This guide is to help Destiny 2 players who have purchased the Stormchaser God Roll and are looking for tips, tricks, or information on how to get started.

The “destiny 2 stormchaser god roll” is a guide for the new Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted. The guide includes how to obtain all of the new weapons, armor and ghosts.


Since at least a year ago, and maybe as far back as the Threaded Needle from Season of the Chosen, Linear Fusion Rifles have dominated the PvE DPS meta. In Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, Stormchaser, the Legendary LFR from the Duality Dungeon, effectively solidifies their rule until Lightfall in early 2023. There is no way of knowing how strong Stormchaser will become with the Seasonal modifications from the artifact since Arc 3.0 is arriving in Season 18 and it is an Arc weapon.

Even better, there are several god rolls available both now and in the future to farm. Due to Bungie’s lack of experience removing a Dungeon from the activity rotation, Duality is unlikely to vanish along with the other seasonal activities after the Lightfall update. They don’t mind getting rid of Raids or whole planets, but even since Dungeons with Shattered Throne was released, none of these three-player endgame activities have vanished along with their contextual season.

When farming for the Stormchaser in Destiny 2, these are the rolls you aim for.

PvE God Roll for the Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle


  • Corkscrew rifling, arrowhead braking.

A Linear Fusion Rifle with a three-round burst capability, Stormchaser packs a powerful punch. Arrowhead Break ought to be your first option since you’ll want to take whatever precaution you can to lessen the recoil. It makes it somewhat simpler to switch between it and something like Witherhoard or another supplemental DPS option by significantly lowering the Recoil stat and modestly boosting Handling.

Corkscrew Rifling is a useful backup perk with a little improvement to Handling, Reload, and Stability. Although not the significant control boost that Arrowhead delivers, everything is still valuable.


  • Accelerated Coils, Liquid Coils, and Improved Batteries.

It all comes down to how you want the weapon to feel and what Battery you want in Stormchaser. A popular option is usually always Liquid Coils, which flatly increases your damage. Accelerated Coils offers comparable or even slightly greater DPS than Liquid Coils if you don’t mind seeing a little lower damage number a little bit more often, but only if you have an ideal damage phase.

One more burst is added before you need to reload instead of either speed or damage as a result of enhanced battery. The strongest benefit of the three could be Enhanced when combined with something like Rapid Hit.

PvE Stormchaser trait one:

  • Cartridge for a clown, quick hit.

Clown Cartridge could be your only hope if you don’t get Enhanced Battery. Simply eliminating one opponent will cause your magazine to fill up to 50% faster. That translates to up to eight bursts, and nine with Enhanced, before you need to reload. The more rounds you can fire, the longer you can go without reloading while still generating the maximum amount of damage during a DPS phase.

When you use Rapid Hit on a boss who is standing about, it nearly seems like you have an unlimited magazine. With five stacks, the Stormchaser reloads in only a fraction of a second, allowing you to kill and return to your target with nearly no downtime.

2nd PvE Stormchaser Trait:

  • Frenzy, Vorpal Weapon, and the firing line.

The majority of DPS occurs in teams, often with your pals on your side. Firing Line is by far the greatest second characteristic to farm for because of this. You’ll get a flat 20 percent damage bonus to precision damage when surrounded by other Guardians. There aren’t many choices that are better against immobile targets like Caiatl, Avarokk with Grasp of Avarice, or even Rhulk with the Divinity debuff.

Vorpal Weapon is an easy choice for finishing stuff by yourself. Since it is a Heavy weapon, it only increases Stormchaser’s damage by 10%; nevertheless, the lack of an activation need more than makes up for this restriction. Frenzy offers a compromise since you must be “in battle” to use the perk, but by the time you need to reload, you will have unlocked the 15% damage, Handling, and Reload bonuses without much difficulty.

PvP God Roll Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle

In reality, Stormchaser is not a PvP weapon. Using it in the mode is less than ideal because to its burst-fire mode, lack of controllability, and the Heavy ammo constraints in Crucible. Here are the rolls you desire if you’re looking for a challenge or appreciate how the weapon appears in comparison to better options.


  • Look for any of the PvP-compatible PvE rolls here.


  • Particle Repeater, Accelerated Coils.

The charge time for Stormchaser isn’t exceptionally quick, but it’s also not extremely sluggish. You may start a combat more quickly by adding Accelerated Coils, which is helpful in the more rapid-fire Crucible encounters. Alternately, Particle Repeater increases Stability, giving the user a little bit more control and resistance to flinching. In PvP, both are beneficial.

PvP Stormchaser Trait 1

  • Rangefinder with a good radius.

No matter what weapon you’re using, Rangefinder is still a good choice, and the Aim Assist it offers is particularly appealing considering the strong recoil. Although the Well-Rounded perk’s improvements to Stability, Handling, and Range are excellent, they are less useful if you don’t have access to a grenade or powerful melee ability.

2nd PvP Stormchaser Trait:

There aren’t many great PvP second column perks for Stormchaser, but Vorpal is still a decent option due to its increased damage against foes using their Supers. Unfortunately, it has no advantages outside of that circumstance. If you can get frenzy to activate, which is most likely to happen just after your initial burst, it is solid.

Get at least one Stormchaser god roll during Season of the Haunted if you have access to the Duality Dungeon. This rifle has so many useful features that owning more than one will let you utilize it for different activities and player counts. Although it isn’t ideal for PvP, it will destroy any boss that is stupid enough to allow you the opportunity to do damage. See also the guidelines for Eyasluna, Gjallarhorn, Austringer, and other gods as well as our other god roll and weapon tutorials. There are many more in our center of Destiny 2 guides.