At the end of a long and arduous journey, players finally find themselves in Elden Ring. The game is set in an expansive world with day/night cycles that add more depth to your surroundings. Alongside intuitive crafting mechanics and stunning visuals, Elden Ring promises hours upon hours of gameplay

The “elden ring how to find the bewitching branch” is a game that takes place in a fantasy world. It has been described as “an interactive novel with a focus on exploration and discovery.” The player must use their own creativity to create weapons, armor, potions and more.

The Bewitching Branch is one of Elden Ring’s rarest artifacts. Its use is as specific as it is effective: it turns afflicted foes against their friends. The activation animation is a little lengthy, but if you hit with a powerful adversary amid a lot of trash mobs, you’ll rapidly have a mound of dead garbage.

Additionally, these items transform some bosses from dreadful slogs into something more doable. This Elden Ring guide will show you where to locate Bewitching Branches and how to make them.

Elden Ring: How to Find and Craft the Bewitching Branch


In Elden Ring’s overworld, there is just one Bewitching Branch. It may be discovered at the Weeping Peninsula on a body surrounded by bats. There isn’t another like it in a dungeon, cavern, mine, or anyplace else.

Make your way to Marika’s Third Church, then to the little platforms that overlook the canyon. To get to the more developed region of the area’s edge, descend the rock wall. Two gleaming things are guarded by a small troop of bats practically exactly north of the Church. The only Bewitching Branch you don’t have to create is the shiner of the two.

You’ll need the Fevor’s Cookbook [3] to make Bewitching Branches, which you may receive from Gideon Ofnir in the Roundtable immediately after visiting the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. You simply need to visit the last half of the Mohgwyn Palace region to battle Mohg, the Lord of Blood himself.

Fevor’s Cookbook [3] Obtaining Fevor’s Cookbook


Mohg’s palace may be reached in two ways. First, do enough of Varre’s quests to earn the Bloody Finger invasion item, then speak with him again. He’ll bestow the Pureblood Knight’s Medal onto you, which you may use to reach the Mausoleum Midway Point Site of Grace.

You may also travel to the Consecrated Snowfield and use the portal guarded by a Sanguine Noble in the extreme west of the region. The portal transports you to the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace, where you must navigate the pool of blood in order to reach the Mausoleum.

Return to the Roundtable Hold and talk with Gideon after you’ve explored Mohg’s region. Select the Mohgwyn Palace option from his dialog menu, and he’ll speak a few words about it. He’ll give over the Fevor’s Cookbook [3] as he’s through speaking.

Other Materials Required for Bewitching Branches

You’ll also need Trina’s Lily and Miquella’s Lily, both of which are tough to come by. Both may be found all over the globe, with Trina’s Lily being more common in and near Liurnia.

The Consecrated Snowfield is where Miquella’s Lily may be found in abundance. Going to Jarburg, where a single blossom of each may be found, is the simplest, though not the quickest, method to farm them. You’ll acquire two crafting ingredients each blossom, as well as some Arteria Leaf.

Speak to Jar-Bairn while walking about Jarburg once you’ve gotten everything you need to make Bewitching Branches, as they have an entertaining, albeit tragic questline. To finish Jar-mission, Bairn’s you must fulfill Diallos’ and Alexander’s questlines, both of which are tragic. Go to our Elden Ring guides section to get tips and tricks to help you get through the game faster.

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