While Battlefield has always been a massive franchise, the upcoming sequel will aim to surpass anything that’s come before. The game has been described as the biggest in the franchise to date, with massive maps, weather effects, customisation options, and more.

In 2011, EA shocked gamers with the announcement of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the sequel to the original Battlefield: Bad Company. The sequel shows how the war rages on with new weapons, greater customization options, and a much larger battlefield. This trailer also reveals new weather effects, with rain and snow on the battlefield, and shows off customization of weapons, such as different sights and barrels.

Battlefield 2042 is more than just a video game. It’s a new era of warfare, a new frontier in combat featuring massive battlefields and intense combat. It’s a world where war has become a globally televised sport. This is the future of war.

word-image-7983 As part of a series of Xbox exclusives, EA revealed the first glimpse of Battlefield 2042 gameplay during Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference. Since the footage comes from matches in the game with up to 128 players, we thought this was a real return to form forBattlefield. Gameplay has emphasized the importance of vehicle combat, which has been an integral part of the Battlefield DNA for years. In the gameplay trailer, we see helicopters, planes, tanks, ATVs and even bicycles on tricycles scattered throughout the frankly ridiculously large maps. Although this title is often lumped in with various military shooters, this game really feels like an all-out war. At least for now. With the return of Battlefield Hardline ,players will be able to climb skyscrapers and jump to other roofs. And it seems that many elements from different games are integrated into 2042, like the Battlefield 4’evolution. It’s not just an improved version of what it was before. We took a look at some of the new gameplay features in this latest version of the game.

. We also got our first look at dynamic events in action, which was featured in the game’s trailer earlier this week. The desert town is hit by a sandstorm and eventually a tornado that begins to suck players and vehicles into the air, which they can then control in the air with a wingsuit. That’s not the only new movement feature (if you can call it that), as players can now use the grappling hook to reach inaccessible areas – we see a player using it to reach a nearby crane. And the last major new feature to be seen in action is 2042’s new weapon customization system, which allows players to customize their weapons as they play. This may explain the ever-changing environmental conditions in a game of this size. Players familiar with the customization system used in the Crysis games will recognize this new, simplified approach. Battlefield 2042 aims to establish itself as a true next generation multiplayer experience. Although the game is available on previous generation consoles, it is clear that next generation consoles will be the best to play on, with their incredibly large maps and number of players. Battlefield 2042 comes out on the 22nd. October for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.For those of you who don’t know, Battlefield is a popular first person shooter game which has been in the market since the early 2000’s. The developers have taken a break from adding new game modes and maps to the game, but according to a recent game play trailer, they are going to release Battlefield 2042. The game takes place in the future and brings with it new game modes, customization, weather effects and two huge maps. The first map is called Icebreaker and it takes place in the Arctic Circle where you fight to survive in a huge environment. The second map is called Frostbite and it takes place in Antarctica where the temperature is extremely low and the terrain is frozen. The game will be released on PC, Xbox and Playstation in. Read more about battlefield 2042 trailer and let us know what you think.

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