is the only way to acquire this emote for free, so you’ll have to put up with The Great Horn Heist if you don’t want to pay $5 on the Mogstation later.

Additionally, throughout the event, a unique event merchant called Campaign Attendant will be offering MGP rewards at a discounted cost. They may be located in the red circled position on the map below.


How to Unlock the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV for New Players

If you are a new player and have yet to access the Gold Saucer, you must first complete the It Could Happen to You quest, which starts in Ul’dah (x9.6, y9.0). After completing at least one of the level 15 main narrative missions that send you as an ambassador throughout Eorzea’s three major cities, you’ll be able to start this quest.

The Great Horn Heist in Final Fantasy XIV: Make It Rain 2021 is a walkthrough for the game Final Fantasy XIV: Make It Rain 2021.

There aren’t many missions in Final Fantasy XIV that don’t include specific instructions or indications, so this Make It Rain campaign is certain to irritate a few individuals as they attempt to figure it out. (I admit, I got a bit irritated at one point.)

To begin the event quest, speak with Ollier in Ul’dah to get The Great Horn Heist, an intriguing and mysterious mission at the Gold Saucer that requires you to track down a thief among the employees and visitors. The location of Ollier in Ul’dah is seen below.


You’ll take up the quest again in the Gold Saucer, which will send you all over the map in search of clues.

You’ll be charged with interrogating NPCs about what they saw around the time of the robbery after speaking with Ollier in the Gold Saucer and then the adjacent Anxious Attendant. The most of them don’t need you to complete them in any particular sequence, but two of them do require you to talk with another NPC before they’ll reveal the truth.

A map of the Gold Saucer is shown below, along with the sequence in which I spoke with NPCs to complete the mission, as well as their names and numbers.


  1. Brass Blade with a Brusque Look
  2. Recruit for the Brass Blade
  3. Attendant with a keen eye
  4. Brass Blade’s Blabbering
  5. Attendant with a lot of enthusiasm
  6. Attendant with a smile
  7. Attendant in a Rush
  8. Exceptional Location (not an NPC)

After you’ve completed all of this, the game will inform you that “Your search has produced all of the puzzle pieces. It’s up to you now to put them all together.” It’s time to return to Ollier with the proof.

Now, if you weren’t paying attention, you’ll most likely miss the line of inquiry. Which isn’t a huge issue since you only receive a 5,000 MGP MGP Bronze Card for your efforts, but if you want to do it properly, here are the appropriate responses:

  1. The real criminal is still on the loose!
  2. The uniform of one of the attendants has gone stolen!
  3. Where is the horn if you’re so convinced he did it?
  4. Hugue was still on duty when the horn was taken!
  5. Pipimaya, it’s you!
  6. The stolen uniform was the size of Lalafell!
  7. However, not everyone has a sibling that is solely interested in MGP.
  8. Master Mayapipi, please accept my heartfelt apologies.

How to Get the Vexed Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll probably be wondering where your Ballroom Etiquette – Displaying Displeasure is to give you the glory that is /vexed after you’ve done all of this, and it’s… right near Ollier.

Ignore the opportunity to retry The Great Horn Heist and instead seek for A Token of Thanks, a blue quest nearby. This mission will provide you the emote, which is a one-time event.

FFXIV Where Can I Find the Senorita Sabotender?

ffxiv-senorita-sabotender-875c3This is a new item for Make It Rain this year, and it can be bought from the Campaign Attendant described at the beginning of this article, under Seasonal Event Prizes I and then the Others tab.

Senorita Sabotender is a 21,000 MGP minion. This seller also has the new Cactuar Stool and Cactuar Round Table furniture items, both of which are reasonably priced.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Make it Rain Campaign 2021, which is a lot more involved than last year’s. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other FFXIV tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the make it rain emote Ffxiv?

The make it rain emote is not currently available in FFXIV.

Where to start Make It Rain Campaign?

The best place to start is by clicking on the Make It Rain Campaign button in the main menu.

What is the make it rain campaign?

The make it rain campaign is a phrase that has been used to describe the process of making money by promoting an idea or product.

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