A guide for the best tips and tricks to master your dice legacy experience.

The dice legacy switch release date is a new game that was released in 2018. This article will provide tips and tricks for the game.

Dice Legacy is a very simple game in which finishing the tutorial — particularly if you’ve played previous RTS games or roguelikes — will give you a strong enough grip on the fundamentals that you’ll be able to win on the lower levels without knowing anything more about the game mechanics.

Just though the mechanics are simple doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to comprehend everything straight away. Since you should go through the tutorial and the game’s encyclopedia as a new player, I’ll go over subjects that aren’t addressed in this guide. Let’s look at some of the aspects that stick out.

How to Survive the Winter with Dice Legacy

The game strongly encourages you to construct Steam Generators and use wood to power them. In the winter, this generates a radius in which your dice will not freeze.

The least efficient method to cope with winter is to use steam generators. It’s a fantastic method to wind up with nothing near enough wood for the lategame when you’re attempting to wear out the opposing base on higher levels and maps with less resources.

Instead, construct your first District Hall, designate it as a Peasant District, and then place the following in the six hexes around it:

  • There are two farms.
  • A mill
  • a brewpub
  • There are two alehouses.

For starters, this keeps all of your food and essential necessities in one location. But, more significantly, it allows you to use two council policies that are essential on every map, regardless of difficulty.

Pass regulations that allow farmers to operate throughout the winter months. Then pass the one that states dice in peasant areas cannot freeze. Boom. You may now create food and ale all year, and with that ale, you can unfreeze any dice that have frozen during the winter, thus making the season obsolete.


Legacy of Dice Don’t Annoy the Encampments is a good rule to follow.

You have three options when you come upon an encampment.

One, you may just leave them alone; most of the time, they will ignore you until provoked. They may become aggressive at the highest difficulty levels — I haven’t tried this — but if you’re playing on such settings, you probably don’t need me to teach you how to play. They’ll ignore you unless you interact with them at low to medium difficulties.

You may also trade with them. To accomplish so, first make sure you have at least the level-4 maximum in Exploration for a normal die. The level-8 limit isn’t required for Forge-combined dice, although having it won’t hurt. Send the adventurer to the campsite, and they’ll very certainly establish good ties with you right away. Create a trade tent, then train a merchant die (using the Economy buildings to turn a citizen die to a merchant).

Finally, you have the option of eradicating them. The issue with this is that it triggers a wave of enemy assaults that intensify as you inflict more damage on the encampment until it is completely destroyed. There’s no clear reason to do this on purpose unless you’re going for the goal of wiping out a camp or you’re setting yourself a task by not dealing with the camps amicably.

Sure, war may be forced on you if your explorer fails catastrophically or you’re playing on higher difficulty levels, but if you’re at this skill level, you already know how to conduct warfare on a scale beyond what the game usually tosses at a player who isn’t stirring hornets’ nests.

The main goal is to maintain peace. You’ll be happy you took the time to do so.

Dice Legacy Tip: Towers, Catapults, and Other Death-Inducing Devices

Building towers as you move across the map is a fantastic method to hold opposing invasions at bay; if you place two of them two hexes each side of the centerline and acquire the technologies that increase the towers’ range and strength, you may never need to lose another real fighter.

It’s still a good idea to have an improved (at least level 2) raider face on your soldier dice since the single simplest method to destroy the Others’ base at the top of the scroll is with a catapult flanked by towers. To launch the catapult, you’ll need that enhanced raider dice (and with some iron).

Of course, constructing the towers will use up a lot of stone, but unless you got very lucky with the game’s resource nodes, there should be enough stone on the map to provide your expanding town complete tower coverage while still having enough stone for actual structures and research.

How to Manage Happiness (Dice Legacy Tip)


Although the game does not explain this, here is some advise on how to manage dice class happiness. Construct the Town Square.

When it’s finished, place a dice from the class whose happiness you’d want to increase on the spot and add two beers. You’ve officially addressed the issue of class contentment if you followed the advise regarding wheat and food/ale production given previously. Take advantage of the benefits that happy dice offer.

How to Use the Tech Tree in Dice Legacy

You’ll want to acquire the technologies in the workshop that boost knowledge output as quickly as possible.

These are found under Production in Tiers 3 and 4, although there is no restriction against you from unlocking those tiers without first completing the previous tier’s technologies. To unlock them, you just need enough wood, stone, or iron (the game offers a tooltip if you mouse over the Roman number for each tier). That is all there is to it. The sooner you increase your tech output, the quicker you’ll be able to progress up the tech tree, rendering your people obsolete.

Another thing you’ll want to accomplish as quickly as possible is update the research sides of your citizen dice to Level 3 so that one die may conduct research on its own. You may even construct several workshops and place them around a Citizens’ District at that stage to quickly go through the whole tech tree.

That concludes my suggestions for enhancing your Dice Legacy gaming. Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Dice Legacy is a dice game that was released in 2009. This guide will provide tips and tricks for the game. Reference: dice legacy beta.

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