The Washington Commanders are a professional ice hockey team in the United States based out of Baltimore, Maryland. The name is often used to refer to their opponents from D.C., which does not exist as an independent city and instead comprises five municipalities: Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax City, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County.

The “washington commanders stadium” is a football stadium located in Washington, D.C. It was built in 1921 and has been the home of the Washington Commanders since then.

The Washington Commanders are the latest NFL club to alter their name after being called a racial slur in the past. Outsiders may not grasp where the club plays — the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., the state of Washington, or the state of Maryland, which is near to D.C.

So, where do the Commanders play? In which state or city? Here’s a look at the team’s history and where they now call home. 

The Commanders of Washington have a long and illustrious history.

The Washington Commanders NFL football team holding a draft party at the FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland

The Washington Commanders NFL football team holding a draft party at the FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland Washington commanders at FedEx Field | Jonathan Newton/Getty Images via The Washington Post

For long years, the squad was referred to as a derogatory slur by Native Americans. The franchise was created in 1932, according to NFL Operations. The city of Boston was its initial home. The club relocated to Washington, D.C. five years later. 

While the squad has had many excellent players throughout its history, it was under head coach Joe Gibbs that it reached its pinnacle. Gibbs coached the squad to three Super Bowl victories (1982, 1987, and 1991). During this time, the squad became known for its outstanding offensive line performance, which was led by guys popularly known as the Hogs. 

Over the last 25 years, though, the squad has suffered. With a rotating door of head coaches and quarterbacks, Washington has only made a few postseason appearances. None of them has been able to maintain a continuous level of success with the franchise. 

After much backlash, the squad ultimately caved down and abandoned its insulting name in 2020. While the team’s marketing staff worked on a new name and mascot, the club was known as the Washington Football Team for two seasons. It got a new moniker this offseason: the Washington Commanders, in commemoration of D.C.’s military legacy. 

What are the locations of the Washington Commanders? 

The Washington Commanders’ name refers to the club’s hometown of Washington, D.C., however the squad does not play in that city. For many years, the club played at RFK Stadium, which is located inside the city boundaries. The club relocated to FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, in the late 1990s, where it presently plays. Furthermore, the club is based in Ashburn, Virginia. 

The Commanders have a large following in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, despite the fact that their lack of success and other scandals have made it much more difficult for supporters to do so in recent years. The team is presently looking for a new home (with D.C., Virginia, and Maryland all being possibilities) but is having trouble finding a buyer. 

Why was the stadium of the Commanders in jeopardy?

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The state of Maryland recently made a proposal to invest $400 million to renovate the neighborhood around the stadium, according to the Washington Post. This would include the construction of an amphitheater, a plaza, and children’s sporting courts. 

Whether the Washington Commanders remain or not, the neighborhood will grow as a result of this. Delegate Nick Charles of Maryland said the agreement helps the state defend itself. “It’s fantastic if people realize the value and advantage of remaining in a well-developed downtown area,” Charles remarked. “However, we must first take care of ourselves before we can help anybody else.”

The contract benefits the state more than the Commanders, yet it helps in the preparation of the Landover region for the team’s departure. Meanwhile, the Commanders are still on the lookout for a good bargain, but they’re having trouble locating one. 

The Commanders aren’t as popular in their hometown as they once were. Many supporters have lost faith in the club after 20 years of failure along with mismanagement (and maybe greater wrongdoing) across the organization. The Commanders are the epitome of a depreciating asset; the real issue is which state or city will provide them with a home in the future. 

Torrey Smith, a former NFL wide receiver, believes Carson Wentz to the Commanders is a “better trade” than Matt Ryan to the Colts.

The “washington football team players” are a professional football team that plays in the National Football League. The Washington Commanders play in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., but they are not from there. They are actually located in Maryland.

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