This is a look at the best classes for the DPS/Support combination in Dark Age of Camelot:

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The four D&D Dark Alliance classes all have their strengths and weaknesses, but some are objectively more effective than others, and of course each player has his or her own preferences for archetypes and playstyles.

Each of the four characters from Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is the archetypal RPG. If you know what you usually like in role-playing games, you might not have much trouble choosing a class the first time around.

But given the third-person perspective and the way the combat system works, you might need some help choosing a Dark Alliance class that suits your play style.

Bruenor Warhammer

  • Class: Hunter
  • Roll: Tank


This tough dwarf is a real tank. He carries a huge shield and a largeaxe, thanks to his naturally high resistance.

His best skill is Anvil or Clangeddin, which allows him to cast an anvil that protects him from enemies and deals damage.

Bruenor’s main abilities are Taunt , which lures enemies and reduces their damage, and Whirlwind , which makes him spin around and inflict damage on all enemies within range of his axe.

The last reception is similar to that of his rising axe, and another impressive reception is that of his frosted wave loops, which create a whirlwind of ice that is impossible to block.


Although Bruenor is physically very strong, his movement speed is quite slow , and he needs the support of other characters to be fully effective.

You should also some points into hisintelligence value to speed up his action time.

Features and equipment

Bruenor is a typical tank with a lot of damage potential. Therefore, for a build with solo base damage, it is recommended to focus on the -Hammer Feat tree:

  • Dungeon Devourer
  • Champion of the battle
  • An inspiring leader

For co-op play, it’s best to use a pure tank with the build, which can consume a lot of damage. In this regard, -Feats Anvil is something you should put your points into:

  • Master of the Shields
  • Master of the heavy armor
  • Unbending

Both buildings can be upgraded with his forging skills, which essentially increase stamina:

  • Sportsman
  • Endurance
  • Curious mind

The following skills are the best in the two options offered:

  • Single damages: Klangendin’s ankle and anvil
  • Common tank: Arrogance and the warhammer

Drizzt Do’Urden

  • Class: Ranger
  • Roll: Dualist/Assassin


This drow elf is primarily a skill-oriented class, with quick moves andattacks.

Drizzt’s main skill is Blink, which allows him to become temporarily invisible. This skill can be used in dangerous situations to gain time to heal and fight, and to inflict additional damage by coming out of invisibility.

Her two attack abilities are Dagger Cloud , which works like an AoE, and Fairy Fire , which applies curse and scare effects to all nearby enemies, rendering them defenseless for a moment.

Drizzt’s two best moves are Fountain of Darkness and Dark Hands , both of which are powerful AoE attacks. But his ultimate move is Astral Companion, which summons a tiger to fight by your side.


Although Drizzt’s attacks are very powerful, he lacks self-defense, making him weak to only a few hits.

His particular problem is a weak starting lineup of and that makes him vulnerable overall, but that becomes less of a factor as he levels up.

Features and equipment

Since Drizzt’s biggest advantage is his naturally great agility and dexterity, it would be best to choose a Ranger build with the following best traits:

  • A defensive duelist
  • Hard
  • Uncanny

If your personal playstyle focuses on dishing out lots of damage and developing critical hits, choose hunter build:

  • Two-handed fighter
  • Flashbacks
  • Second wind.

Finally, if you want to be able to use Stamina up to in hunter and lurker oriented builds and develop toughness during fights, choose the following feats first Expertise:

  • Sportsman
  • Endurance
  • Curious mind

The following skills are the best in the two options offered:

  • simple damage (hunter): Dagger cloud and fight trance
  • Joint support (Rangers): Blink and Fairy Fire

Cutty Bree

  • Class: Hunter
  • Roll: Archer / Sniper


Like Drizzt, this character is also based on agility. Katy-Brie’s favorite weapon is a bow for distance attacks.

His best skill is Heartseeker , which fires a volley of arrows at unsuspecting monsters and does AoE damage. Anyone hit by these arrows will be slowed down.

Katy-Brie’s other two skills are healing allies with Healing Spirit and bringing them back to life with Resurrection .

His two best shots are Penetrating Shot and Bullet Arrow , which damage multiple enemies with a single arrow shot. If you manage to make their ultimate move Arcane Arrows, the penetration effect is applied to all your moves.

If you want to be able to not only effectively kill your enemies , but also heal yourself and others, then Catty-Brie would be a good choice.


Since Catty-Brie is primarily a distance character, she can be punished for attempting to use her bow in a melee situation. In this case, it loses a lot of damage.

This means that you always have to keep them at a certain distance from opponents, which requires a certain style of play.

Features and equipment

Given his natural propensity for long-range attacks, would do well to expand his distance damage as much as possible. In this case, building Archer and will allow you to increase their penetration to and mitigate some of the melee damage loss:

  • A martial arts enthusiast
  • The striking arrow
  • Horde Destroyer

In cooperative mode, Katy-Brie can be an excellent supporting character in her role of cunning:

  • Healer
  • Endurance
  • Curious mind

If you think she lacks defensive skills, unlock some of her Longstrider Feats , which give her plus toughness when used:

  • Hard
  • Master of light armor
  • Mobile

The following skills are the best in the two options offered:

  • easy damage (archer): Heart seeker volley and dive shot
  • Joint support (tower): Spirit of healing and resurrection


  • Class: Barbarians
  • Roll: Attack/Strength


Wulfgar is another strength-based character, but his defense is not as good as Bruenor’s. His attacks, on the other hand, are quite powerful.

His best skill is Shockwave, an AoE attack that slows down all enemies.

Wulfgar’s Primal Instinct skill allows him to gain damage and armor bonus based on missing hit points. Any Stamina is a good support skill that gives her and her allies powerful punches.

Wulfgar’s Rage Sling move is similar to Bruenor’s Rising Axe move, and his Slingshot of Fury ultimate attack also deals similar damage with his spinning hammer.


Wulfgar has virtually no defensive and defensivemechanics, so he has to give up on the survival aspect.

This means finding very strong armor and assigning most of your stat points to Strength and Constitution.

Features and equipment

If you play Wulfgar solo, focus on the damage tree, such as Wolf:

  • The great master of arms.
  • Brutal beatings.
  • fury of the storm

In co-op, Wulfgar can be a serious debuffer if you focus on his elk tree:

  • Hardy
  • Medium Armorer
  • The blessing of Tempus

As usual, you can improve these two builds by adding some Stamina and Collapse Reduction:

  • Endurance
  • Curious mind
  • Packrat

The following skills are the best in the two options offered:

  • Individual compensation : Hammer Throw and Shockwave
  • Common stamp: Primitive instinct and Moose endurance

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