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The Quarry: How to be Bad and Kill Everyone for the Worst Ending

A Quarry is a type of game in which players attempt to kill as many people in each round without getting killed themselves. In this guide, we will show you how to get the worst ending by being the...

How to Update Minecraft Realms to 1.19

If you’re a Minecraft Realms server owner, here’s how to update your version of the game. A problem has arisen where certain Minecraft users are unable to upgrade their Minecraft Realms servers to the most recent 1.19 version of the...

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: Stormchaser God Roll Guide

This guide is to help Destiny 2 players who have purchased the Stormchaser God Roll and are looking for tips, tricks, or information on how to get started. The “destiny 2 stormchaser god roll” is a guide for the new...

Shodan Seeks Retribution in System Shock Remake Trailer

The recently released trailer for System Shock’s remake has revealed a new gameplay mechanic. In this reimagining of the 1994 game, players are able to seek retribution by hacking into other ships’ computer systems and disabling them. While it...

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: How to Complete the Sever – Grief Mission

The first time in Destiny 2’s history a new expansion was released, the game went on to have its highest player count ever. The Season of the Haunted brought with it a slew of changes, one notably being an...

Saints Row Boss Factory Has the Bells, But They Don’t All Whistle

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of big-name NBA superstars change teams. LeBron James finally left Cleveland for Los Angeles and Kawhi Leonard got traded from San Antonio to Toronto in what was one of this...

Sniper Elite 5: Best Attachments Tier List

The best sniper rifle attachments are the ones you can use to rack up a high score. This list of top-tier snipers will help you get started with your own weapon and hunting game strategy. Topics: The President Of Russia...

Sniper Elite 5: Occupied Residence Collectibles and Starting Locations Guide

In Sniper Elite 5, you will have a chance to liberate the occupied Residence which is scattered around Berlin. The game gives you three different starting locations and if you can collect all of them then your reward is...

V Rising: How to Salvage

There are many ways to salvage a sinking ship. The owner might reduce the cost of tickets and/or discounts for all riders, get rid of unnecessary crew members, give out free food and drinks, or advertising on social media. V...

V Rising Console Commands Guide

This is a guide to the console commands that are present in V Rising. This guide will help you with tips, tricks and other information on how to play this game better than before. The “v rising console commands item...


Who Has the Most Championships in Sports?

We all know that sports are a huge part of our culture. Championships are what drive us to be the best. So, who has...