Crossplay is a feature that allows players in different games to compete with one another. If you have ever played Fortnite against someone on your PlayStation 4, then you’ve experienced crossplay. However, it’s not always accessible and can be frustrating when trying to play with friends who are playing on Xbox One or Switch. Here’s how to turn the feature off and on again!

The “how to turn off crossplay apex” is a feature in the game that allows players to play with other people on different platforms. The player can use this feature by going into the options menu and turning it on or off.

While Evil Dead: The Game offers a single-player option, the multiplayer experience is the real lure. Thanks to the game’s crossplay capabilities, you may join up with a group of survivors or play as the forces of Evil no matter where your pals are. 

To make it to the conclusion of the 30-minute rounds, the class-based multiplayer needs coordination and careful team composition. To battle against the forces of evil, you’ll need some allies. Thankfully, Evil Dead: The Game offers a variety of methods for seeking player assistance across all platforms. 

Is there crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game?


Evil Dead: The Game supports cross-platform play and will automatically match you with any combination of players. When you search for a game that supports crossplay, you’ll be placed in a pool of people that have played all versions of the game. As a result, users of PC, Xbox, and PlayStation may all play Evil Dead: The Game at the same time.

You may kill Deadites alongside strangers or some of your closest friends, regardless of whatever platform or generation they use. When you’re in a match, an icon next to a player’s character image on the HUD indicates the platform they’re using. 

How to Enable and Disable Crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game 


When you initially start up any version of Evil Dead: The Game, crossplay is enabled by default. This implies you’ll be paired with gamers from any platform if you don’t mess with the parameters. You may restrict your selections to just those that are part of the same platform ecosystem as you by navigating to the settings menu. 

  • Go to settings from the main menu.
  • Scroll down to Game settings from there.
  • The first option in the Game category is a simple on/off crossplay checkbox.
    • It is enabled by default, but you may disable it at any moment by going to settings and unchecking it. 

There are a few good reasons why you should disable crossplay. While Evil Dead is mostly a cooperative multiplayer game, it does have some PVP components. PC gamers who use mouse and keyboard inputs may not want to play alongside console players who utilize controllers. In comparison to more competitive or twitch-based games like Apex Legends, this gap doesn’t appear to be as significant in Evil Dead.

And that’s How to Enable and Disable Crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs on Evil Dead: The Game, keep an eye on the game’s guide page for updates. 

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