In the fifth mission of Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll have to battle your way through a creepy old motel. Watch our walkthrough game guide and we’ll show you how!

The “evil dead the game mission 5 walkthrough” is a walkthrough for Evil Dead: The Game. It includes all of the solutions to the puzzles and bosses in Mission 5 – Homecoming King.

For completing Evil Dead: Resurrection’s Mission 5 “Homecoming King.” As a prize for playing the game, you will obtain Lord Arthur as a playable character in the Leader Class. Buckle up and be patient with yourself since this one will take up to half an hour. But not for too long! While there is no time constraint, you will be pursued by an oncoming circle in the manner of Fortnite Battle Royale for the majority of the assignment. 

Mission 5 of Evil Dead: The Game may potentially be the most difficult of them all. Despite this, you keep going.

Mission 5: Homecoming King: How to Win

You play as Arthur in Mission 5 as he retrieves his legendary sword and banishes Evil Ash to hell. In Lucky Valley Lodge, you’ll spawn alongside a car.

You’ll need a shovel and shield amulets, so head to the adjacent shacks and get some materials. Drive the nearest car (indicated on the map) off the beaten path all the way to the two-story structure north of Misery Manor. 

On the first level, there will be a skeleton. Using your shovel, defeat it and go upstairs to discover a trusty Blunderbuss. These homes have more ammunition and supplies.

From here, you’ll go to the Fishing Village or Flight 666, depending on where the game says the Kandarian Dagger is located. You’ll want to go as near to the roving Deadites as possible with your car, get out for a fast grab-and-go, and then drive as far away as possible. 


After that, you’ll be sent to Knowby Cabin to get the Necronomicon. You’ll find Cola, ammunition, and other supplies here. In the living area, there will also be a rare Fire Axe and Epic Meat Cleaver.

The Axe, on the other hand, is the greater weapon. If you desire either, you’ll have to confront Deadite Scotty, who will attack you unexpectedly if you take one. He’s not the most difficult foe, and he’s susceptible to headshots, so it’s up to you. The uncommon Fire Axe is, frankly, rather good. 

Take the Necronomicon and depart now. Just joking, you’ll have to face an onslaught by an army of eight skeletons within the cabin. Use that excellent melee weapon you may or may not have just picked up to assist you in this close-quarters battle. 

After that, you’ll be taken to the gap in space and time in Mission 5. When you get to the goal, you will have to “battle” Evil Ash. Because you won’t be able to kill him during this battle, concentrate on the skeletons Ash summons while dodging his strikes for 60 seconds. In this fight, the dodge is your closest buddy. 

Next, the game will instruct you to go to Payne Manor in order to get Arthur’s Legendary Sword, which you should do, but first stop at the Sewage Treatment Plant. 

The Sewage Treatment Plant is brimming with goods, including an Epic bat, Shemp’s Cola, matches, and ammunition. You may also get the Legendary Crossbow while you’re here. If you can regularly hit headshots on Deadites, you’ll cause a lot of damage. It’s time to visit Payne Manor. 

Pay attention to your mini map as you approach. When you get near enough, red crosses will show on your map. These indicate where flute-playing skeletons may be found, which spawn additional foes and boost adjacent friends. In the region, there are five of them.

Use your Crossbow or Blunderbuss to take down these foes from afar, avoiding excessive damage while also preventing the flute-players from generating skelly buddies. 

After that, you may enter the mansion and scavenge everything you want. Just keep your guard up; adversaries will still be lurking inside. Before taking up Arthur’s sword, gather the resources and the Legendary Blunderbuss upstairs. You’ll be transported a long way to yet another fissure from here.  


The following two (of only three!) phases in Mission 5 are the most difficult. First and foremost, be cautious on your 360-yard rush to your goal.

Avoid opponents, but keep an eye on your stamina so you can flee if necessary. Use no finishers since the Sword’s powerful assault kills almost anything in one or two hits. Simply flee and fight as required to avoid taking needless damage while saving ammunition. 

You will be transferred to the last region of Mission 5 where you will confront two bosses in quick succession once you arrive. The first is the most difficult. The Pit Deadite will charge you with a powerful melee strike that you must be aware of and evade each time.

You should be able to get into a rhythm if you follow every dodge with a hard strike or two. You should preserve your ammunition for the last boss. The Pit Deadite will drop a Shemp’s and an Amulet if you kill it. 

Now is the time to face Evil Ash front on. You will have an inherent advantage understanding the Evil Ash boss’s moveset if you’ve faced opponents playing him in multiplayer. To be honest, it’s simpler to learn this battle by playing online games than by replaying the whole quest only to get one shot at Ash. Regardless, you must maintain a safe distance from him and avoid his assaults.

To land headshots, use your legendary blunderbuss or crossbow. Weak skeletons will be spawned by Evil Ash. You must strike these individuals with your sword as quickly as possible before they create a diversion. Remember to keep an eye on your stamina the whole time, and you’ll be triumphant in no time. 

You’ll have finished Mission 5 “Homecoming King” and unlocked Lord Arthur for multiplayer usage. Check out our Evil Dead: The Game guides for walkthroughs on all of the game’s missions.

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