The first time in Destiny 2’s history a new expansion was released, the game went on to have its highest player count ever. The Season of the Haunted brought with it a slew of changes, one notably being an enhanced difficulty mode for high-level players called Grief. We’ll be going over how to complete this mission during our guide and what rewards lie at your fingertips if you succeed!

The third week of Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted centers on Commander Zavala and his long history of sadness. The Sever node on the Moon destination map may be chosen to start the activity if you have finished enough waves of Nightmare Containment and gathered enough Bound Presence.

Guide for the Sever – Grief Mission

Once within the Leviathan, go ahead until you can no longer move forward and then turn around. You may enter a vast area filled with enormous plants by passing via a little tunnel to the left of the entrance.

Head left after jumping through the planters. From the passage you must take, Scorn foes and Loyalist Warbeasts will attack you. Once you’ve eliminated them, go down the yellow-lit route until you get to a door that won’t completely open.


To open the door, activate the Ritual Amplifier in the neighboring fungus growth. As you pass through, a big chamber loaded with electricity that is discharging will block your way.

Methods for Avoiding the Electrical Hazard

Instead of touching the electricity, which would kill you, turn on the Egregore spores and enter the door across from it.


A big wrench is located beyond the door at the end of the passageway.


You will be heavily loaded when you take it up. Drop the tool for a moment to deal with the few foes that emerge, then quickly turn right into an area containing many boxes.


Onto the boxes, leap. Step onto the pipes above the electrical arcs at the topmost level, then turn left to the Egregore spore region.


Your HUD will have a mark indicating where to place the wrench. If you accidentally step into the voltage, you’ll pass out and have to go back to the wrench to restart this part. To stop the electrical arcs, put the wrench on the device next to the Egregore.


The lockdown may then be ended and the surrounding door opened by moving across the space to a console with three green-glowing lights.


How to Regroup with Commander Zavala and Remove the Festering Scorn

There is a big Scorn infestation within the space via the entrance that exits the electrical danger. Kill enough of them to complete the Scorn defeated objective with 100% success.


Keep close to the entrance you used to enter this region, and let the Scorn find you. Once you’ve eliminated all of the monsters at the entrance, go farther into the area and toward the rear, where the last foes will spawn on a platform above you. To get rid of any leftover Scorn, enter the corridor with the blue lighting.

Once the Scorn has been defeated, go to the center of the area and turn right to see a tiny chamber encircled and filled with fungi.


Place the Ritual Amplifier inside before heading back to the other end of the chamber. To get to the top of the circular area, you will have to hop up a succession of platforms.


Wait where you are and a machine should extend a platform out of the wall, enabling you to continue higher if you are unable to make the subsequent set of platforms. You may hear Zavala and the Nightmare of Safiyah talking at the top of the area.

The whole dialogue must be heard until the Nightmare departs and Zavala instructs you to go on alone. The door leading out of the room will open once he says so.

Accessing the Severance Site 

You will soon arrive at the last Ritual Amplifier location if you continue on the trail going away from Zavala. Place it there and move to the left.


Jump to the other side of the room and look to your right. Small cylinders will drop from the platform you need to leap to when the Leviathan trembles.


The Egregore spores are located across the room, so keep going.


Shoot them, then walk away. Enter the red pipe with the blue illumination flowing out of it that is below you.


Follow the conduit to its conclusion and take the vertical pipe down to the Severance site while the Egregore Link boost is active. If you need Super energy or ammunition, plant the Banner before proceeding to Zavala and the Nightmare of Safiyah to start the ritual.

Along with a swarm of Fallen opponents, the boss of this region, Grief Unforgiven, the Nightmare of Kethiks, will appear.


Reduce Kethiks’s health by â…” to make him become immune and vanish. Alongside Fallen, adversaries known as Scorn will start to appear. Defeat them until Kethiks appears on the field of combat. Continue doing it until you get him to leave. He will come back a third time if you defeat more Fallen and Scorn. You may die as many times as necessary to kill the boss since your respawns aren’t limited in this area.

Open the generated Opulent Chest in Zavala and the Nightmare of Safiyah after the Nightmare of Kethiks has been defeated. The quest completion timer should already be running, enabling you to return to the Tower or anyplace else you like anytime you choose. If you choose to listen to their narrative, doing so will take roughly a minute.

And thus, in Destiny 2, Sever – Grief in Season of the Haunted may be finished. This week has been an emotional rollercoaster, and the rest of the season is sure to follow suit. Try farming for the Austringer Hand Cannon or Beloved Sniper Rifle while you wait for the next narrative beat to drop. For more information, see our Destiny 2 guides site.