The best way to look at faction strengths is in groups. So if you have three factions, they are like a family and the first one would be their father, second one would be the mother of that family but not as strong or good looking than the other two families and so on. Each category will give you different bonuses for each race plus some advice towards which councilors make sense for your unique strategy.

The “dune spice wars smugglers” is a factions guide for the Dune Spice Wars. It includes strengths, weaknesses, bonuses, and best councilors.

Dune Spice Wars is a difficult game in nature, but it becomes considerably more difficult when you include the four sides. While each group plays similarly, they each have their unique strengths and limitations, resulting in a preferred playstyle.

We’ll show you how to play each group in Dune Spice Wars, as well as how to get the finest bonuses and councilors. 

Atreides House


Atreides House is very much the “standard” faction of Dune Spice Wars, excelling in diplomacy and being average in nearly everything else. Atreides starts with the strongest standing in the Landsraad, and your best bet is to double down on diplomacy and political power. Make sure early Landsraad votes go in your favor and you’ll soon find you have an advantage over the competition. 

Although the Atreides lack the military might of the Harkonnen, military actions may be a major emphasis for the group. Atreides may conquer towns without fighting because to the Peaceful Annexation bonus, allowing you to develop fast and establish a formidable military network. A combination of diplomacy and military is also a possible choice; as a general guideline, research in the green and red sectors should be prioritized.

We’ll go through the home bonuses and the finest councilors to pick now that we’ve covered the basics. Depending on your playstyle, all of the councilors are viable, but we’ll focus on two that we’ve found to be the most effective. 


  • Villages are annexed without a struggle.
  • Treaties with you have no effect on the authority of other groups.
  • Begin with a higher Landsraad position.
  • No neutral settlements may be pillaged.
  • Gain 10% Solari at 5,000 Hegemony if the Landsraad decision is favorable, or 105 military power if it is negative.
  • Ignore the Landsraad’s 10,000 Hegemony charter criteria (you can vote on game-winning resolutions). 

Best Advisors:

  • Thufir Hawat — When your towns are targeted by an operation, this very helpful councilor awards each agent one extra characteristic and grants your villages +20 percent productivity. Easily the best of the group of advantages.
  • Duncan, Idaho — Working with Sietches may help you get ahead, and Idaho can help you improve your relationships. You may capture towns for -10 percent authority at the same moment, allowing you to develop even quicker. 

Harkonnen House 


Harkonnen House focuses on military conquest, and they easily have the strongest military units in the entire game. Because of that, you’ll want to heavily invest in the red section of the research tree, giving your military as much strength as possible.

While it may be tempting to take villages as quickly as possible, be careful to strengthen your own villages so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable. This faction has a network of airfields that allows you to easily transfer forces throughout your borders. 

Harkonnen had the easiest time defeating the other three factions and conquering via Domination. You may also concentrate on Hegemony, since capturing a large number of neutral areas helps in achieving that success condition. If you select Hegemony, you should also aim to obtain as much influence as possible in the Landsraad.

Below are the bonuses for Harkonnen and the two best councilors. Harkonnen House starts out with -10% resource production, in general, but has abilities that can counteract that. 


  • With Oppression, a village’s resource output is increased for a brief period (but revolt is increased). 
  • Increase village resource output by 5% for each active militia member in the community.
  • At 5,000 Hegemony, anytime you have a village under Oppression, you get 10% unit power and +100% agent recruitment speed.
  • On save money and time, assign an agent to a task at 10,000 Hegemony, but you’ll lose the agent.

Best Advisors:

  • Iakin Nefud — Nefud’s ability allows him to refund 50% of a unit’s cost when it dies, which is quite valuable in a military setting. It effectively allows you to keep your troops on the offensive at all times.
  • Feyd-Rautha — Feyd-Rautha allows you to employ Corruption on resolutions, causing whatever party is chosen to lose Landsraad standing. At the same time, if you employ Oppression often enough, Rautha may be useful, granting you 10 influence each time you kill a rebel.

Those Who Smuggle


Those Who Smuggle benefit the most from manipulating the economy and using intrigue, so you’ll want to mostly focus on the blue and orange sections of the research tree. This is very much a slow-burn faction that relies on building up a lot of money and a large economy with weaker military units in turn. 

The most unique ability of Those Who Smuggle is the Underworld Headquarters, which lets you build small bases in villages controlled by other units. These bases have two construction slots and drain resources from your opponent to you.

Because Those Who Smuggle start out with low Landsraad standing, you should focus on taking villages early on, then switching to infiltrating the other factions once you have a sizable territory. Needless to say, you should also put a fair amount of focus on espionage and agents, which will help you take advantage of other factions even more.

The Smuggler’s perks and top councilors are listed here. 


  • Underworld Headquarters may be placed in enemy communities.
  • Landsraad decisions are subject to a reward.
  • Have access to the Black Market, which allows you to attend extra events. 
  • Get 50 Landsraad votes at 5,000 Hegemony by unlocking illicit offerings.
  • At 10,000 Hegemony, you may unlock elite Mercenary troops, who cost Solari and have 20% power.

Best Advisors:

  • Staban Tuek — With this councilor, you’ll get +0.5 Influencer each Underworld Headquarters, and each Headquarters will create +5 Solari if there are additional Underworld Headquarters nearby. 
  • Lingar Bewt – Doubling down on Headquarters, this councilor lowers the cost of constructing one dependent on the amount of water available. They do the same thing when annexing a community.

The Men of Fremen


The Men of Fremen are a good all-around faction that benefits from quick expansion and exploration. However, they have very limited influence in the Landsraad, and it takes a lot of work to get a decent number of votes. The Men of Fremen have great military units that require less supply and water than other factions, so they’re great for hit-and-run attacks.

The Men of Fremen should focus on winning through military domination or Hegemony, either building a strong army of their own or allying with Sietches. Unlike other factions, The Men of Fremen don’t need to send an agent to ally with a Sietch; they can just do so when enough trade has happened. This can give you a huge advantage in both resources and military.

In terms of research, The Men of Fremen should focus either on the red section for military or the orange for economy. At the start of a match, conquer a few villages and build a strong base, then focus on expanding outward to gain more Hegemony.

Here are The Men of Fremen’s bonuses and best councilors. 


  • Military forces are experiencing a -30% supply shortage.
  • Outside of your own area, you may create alliances with Sietches.
  • Thumpers may be used to summon Sand Worms and move soldiers (no access to airfields).
  • Spice Fields are self-collecting and do not need a harvester.
  • At 5,000 Hegemony, Thumpers may be refilled automatically and summon better worms that go farther.
  • At 10,000 Hegemony, military units will increase power in proportion to how much Hegemony you have.

Best Advisors:

  • Stilgar — Capturing villages increases Sietch detection. The more towns you capture, the more Sietches you may ally with and the more perks you’ll get. You earn +1 authority output for each Spice Field you have at the same moment.
  • Otheym – This councilor favors a hit-and-run strategy; all of your troops earn a 10% speed boost. A single unit gains 20% more strength and armor. If you wish to concentrate on sparking rebellions in other factions, this is a wonderful councilor to choose.

The four factions in the game, along with their strengths and weaknesses, bonuses, and top councilors, are listed here. Check out our Dune Spice Wars guidelines site for for additional ideas and advice.

The “Dune Spice Wars” is a strategy game that takes place on the planet Dune. Players must build their own faction and use it to conquer other factions. This guide will cover strengths, weaknesses, bonuses, and best councilors for each faction in the game. Reference: dune spice wars reddit.

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