The best team in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers, who went 13-3 and reached the NFC Championship game last season. The Packers suffered a huge loss this offseason, as QB Aaron Rodgers left the team for a short period of time. Rodgers returned to the team in time for them to play their final preseason game, and then signed a new deal with the Packers. He has been praised by teammates and fans, and people are wondering if Rodgers still has it in him to get his team to the Superbowl.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is known for being a player that never backs down from a fight. He has been known to stand up for his teammates and coaches. However, when he was asked about his relationship with several players on the Green Bay Packers roster, he praised them all.

In a recent interview, Aaron Rodgers said that it’s not unusual for him to take time to talk to and compliment his teammates and other players within the NFL, as he values everyone equally. Despite being on the winning side of Green Bay’s NFC North rivalry against the Chicago Bears, Rodgers was actually complimentary of Jordan Love in a recent interview. When asked about the inclusion of Love on the team, Rodgers said, “Jordan is an awesome player. He’s smart. He’s very intelligent. He’s a great person. He’s got a lot of physical talent. When you combine all of those things, it’s hard not to like him.”. Read more about greenbay and let us know what you think. Aaron Rodgers has finally spoken publicly about his situation. The Green Bay Packers quarterback didn’t make any scathing revelations in an interview with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne on Monday, but at least they were admitted. Rodgers said he has no problem with quarterback Jordan Love. He also said how much he has enjoyed working with the team for the past 16 years. He praised just about everyone in Green Bay, but did not name a specific group.

Aaron Rodgers missed the OTAsfor the first time in his career.

word-image-12232 word-image-12233 Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers passes in the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lambo Field in Week 30. December 2018 filing in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images) COMPARED TO: Green Bay Packers have done nothing wrong since they selected Tony Mandarich in the first round Rodgers did not participate in Green Bay’s organized team workouts this week. OTAs are voluntary, but they are always attended. While he wasn’t the only veteran missing, Rodgers’ absence caused a stir due to his recent feud with the team. Rodgers and the Packers have been in the news since draft day, when ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Packers quarterback was not happy. According to Schefter, the current MVP has told some members of the organization that he does not want to return to the team. Since then, it’s been a drama and a mystery for the Packers. The reason for the feud was apparently the 2020 NFL Draft, where the Packers went for a first-round pick and selected quarterback Jordan Love. Rodgers did not know that the team would choose his eventual replacement. He has three years left on his contract, but no more guaranteed money. Uncertainty also seems to play an important role in this drama.

Aaron Rodgers says he has no problem with Jordan Love

. COMPARED TO: Aaron Rodgers could cost the Green Bay Packers millions of dollars they shouldn’t be spending and ruin their chances of winning the Super Bowl Rodgers may have a problem with the way the Packers handled the 2020 draft, but he made it clear that it has nothing personal to do with Love. He mentioned Love in his interview with Maine and said he enjoyed working with him. In my situation, it was never about the draft, picking Jordan, Rodgers said. I love Jordan. He’s a glamour boy. (We) had a great time together. Love, who was silent throughout the event, never got on the field in his rookie season.  This was largely voluntary, as the team wants to invest time in development. The other part was that Rodgers got his third MVP. Love wasn’t even the second-best quarterback on the list. He hasn’t dressed once in the Packers’ 18 games.

Rogers is showered with praise but makes no mention of the front office

COMPARED TO: Former Pro Bowl arm Aaron Rodgers criticizes Packers and says their actions are incomprehensible Maine asked Rodgers if he needed a trade, but the quarterback waved off the question. Then he talked about Lava and how much he loves being in Green Bay. I love the coaching staff, I love my teammates, I love the fans in Green Bay, he told ESPN. (It was) an incredible 16 years. Although he didn’t mention CEO Brian Gutekunst or the headquarters once, he seemed to subtly touch on them. It’s a kind of philosophy and people may forget that it’s the people who make it all possible, he said. It’s about character, culture, doing things right. A lot of that was established last year, and the key was added when I became MVP and played like I did last year. This (situation) is, it seems to me, just a consequence of the whole thing. He emphasized that it is the people who make the organization. I think sometimes people forget what really makes an organization an organization. History is very important – the legacy of many people who came before you. But people are the most important thing. People make an organisation. People do business. And sometimes we forget.

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