The newest versions of Windows and Xbox are both available now, and are filled with some great tools to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. The Xbox One is now compatible with the Xbox 360’s social features and Xbox Live, and you can now use your phone and your tablet to play games with your headset and controller. Windows 8.1, which was released last week, packs a number of useful features, including improved features for users who are visually impaired.

There’s no better way to test out your web design skills than with a demo! There are countless indie sites where designers put up their work for free. Some are built, others are coded, and others still are a combination of both.

Steam Next Fest has begun a new cycle, meaning the popular showcase is currently offering hundreds of demos for gamers to try. It’s the closest thing to an E3 showroom and honestly, without the long lines for games and the even longer lines for lunch, it’s not that bad. We can’t claim to have played all 500+ demos of indie games participating in the Digital Festival, but we played dozens of them and picked out eight that we were excited about.

Large con

word-image-11120 Gamers of a certain age will appreciateThe Big Con for its 90’s aesthetic. Ugly carpets, video stores and a disappearing middle class lead the game’s protagonist, Ali, to roll up bags to pay off her mother’s debts. This adventure game is great, it’s both funny and sad at various intervals, it’s like flipping through a 1995 yearbook.

Route 96

word-image-11121 If you’re not interested in the political events of 2000 years ago, a world that mirrors our own might appeal to you more. If so, the many-branched treeRoad 96 should appeal to you. In this game, players take on the role of a teenager who runs to the border to escape what appears to be a storm of trouble with another possible authority. The commentary on our world by a world that is not the same, but not like ours either, creates a captivating atmosphere.

Terra Nihil

word-image-11123 Strategy is a broad field, so it’s hard to say if fans of the genre as a whole will like Terra Nil, but it’s worth a try because it’s unlike any other city building game I’ve seen. For in truth, your task is to restore the world from its ruins, to bring nature back to the hills, rivers and valleys of a once lush land. The visual effects that replace the beauty of the world offer a strangely satisfying Tetris-like experience, as if everything was done right.

My stay in Sandrock

word-image-11125 The Farmer Sims are now extremely in , and the Pathea team is back with the big, beautifulMy Time With Portiasequel. If you likedMy Time At Sandrock, feels like much of what you liked the first time around, but with more townsfolk, a larger starting area, and a brand new desert region.

You are here

word-image-11126 I’ve long complained about the lack of a real horror game about alien abductions. They Are Here was the first demo I tried at Steam Next Fest. The 10-minute clip is a bit corny, but it does a good job of capturing the atmosphere and terror inherent in the alien life form. This is a genre that games strangely don’t really excel at, so I’m hoping the full version of the game will be just as scary as the demo.

Rainbow Billy

word-image-11128 Surprisingly, this colorful independent film is not from Cartoon Network. The combination of 2D and 3D graphics immediately catches the eye, and the story seems to have a similar tone toAdventure Time, where everything is a bit subversive, but friendly enough for all ages. It also has a fun exploratory side, as the main character travels around the world on a creaking steamer.

Static monitoring

word-image-11130 Retro horror fans should definitely download this game.Chasing Static , which is played in the visual style of the PS1 but in first person, is an interesting mix of old and new horror design principles. The music is reminiscent of Silent HillSilent Hill , and the film even begins in a restaurant like the Konami classic. It’s really intimidating, and I say that of few games.

Ground steel

word-image-11131 John Wick already has a game, but it is a much closer John Wick simulator than this strategy. From a first-person perspective, players can run through walls, slide, dive through windows and shoot in slow motion to take down waves of enemies while looking like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park . — While you’re there, don’t forget that we also dove into LudoNarraCon earlier this year, where we already loved demos of games like Lake and Unpacking, both of which will be at Steam Next Fest. Here are some of our favorite indie games whose demos will be available during Steam Next Fest. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know and we will try!

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