Psi Ops Battlegrounds is a new Destiny 2 public event that takes you through an intense battle with the Hive. This PVP-style mode has players fighting on foot, using shotguns and sniper rifles to fight off waves of enemies both in solo play or in four player co-op. We’ll lead you through all the tips for completing this demanding quest.

The “destiny 2 psi ops battlegrounds unlock” is a difficult mission in the game. It requires players to complete it on hard difficulty, which can be challenging for new players.

PsiOps Battlegrounds is a new playlist activity in Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen that rewards guardians with weapons and gear. 

We’ll go through how to finish the Psi Ops Battlegrounds action in Destiny 2 in this article.

How to Finish Psi Ops Battlegrounds in Destiny 2

How to Get Psi Ops Battlegrounds Unlocked

You must complete the second campaign task of The Witch Queen campaign to get access to PsiOps Battlegrounds. You’ll also need a power level of at least 1500, which should be rather simple to get.

Simply navigate to the EDZ map and look for the PsiOps Battlegrounds symbol to start the activity for the first time.

Psi Ops Battlegrounds is now complete.

To begin, clear waves of Lucient Hive foes to break the Lucient Hive’s position.

After that, follow the hunting team commander into the dark forest, where you’ll pass through portals to regions where you may kill more Hive monsters. However, you won’t be able to access these portals until you’ve defeated the protected Hive Lightbearer defending each place. For the time being, the Lightbearer will be impervious to harm, so you’ll have to concentrate on the other foes.

Simply continue eliminating waves of opponents until a Lucent Reliquist appears. Then slay the Relinquist to get a Hive Relic sword, which you may use to vanquish the Lightbearer and extinguish its spirit. Simply repeat the procedure two more times as you go through the various portals until you reach the final boss battle.

The guardians, together with Caiatl’s Psions, must destroy Mor’ak Lightstealer in the ultimate battle.

Begin by concentrating all of your attacks on Mor’ak until he summons a shield. This will cause the Psions to transfer you into the mindscape, where you will have to face Savathun’s Aspects. To deal damage, you’ll need to pick up a particular relic, much as in the previous fight.


Synaptic Spears are the name for them this time, and you must use them to destroy Aspects of Savathun. After you’ve taken out all of the Aspects in the mindscape, you’ll be able to resume chipping away at Mor’Ak’s health bar.

Rinse and repeat until Mor’Ak is vanquished and the first PsiOps Battleground in the EDZ is completed. You’ll be able to access the PsiOps Battleground playlist from the H.E.L.M. After completing this introduction task, you’ll be able to access the PsiOps Battleground playlist from the H.E.L.M.

And that was how you finished the PsiOps Battlegrounds activity in Destiny 2’s current season. Check out our other Destiny 2 tutorials for additional information.

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