After winning the high-profile contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, NBA point guard Chris Paul decided to honor his first NBA check by buying a pair of $100,000 Beats by Dre headphones. The decision may seem silly to some, but Paul is serious about his music. He’s the rare NBA pro that puts his own headphones on, and he’s stated: “I am a music geek…. I can’t listen to the radio because it’s always talking. I listen to hip-hop and R&B and rock. I listen to all types of music.”

After earning $25,000 from the NBA, Chris Paul decided to buy a new school for his kids. When the Clippers and Rockets star heard that Michael Jordan’s son had just opened a $7.5 million charter school in the Atlanta suburbs, Paul decided to give a $2 million check to the school.

It’s a new day in the NBA, and it’s been a wild ride thus far. The Los Angeles Lakers cruised to their first championship title in over 30 years with a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Russell Westbrook made history with a triple-double in the Thunder’s win over the Warriors, and the Lakers made history with their win over the Cavaliers. The newest NBA superstar, Paul George, was traded to the Thunder, who promptly traded for Carmelo Anthony the following day.. Read more about who does chris paul play for and let us know what you think.

Chris Paul is one of the richest NBA players of all time. The Phoenix Suns superstar has earned nearly $300 million in his professional career, but he has always remained humble. Even when Paul was not a millionaire, he always thought of others before himself.

As the future Hall of Fame player accepted his first $25,000 check from his agency, he humbly thanked the people who had helped him get to the NBA.

Chris Paul’s life changed forever when he received his first $25,000 check

Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul warms up for Game 4 of the Western Conference playoffs against the Denver Nuggets| Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Paul lived a modest life with his mother, father and older brother CJ. As a kid, he didn’t know what extreme wealth was, but that quickly changed when he decided to enter the NBA draft in 2005.

Paul reported for the draft after his second season at Wake Forest and immediately became one of the most coveted prospects in the upcoming class. As the race approached, Paul hired an agent who offered him a $100,000 advance, but his parents convinced him that $25,000 would be enough.

Even after a 75% pay cut, Paul told CNBC Make It in 2018 that cashing a $25,000 check was one of the best days of his life.

My life changed that day, he says.

Paul made the most selfless purchase since he cashed his first big check.


What do most athletes do after they get their first paycheck in life? Spend it all on a new house? Spending on a luxury car or luxury jewelry?

But not Paul.

Immediately after receiving his first $25,000 from his agency, Paul decided to have some fun with his closest confidants.

I took my friend, my best friend, his friend, and we went to the mall, to some shops, and I said: Just buy something, Paul told CNBC.

The star player stated that his drinking habits changed drastically that day.

There is no such feeling, he continued. Because it was always the two of us going to TGI Fridays, and when they came with the bill, we said: Two tickets, please. You know, me and my girlfriend, him and his girlfriend. On that day and since, it’s been a single bill.

Chris Paul has made nearly $300 million in the NBA


In 2005, $25,000 was a life-changing amount for Paul. But today, $25,000 is just a drop in a bucket for the Suns star.

After 16 seasons in the NBA, Paul has earned $299.9 million, making him the fourth richest basketball player of all time. Only LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant have made more money in their entire NBA careers.

But despite his rich history, Paul still cares about his loved ones. This makes him not only one of the best players in the world, but also one of the most generous.

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