For those of you who are interested in the reroll tier list for Awaken: Chaos Era, this article is for you. I will be going over each unit and giving a brief explanation why it should or shouldn’t be on your team

The “awaken chaos era tier list” is a guide that was created by the user. The guide is meant to help players in their decision making process when it comes to choosing which cards they should use.

The global release of Awaken: Chaos Era includes over 80 heroes that originate from eight different factions. Each hero has their own special set of abilities, both offensive and defensive.

Our Awaken: Chaos Era reroll tier list guide features only the greatest and most dependable heroes in the game. It’s vital to remember that some of the heroes are quite synergistic. In both PvE and PvP modes, try to roll at least a handful of the heroes mentioned below for the ultimate team.

SHeroes of the S-Tier: Awaken the Chaos Era


  • Attack: 955
  • Defense: 712
  • HP: 7218

Blackhorn is a hero that everyone need, since he is the game’s finest supporter and healer.

His best ability is Nature’s Revival, which fully restores health of all allies, and restores his own health at the start of each turn. This is the ultimate protection skill in Awaken: Chaos Era.

The most fitting armor sets for Blackhorn are Terra Set and Faith Set, which increase his HP and provide extra protection.


  • Attack: 1496
  • Defense: 603
  • HP: 5443

Abaddon is the finest pick if you’re seeking for a hero that can cope with most bosses.

His Scythe Strike attack can easily deal with four enemies at a time, and the penalty isn’t too harsh. If you need to pick one target, then use his Death Knell that strikes for 250% damage.

The best sets for Abaddon would be Warrior Set and Cursed Set that provide him with higher attack power and give him special abilities.


  • Attack: 997/847
  • Defense: 638/526
  • HP: 7146/6108

Gangelo and Santis, two of the game’s strongest poison damage heroes, must be paired to become the best poison damage combo.

Gangelo doubles all the poison damage provided by Santis for ultimate DPS power. If you can’t roll Santis, then aim for Ghajar and use his ultimate ability Virulent Roar for a similar effect.

If you want to make Gangelo even stronger, then give him either Raptor Set or Guard Set for better focus and protection.

Heroes of the S-Tier


  • Attack: 847
  • Defense: 790
  • HP: 6984

William is a fantastic counter-attacker, much better than a tank, since you not only absorb but also return massive amounts of damage to your opponents.

His best move is Order: Hold Position, which gives all your allies an ability to counter attack and increases your own defense stat by 50%.

Just like Blackhorn, this hero will benefit from both Terra Set and Guard Set for bigger and stronger shields.



  • Attack: 1270
  • Defense: 498
  • HP: 4719

Zatlux is a strong primary DPS character because of his tremendous power and quickness.

His two best attacks are Bloodthirsty, which adds extra 30% attack power and resets all your cooldowns, and Blade of Death, which increases your speed and deals 100% damage to a single target.

A hero like this will need an armor that can pack some punch, such as Warrior Set and Assassin Set that both increase his attacking power.


  • Attack: 1440
  • Defense: 632
  • HP: 5989

When dealing with bosses, targeted damage may be quite effective, but if you need to make a swarm of opponents squirm, Evera is the hero for the job.

Her best basic attack is Foil, which not only deals 100% damage to a single target, but also debuffs them. And, her overall best move is Ultimatum, which serves as AoE that smashes all enemies for 200% damage.

You can also increase her critical hit chance by 20% with the help of the Rage Set.

Heroes of the First Tier


  • Attack: 1496
  • Defense: 576
  • HP: 5443

Despite having significantly lower defensive numbers than most heroes, Imogen gets access to the Moonlight bonus, which applies to all of her abilities.

Whether you’re using her most basic Moonlight Blessing attack or her ultimate Crescent Dance move, all of these abilities will be aligned with the attacks of your teammates, thus increasing the power of both yours and their damage.

In this regard, Imogen is very similar to Evera, so giving her Rage Set or Cursed Set for higher critical hit chance would be a good idea.

Orakh is a corrupt person.

