It’s a shame that the NFL’s regular season gets reduced to the playoffs since the games are generally pretty exciting and fun to watch. Well, even when the games are this horrible, they’re still entertaining. We came up with ten of the worst NFL games of the year, and after the jump you’ll find the worst part about each one.

So here is another week in the NFL season, another handful of games that left us wishing that we could un-see them. I don’t mean the blown calls, the horrible clock management, the bad coaching, the awful officiating, the “how the hell is that even a punt” calls, the “the game is not even close” calls, the “why” calls, the “what were you thinking” calls, the “I can’t believe that just happened” calls, the “how many more times are we going to see this” calls, the “this is why the NFL needs to fixed” calls, or the “this is why I hate the NFL” calls. I mean the games that were simply unwatchable

It’s always difficult to know exactly how and why a game goes the way it does during the course of a game. Is it the officiating? The play-calling? The coaching? The players? But the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers played last week that was so thoroughly unwatchable that you could probably start your own blog about it.

Football is the most popular sport in America. Whether you play it or watch it while enjoying chicken wings and beer, this game brings joy to many people’s lives. Not all ads are great, though. Some games are completely unusable for a number of reasons. After the global health crisis that devastated the Baltimore Ravens in 2020, their play against the Steelers was dismal. But there are many reasons why matches cannot be watched. First: Sometimes teams don’t show up and play incredibly poorly. In addition, the game is affected by weather disasters on rare occasions. These events can be interesting because of the novelty factor, but the visibility and quality of play can be low. On the other hand, bad refereeing also spoils games. The possibilities are endless. We watched 20 NFL games that were just not playable for one reason or another. Check out the list below at Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15563

20. New Orleans Saints vs Miami Dolphins – 2017 :

It was a rainy Saturday night at Wembley Stadium in London and the NFL was on tour. Nearly 100,000 fans packed the arena for the novelty. But the Saints and Dolphins completely let them down with a dismal, almost disgraceful performance. Maybe it was the flight, but either way, both teams got off to a slow start and completely disappointed the crowd.

. The Saints ended up outscoring the Dolphins 20-0, but all of their points were scored in the second half of the game. At least the foreign fans saw some goals, but it certainly wasn’t great. Adam Gase said the Dolphins’ offense was worthless because it was. When the NFL comes to another country, it’s all about the show, but none of these teams could live up to expectations. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15564

19. Ravens vs Steelers – 2020 :

Baltimore and Pittsburgh finally played after numerous postponements due to the global health crisis. The game wasn’t worth the wait though, as the Ravens lost half of their starters before the game. Quarterback Lamar Jackson, receiver Willie Snead, tight end Mark Andrews and running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mark Ingram all missed the game, leaving the Ravens’ offense defenseless.

. It was an ugly football game because neither team played well. Pittsburgh, unbeaten after 10 games, was unable to take advantage of Baltimore’s decimated state. They ended up winning, but they almost forgot about the game. The Steelers missed several scoring opportunities and nearly squandered a 12-point lead. The result counts, but it was not a good game, albeit under strange circumstances. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15565

18. Lions v Cowboys -1970:

There have only been three 5-0 games in NFL history. This fact may make the game seem special, but that is only true for sports historians. There is no good reason for this result, as the weather was quite good and both teams had their best players available. Still, both starting quarterbacks had to agree before the game to try to play worse than the other.

. The only score of the game came on a 26-yard field goal after the Cowboys tackled Detroit coach Greg Landry in the end zone. That was enough for the famous game without a goal, which seems as strange now as it did then. This disappointing match must have just been unbearable for the fans because their players committed so many ridiculous mistakes. There have certainly been better games in the postseason, but this is typical for the Detroit Lions. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15566

17. Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets – 2010 :

2010 was a very good season by the Jets’ current pathetic standards. They finished the regular season at 11-5, but this game against the Packers was certainly not their best performance. Neither did Green Bay, as both teams were lethargic when they needed to be. The first half was brutal as neither Mark Sanchez nor Aaron Rodgers could get their teams going.

