Urban Meyer’s latest scandal is a perfect example of how he has been misleading the public for years. The Ohio State football coach was caught in an embarrassing lie about his role in covering up domestic abuse allegations against former assistant Zach Smith.

The zach smith ohio state is a story about Urban Meyer’s latest embarrassing scandal. Zach Smith is the electrician with ties to Ohio State who has been responsible for ruining Urban Meyer’s attempt to lie about his latest embarrassing scandal.

Urban Meyer may have believed he had completely cut connections with Ohio State, but it’s obvious that supporters of the Buckeyes still have strong emotions for the guy who delivered a national title to Columbus seven years ago. Should anybody blame them, however, given that he essentially walked away from one of the best collegiate football teams in the country?

Meyer’s name is still linked with a term no company wants to be associated with, scandal, even after making the jump to the NFL.

What may come as a surprise, though, is how the Jacksonville Jaguars coach’s controversy became the most talked-about topic in sports. Meyer’s arrogant effort to mislead about his newest “error” was thwarted by an electrician with numerous ties to Ohio State.

Urban Meyer’s most recent controversy has thrown him into the public limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Meyer lost his fourth consecutive game as a head coach on Thursday, putting him in uncharted circumstances.

He found himself in the usual situation of being at the center of a dispute two days later.

On Saturday, a video showing Meyer sitting on a chair as a lady danced on him at a pub in his home state of Ohio emerged on Twitter. He demonstrated terrible judgment and a total lack of self-awareness as a married man with a profession that puts his whole family in the public front, prompting concerns about whether the Jaguars should dismiss their head coach.

Shahid Khan recruited Meyer to help create a new culture, restore a depleted squad, and get the most out of Trevor Lawrence, after all. However, given the team’s on-field problems and the head coach’s continuing displays of incompetence on so many levels, it’s quite conceivable that Jacksonville may be forced to change course sooner rather than later.

During his Monday news conference, Meyer, of course, tried to explain what had happened.

“There was a large gathering of people outside our restaurant, and they asked me to come over and snap photos, which I did,” he said. “They were attempting to drag me out on the dance floor, messing about, and I should’ve walked away.”

Unfortunately for the 57-year-old coach, someone with connections to Ohio State soon exposed him as a liar.

Meyer’s effort to mislead about the issue was thwarted by an electrician with connections to Ohio State.

Head coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Head coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Urban Meyer, the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was revealed as a liar by an electrician with connections to Ohio State. | Getty Images/Dylan Buell

Jaguars supporters may thank a Columbus-based union electrician’s apprentice if they want to thank one individual for exposing the truth about what occurred in Ohio.

D.J. Byrnes, according to a Fox Business article by Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal, uploaded the initial video of Meyer using a burner Twitter account. Obviously, the video went viral, prompting the Jaguars’ first-year head coach to apologize and provide a bizarre narrative about what occurred inside the pub.

Byrnes was informed of the existence of a second video after Meyer displayed his arrogance in front of the cameras. Meyer may be seen groping a lady improperly on the video, which depicted a quite different account of events. Byrnes shared the video on his Twitter account, giving the controversy fresh life.

So, who is it that is to blame for Meyer’s failure to keep the facts hidden?

Byrnes’ background is really very fascinating. The 34-year-old allegedly attended Ohio State University, campaigned for the Ohio House of Representatives, and spent years writing for elevenwarriors.com, a Buckeyes fan website.

He told the Wall Street Journal, “I do have a reputation as someone who loves giving the wealthy and powerful s— drinks.” 

Byrnes eventually blew the issue wide open by releasing the video, which both portrayed Jacksonville’s alleged leader in a negative light. Despite the fact that I haven’t written about Meyer in years, it’s extremely ironic — and some would argue karmic — that a guy with Ohio State connections exposed him for lying (again).

For a Jaguars organization in urgent need of leadership and direction, things might become nasty.

What are the Jaguars’ options now?

On the one hand, it would make perfect sense to dismiss Meyer right now and confess that they made a mistake. He has obviously fallen short of expectations, and convincing Jaguars players to trust in him going forward seems to be almost difficult.

Meyer, on the other hand, may be able to complete the season before receiving his walking papers. It’s not like this club is aiming for the playoffs, so having him on the field for all 17 games isn’t going to make a significant difference in the standings.

Still, it’s obvious that the Jaguars need to make a change as quickly as possible. Trevor Lawrence will never be able to achieve his full potential if he continues to play for Meyer. If the team’s owners want to see the brilliant quarterback thrive, they’ll have to come up with a better strategy than hiring a head coach who would rather drink at a bar than travel back with his squad. It also has to find out how to assemble a solid supporting cast around a player with All-Pro potential.

Jacksonville, on the other hand, seems to be doomed to endure another disappointing season at this point.

Only time will tell whether Urban Meyer is given the opportunity to coach Lawrence for the whole 17-game season.

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