Dustin Johnson, the professional golfer who has won three major tournaments in his career, revealed a story about a time when he was just 12 years old and hustled his father’s friends at the golf course.

Dustin Johnson, the world number one golfer, was just 12 years old when he hustled his father’s friends and beat the hell out of them on the golf course.

From an early age, Dustin Johnson was destined to become one of the greatest golfers in the world. Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, the 37-year-old was a phenomenal athlete who regularly defeated older and stronger competitors on the golf field.

When he was just 12 years old, he would even take on his father and his father’s friends, and Johnson would easily “beat the crap out of them.”

Dustin Johnson was a golf prodigy when he was little.

Dustin Johnson destroyed his dad's friends on the golf course growing up.

Dustin Johnson destroyed his dad's friends on the golf course growing up. Dustin Johnson poses for a picture at Whistling Straits before of the 43rd Ryder Cup | Warren Little/Getty Images

Johnson had a talent for golf at a young age. He picked up a club for the first time when he was seven years old, and he was an instant pro.

Johnson was a star in the making, according to those who knew him as a kid, according to Josh Kendall of The Athletic.

“He was really enthralled by it. Some kids are just drawn to a certain sport. Dustin began playing golf. Jimmy Koosa, a golf teacher who was the first to put a golf club in Johnson’s hand, stated, “He liked it.” “As a coach, all you want to do is encourage a child to enjoy the sport they love. It was simple with Dustin. He was a huge golf fanatic. He, too, enjoyed practicing.”

Johnson was already better than players far older than him when he began competing in golf.

Johnson’s coach at Dutch Fork High School, Chris Miller, stated, “He wasn’t afraid of a number.” “When younger players got to 2- or 3-under par, they began to preserve it, but Dustin didn’t; he stepped on the gas and was ready to rock and roll. I actually saw him shoot 63, 64, 63 in a week (as a senior in high school) for three days in a row. That was simply something I wasn’t aware of.”

Johnson, though, wasn’t simply a youngster who dominated golfers his age. He was also making his father’s friends uncomfortable.

At the age of 12, Dustin Johnson “beat the crap out of” his father’s buddies.

When Johnson was in middle school, he considered golf to be a simple game. He began playing money matches against his father and his father’s acquaintances because he wanted more competition on the course.

DJ, predictably, won the most of them.

He enjoyed competing. He was constantly looking for a game to play with. Dustin would accompany his father to Mid Carolina (golf club) every day when he got a job there, and eventually the guys would ask him to play. He was probably between the ages of 12 and 14, and he used to go out and play with the guys, beating the crap out of them. When he was 13 or 14, he could hit it in the mid-70s or lower on the golf course. It was getting lower and lower.

Johnson’s previous coach, Jimmy Koosa

That’s what happened, and Johnson is now one of the wealthiest golfers of all time.

DJ has amassed a total of $72.5 million from the golf course.

Dustin Johnson’s past four starts have gone as follows:

T2 Northern Trust PGA Championship — (by 11) 2nd in the BMW Championship (In a playoff) FedEx Cup/Tour Champ (net)—

Average score: 66.75 $18,704,000 in total earnings

It’s a decent stretch.

September 7, 2020 — Daniel Rapaport (@Daniel Rapaport)

Johnson is currently one of the most successful players in PGA Tour history, only a few decades after he was casually dusting adults on the golf course as a middle schooler. He’s won 24 times on the PGA Tour in his career, including two majors, and he’s just 37 years old.

Throughout his career, Johnson has earned more than $72.5 million in on-course earnings, making him the third-richest golfer of all time after Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Perhaps his father’s friends shouldn’t feel guilty about being laughed off the course by a child.

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The how much money did dustin johnson make this year is a question that has been asked by Dustin Johnson fans for years. In 1996, when he was just 12 years old, Dustin hustled his father’s friends and beat the hell out of them on the golf course.

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