. Together, the two quarterbacks threw 31 incomplete passes and several interceptions. The Packers beat the Jets 9-0 at home, but it was a Pyrrhic victory. There were no real winners after this unspectacular and sloppy match. New York felt hurt after the controversial officiating, but after several missed field goal attempts and costly interceptions, neither team could claim to have lost. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15567

16. Eagles vs. Rams – 2002:

Philadelphia defeated St. Louis Louis 10-3 in this boring and undeserved game. The Eagles were without their third quarterback, but they still had enough strength to win the game. Their fans praised their defense after the game, but that didn’t help matters for the neutral spectators of this dismal game. Overall, the Rams have offered nothing this season and extended their losing record.

. The Rams suffered a devastating loss, as the loss meant they missed the postseason after starting 2002 as Super Bowl favorites. Kurt Warner failed to get his team into the end zone, while the once dynamic offense continued to falter. Philadelphia can be happy with the win, but didn’t play their best game either. It was a terrible game to watch, but it was even worse for the St. Louis fans. We had a lot of people in St. Louis who felt like this game sprinkled salt in their wounds. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15568

15. Seahawks vs Browns – 2011:

It’s amazing how the same numbers can have completely different meanings depending on the sport. A 6-3 score would be great in football, but in soccer it’s a sign of a terrible game. First: Seattle was without quarterback Tavaris Jackson. But then they lost Marshawn Lynch during warm-up with a back injury. She wasn’t doing well.

. The result was an unspectacular and ugly match between two scrappy teams. In the end, Browns kicker Phil Dawson was the hero of the day, his two kicks were the difference between the two teams. Both teams are terrible, but the Seahawks are particularly lethargic and backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has had a nightmare start. The best part of this match was that it was finally over. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15569

14. Raiders vs Chargers – 1998:

At least Raiders fans didn’t have to travel far to witness their team’s terrible performance, but take it out on Chargers fans who had to witness their team’s inglorious performance far from home. One of the most depressing games of the 90s, it’s hard to say anything definitive about it except that both teams should be ashamed of themselves for wasting the fans’ hard-earned money.

. The Raiders won 7-6 with their only touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game. It came after San Diego had taken a 6-0 lead with two field goals. With 1:38 remaining in the game, James Jett broke the hearts of Chargers fans who couldn’t stand the slow play of their team. But you can’t say there were extenuating circumstances. This match was impossible to watch because neither team appeared on the field. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15570

13. Packers vs Buffalo – 2002:

There is nothing good to say about this game except that it happened and someone won. Green Bay hosted the Bills on a cold winter day in December, but neither team was able to win. They seemed to have forgotten to stretch and moved across the field like frozen statues. Green Bay won, but it was such a boring game that it was impossible to watch.

. Two goals were scored in this match. First, the Packers scored a field goal in the third quarter. Then, on the fourth play of the game, Brett Favre threw a pass to Donald Driver for his only touchdown of the game. At least Green Bay fans had something to be happy about. But it was a miserable day for the Mob Bills coming out of New York. There are games that are best forgotten because they were so bad. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15571

12. Bronco Blizzard:

The 15th. October 1984, Mother Nature decides to put her own stamp on Monday Night Football. In short, fans witnessed the most extreme conditions ever seen on a football field. The Broncos played against the Packers in Denver during the snowstorm. This may seem like an interesting and unique twist on a football game, but it quickly became impossible to watch due to the conditions of the game.

. Fans could not see the players on the field due to the heavy snowfall. Meanwhile, broadcasters made efforts to make viewers visible. Remember, this was long before the advent of high-definition television and all this modern technology. In the end, the Broncos won 17-14. But Denver scored the first 14 points in the first minute of the game through defense. In the end, Rich Karlis scored the winning goal. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15572

11. Goodbye, Dan Marino.

Marino is a Dolphins legend thanks to his stellar tenure as a senior quarterback. His last game was in 1999, when the Dolphins played the Jaguars. No doubt he wanted his last appearance as a player to be memorable for his fans. It happened, but not for the reasons he wanted. This game was terrifying to watch because it was as one-sided as NFL fans have ever seen.

. Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith destroyed the Dolphins and Fred Taylor scored on a 90-yard run. For Dolphins fans, however, it was a nightmare. At halftime, the Jaguars led 41-7. But the neutrals changed the channel. No one wanted Marino to leave the NFL this way, but the league can be incredibly cruel. It also started a downward spiral for the franchise. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15573

10. Snow box:

In 1993, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Miami Dolphins at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. Although most people associate Texas with dry desert heat, it can also be bitterly cold. A northern blue storm brought ridiculous amounts of snow and sleet, but they still had a game. On the one hand, it was fun because of the unique conditions, as they were knee-deep in snow. But it was, qualitatively, also impossible to watch.

. A terrible mistake by Leon Lett allowed Miami to score the winning field goal, but in the end the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. He couldn’t control himself on a slippery surface and made a typically hilarious mistake. It’s one of those games that gained cult status because of its unusual setting, but it was certainly an exhausting experience for fans and hardcore gamers. Compulsory credit : Bleach report word-image-15574

9. Lions vs Cowboys – 2002:

On a cold November day, Dallas heads to Ford Field for one of the darkest games in NFL history. There’s no reason anyone would remember that game, because it was football at its best. There were no excuses. There are often dramatic factors in this list, such as bad weather or poor refereeing decisions, but no team can claim anything but the garbage can. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15575 Field goals can make for incredibly dramatic moments, but no one wants every goal in the game to be a stunner. Still, both teams pleased their fans by scoring goals on a gray day. In the end, the Lions won the game 9-7 after three lucky shots. But fans had to wait until the third quarter to see the first point, due to a toothless offense. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15576

8. More effect shell:

Unlike Miami, Buffalo and Cleveland are more than familiar with bad weather. But there’s a big difference between living in bad weather and trying to play an NFL game at a high level. In 2007, the Browns hosted the Bills in Ohio when bizarre conditions at a nearby lake completely ruined the spectacle of the game. Blinding snow and winds of 40 mph made it impossible to see the game.

. The Browns ended up winning 8-0 thanks to two Phil Dawson field goals. Some people will be nostalgic about this game, but nobody really liked it at the time. It was terrible to watch on TV because the snow was so deep. Meanwhile, can you imagine being a fan in this stadium? Any fan who has lasted until the end deserves great respect, as it shows perseverance. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15577

7. Super Bowl XL – 2006:

What makes this list special is that the Seahawks played against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL. Unfortunately, this match was impossible to watch due to poor officiating. After the game, most fans and analysts agreed that referee Bill Levey and his team made some terrible and downright bizarre decisions. There have even been allegations of match-fixing as a result.

. The referee awarded the Steelers a fictitious touchdown after Ben Roethlisberger went down in the end zone. Then, after a controversial penalty, the Steelers intercept the ball and score again. It was frustrating to watch because it was so obvious the decisions were wrong. Meanwhile, Mike Pereira, the head of the NFL’s refereeing committee, flew to Costa Rica immediately after the game. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15578

6. Bengals vs Eagles – 2008 :

This match confused Donavon McNabb because he didn’t understand what would happen if the match was tied. It made sense, after all, this game was the first NFL tie in six years and only the second since 1997. In short, these were extremely rare events. The score was 23-23 after a rather dull game of football between the two teams. It was a dull, goalless game in the first quarter.

. This match revolved around defending, with neither team able to create attacking chances. McNabb thought they would play until a winner was decided, but fortunately for the fans, that turned out not to be the case. Meanwhile, the Eagles quarterback threw three interceptions and lost the ball once. They could have played another week and there would have been no winner because both teams were so bad. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15579

5. Snow bowl:

Buffalo can claim two parts of the Lake Effect. The first was in Cleveland and the second at home in New York. In 2017, they hosted the Indianapolis Colts in some of the worst weather conditions in NFL history. It all started when a blizzard dumped a huge amount of snow on the field. During the race alone, 10 cm of rain fell.

