Turnovers are one of the most stressful things for quarterbacks to deal with. In fact, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford once said, “The toughest thing is probably to be a quarterback in the NFL. No one else really knows what it’s like. It’s like mentally being in a boxing match every week. You don’t get to take a day off. You don’t get to go have fun. You don’t get to sit on the bench. You’re in the middle of the ring every single day.” (Stafford also said that the toughest part of being a quarterback is the interceptions.)

Brett Favre may have thrown an NFL-record 336 interceptions over his career, but he had a simple way to avoid stressing over turnovers. As he explains in his upcoming autobiography, “Gunslinger”: “If you throw it to the other team, you should probably be unhappy for a while. I really don’t focus on the turnovers, though, and I never have. It’s part of the game. You live with the turnovers, you learn from them, and you move on. If you’re going to drive the car, you’ll sometimes have fender benders.

If you are a quarterback, throw interceptions, and you hate it, here is a simple way to avoid stressing over turnovers: don’t throw. Yes, that’s right, Brett Favre, who holds, or co-holds, the top 10 spots on the list of all-time interceptions thrown, didn’t throw interceptions, and he didn’t stress over them. Online Readership:

Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre, who used to shoot the rifle, usually came after him. Although he retired as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing and touchdowns, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback finished his career with a record 336 interceptions. When a guy loses the ball as often as Favre does, it makes sense that he would want to find a way to deal with that and recover.

Brett Favre tried to take it easy on the interceptions

word-image-8567 word-image-8568 Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has thrown 336 interceptions in his career. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Brett Favre warns Packers about Aaron Rodgers He won’t play Brett Favre has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for most of his career, both statistically and in terms of leading his team into the postseason. But with the number of touchdowns he threw, the former second-round pick also had his share of mistakes. He retired after the 2010 season with 336 interceptions, the most in league history. Including his 30 postseason interceptions, that number is 366. The Packers’ official website transcribed comments Favre made at a 2002 press conference about his rotation habits. He explained that over the years – he turned 33 in the middle of this season – he has learned not to dwell on his mistakes. Even if the interception hurts and even if the feeling of disappointing the team hurts, let it go and move on. A heavy loss is a heavy loss. They have to go back, and I treat them both, believe it or not, the same. I know it sounds weird to people, but I’m very balanced right now. Brett Favre By comparison : In the 2002 season, the Packers’ star quarterback threw 16 interceptions on 551 attempts.

Favre has thrown some memorable interceptions in his career

COMPARED TO: Fox’s new NFL analyst Jonathan Vilma banned from restaurant by Roger Goodell Favre may have figured out how to handle interceptions, but there are a few that, if not him, his fans will wonder about: What if… ? In January 2008, the Packers hosted Eli Manning and the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game. Cornerback Corey Webster intercepted Favre in overtime, allowing Lawrence Tynes to kick a 47-yard field goal for the win. Two years later, Favre, now playing for the Minnesota Vikings, faced Drew Brees and the Saints in the NFC Championship Game. Once again, the legendary gunslinger threw a late interception, this time against Saints midfielder Jonathan Vilma in overtime. Brees led the Saints down the field in the first overtime. The Saints ended that streak with a goal, sending Favre and his teammates home.

Who is the current NFL leader in interceptions?

COMPARED TO: Stephen A. Smith crushes Max Kellerman for his Ben Roethlisberger photo: There’s something wrong with you Favre not only holds the NFL record for most interceptions, but he is also the only quarterback to have made 300 interceptions. Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger leads all active quarterbacks with 201 interceptions, the 29th most in league history. Drew Brees (243) and Philip Rivers (209) retired after the 2020 season. Tom Brady ranks 33rd in league history with 191 interceptions, while Ryan Fitzpatrick ranks third among active players and 48th in league history with 169 interceptions. All statistics are from Pro Football Reference.Brett Favre’s 336 interceptions in the NFL is a number so high that it’s still difficult to wrap our minds around. And yet, the legendary quarterback seemed to have a pretty good time playing in the NFL and didn’t seem to overly stress over his interceptions. In an interview he gave to the MMQB, Favre credited his ability to not stress over turnovers to the fact that he played each play at 100% intensity.  “I always said that I went out there and played a 100 percent 100 percent of the time. If I was going to throw an interception, I was going to throw a 100 percent interception. Never 50 percent, never 75 percent. I always thought the guy I was throwing. Read more about how many touchdowns did brett favre throw and let us know what you think.

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