  • Attack: 997
  • Defense: 924
  • HP: 7982

Extreme levels of health and defense allow Orakh is a corrupt person. the luxury of being an excellent tank in Awaken: Chaos Era.

One of his other specialties is the ability to drain enemies while attacking them, using his Torment move, which absorbs 30% of enemy’s damage in HP points. When using this ability, you may increase your HP pool by another 20%.

One of the better armor sets for Orakh would be Dragonscale Set, which can protect him from receiving critical hits by 30%.


  • Attack: 997
  • Defense: 651
  • HP: 7120

If you haven’t been able to roll Blackhorn, Mytheasia is unquestionably the finest supporter and healer in the game.

Although her abilities don’t guarantee full recovery like those of Blackhorn, she does have the Treant Synergy skill, which allows your to revive all your dead allies at once.

Also, just like Blackhorn, she will benefit the most from both Terra Set and Faith Set.



  • Attack: 997
  • Defense: 672
  • HP: 7213

Yoland may not have direct healing powers or enough HP to be a viable tank, but she does provide the Guard buff, which protects friends from death, as well as the Immune buff, which shields allies from all debuffs and status effects.

Yolanda’s ultimate ability Shield of the Light grants all her allies not only protection from physical damage, but also an ability to transform some of it into HP points.

If you give her the Guard Set, then she herself will also be protected by special shield that uses 30% of her max HP.

Heroes of the Second Tier

Evelyn Firstdawn is a character in the novel Evelyn Firstdawn

  • Attack: 960
  • Defense: 648
  • HP: 7488

Evelyn is a well-balanced character with good stats, who can be both an attacker and supporter. But what really makes her stand-out is her First Strike ability, which grants her team an extra turn.

This is a very powerful ability that may completely change the match-up in your favor, and if you level it up, it may even shorten the cooldown periods by one round.

Since Evelyn needs to be really fast in her moves, you need to give her the Rapid Set, which increases her speed by 15%.


  • Attack: 872
  • Defense: 469
  • HP: 4952

Elite heroes are the most straightforward to play, and Connor is without a doubt the finest Elite hero in the game. So don’t attempt to get rid of him immediately quickly if you roll him.

Connor has an excellent Berserk Banner ability, which grants all allies a protective shield and bonus 30% to their attack power. Both of these buffs can be well used in Arena.

The best way you can benefit Connor is to give him either Vanguard Set or Warrior Set in order to increase his defense and attack stats.


  • Attack: 1378
  • Defense: 648
  • HP: 6805

Debuffing adversaries with freezing magic may not be the ideal tactic, but it seems to be highly successful in Tia’s hands.

The best part about her abilities is that they all curse enemies with the Frostbite effect, virtually slowing down enemies by 10%-20%. This may give your allies a significant advantage on the field.

If you give her the Rebel Set, she’ll also be able to stun enemies in addition to freezing them.


  • Attack: 796
  • Defense: 762
  • HP: 6784

The Titan Icelands faction’s dwarven member wields a hammer that does True Damage to foes.

However, this is only available while performing his ultimate move Give ‘Em the Hammer, which hits all enemies with the damage equal to the 80% of max HP, and that is a huge chunk of damage for sure.

You may team him up with Hakrin for even more True Damage, which can reach 130 percent of maximum HP.


  • Attack: 1555
  • Defense: 596
  • HP: 5274

Due to her incredibly high basic attack, she is one of the finest PvP heroes in the game, but her other stats are uninspiring, hence she is only rank B.

But Hydrissea still has some unique powers that mustn’t be neglected, especially when dealing with waves of enemies, such as Biting Cold and Frost Zone.

The best armor for her would be the Avarice Set, which will make her AoE attacks even stronger by as much as 50%.

In Awaken: Chaos Era, they are the finest heroes. If you liked this post, please consider sharing it on social media!

The “Awaken: Chaos Era Discord” is a discord for the Awaken: Chaos Era game. The discord has a Tier List that can be used to assist in deciding which cards are best suited for your deck. Reference: awaken: chaos era discord.

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