. The Mafia Bills love this game because it helped them on their way to their first playoff appearance in 18 seasons. However, the snowstorm had a major impact on the game: Adam Vinatieri missed a shot on goal as a direct result of the weather. The match was almost unwatchable until extra time, when visibility finally improved. Buffalo eventually won 13-7. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15580

4. Dirty Night Football:

On Monday night, November 26, 2007, one of the most violent football matches of all time will take place. An incredibly frustrating game, the weather conditions were so bad the media called it the Dirty Bowl. A catastrophic storm destroyed the surface of Heinz Field, but the Steelers laid new turf on the destroyed field so the game against the Miami Dolphins could go on.

. After a storm delayed the game by 30 minutes, they began to play. It was as if they were in the trenches of Europe during World War II, literally walking through muddy puddles. This led to a terrible game, which the Steelers won 3-0 by ignoring a penalty with 17 seconds left. In the third quarter, Brandon Fields’ 38-yard kick was left in the dust. Compulsory credit : Sports broadcasts word-image-15581

3. Lions vs. Giants – 1943:

The oldest game on this list is also the last scoreless draw in NFL history. Nearly 17,000 fans at Briggs Stadium watched a game between Detroit and New York under wretched conditions. The rain continued to fall, making this one of the most undesirable games to watch. In fact, neither team got beyond the opponent’s 15-yard line. There were also attempts on goal, but both teams came out swinging. Compulsory credit : Sports broadcasts word-image-15582 It was one of the worst games in football history, as the weather was terrible and the quality of play was staggering. Few matches in the annals of the sport have been as uninteresting as this one. Sure, it’s a legendary game now because it ended scoreless, but no one was having fun. But when it came down to the final minutes, the fans almost didn’t want to see a winner, as this rare game with no points was unique, to say the least. Compulsory credit : Sports Illustrated word-image-15583

2. Snowplow game:

On the one hand, it was a unique game with an interesting ending. But it was a nightmare for the fans and the shaky players on the field. In 1982, the Miami Dolphins traveled to Boston to take on the Patriots, and were greeted by an incredible amount of snow. The race committee called the snow plows to clear the field markings because no one could see anything.

. Meanwhile, snowfall made the game undesirable for spectators at Schaefer Stadium and at home. The snowstorm also affected the quality of play on the field, as the score remained 0-0 until the Patriots scored with less than five minutes left in the game. Snowplow Mark Henderson cleared a section of the field so John Smith could hit the ball. Compulsory credit : USA TODAY Sports word-image-15584

1. Jets vs Redskins – 1993

There are other games with few points on this list, but those usually had a factor, like bad weather. However, there is no excuse for this match between two of the most miserable franchises in recent years, other than the fact that both teams played terribly. Still, you have to appreciate the Jets’ and Redskins’ commitment to mediocrity for decades. They’ve turned indigestion into an art. Compulsory credit : Bleach report word-image-15585 The only score of the game came from Corey Blanchard on a 45-yard field goal in the first quarter. The fans should have gone home after that, because there was nothing else to keep them entertained the entire game. It also means the Jets haven’t scored a single touchdown in 14 quarters, but it’s nice to have won. It was a battle of defenders, which added nothing to the spectacle of the match.For the most part, the NFL’s new kickoff rules have been a success. Properly timed kickoff coverage has led to fewer returns and, once the ball is in the air, fewer returns have resulted in touchbacks. However, the league’s three day rule for TV coverage of replay reviews, which is now in its second season, has been a significant drawback. While the extra time has allowed the league to get calls right in the first place, it has often been used by teams to stall for time, often at the beginning of the second half. As a result, there have been many games where the first three quarters were unwatchable, yet the fourth quarter brought a big play that made one forget about everything that came before. Here are. Read more about is nfl season cancelled and let us know what you think.

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