WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto Review

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Another night, Another spectacular NXT Takeover event. This was just another example of NXT proving that it can become a global phenomenon and I’m excited for future NXT events. If you haven’t heard already WWE plans on holding an NXT Takeover event before every big four pay-per-view starting with WrestleMania 33 next year so if your city is lucky enough to get a big four pay-per-view then your also lucky enough to get a NXT Takeover event as well. This night had a couple of match candidates and here’s how all the action unfolded.

Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger

Photo Credit: WWE

Result: Bobby Roode def. Tye Dillinger

Grade: B

Analysis: This was a very good send off for Tye Dillinger. It was evident that a main roster call up is in his future because he got a standing ovation after the match. The match itself was just solid and nothing more than that. I went to NXT Live in Boston the other day and Roode and Dillinger had a match that saw Tye pick up the win. The match at the live event and at Takeover looked very similar with the result just being different. Let’s talk about how absolutely GLORIOUS Roode’s entrance was. In terms of persona, Roode reminds me of Ric Flair. The robe, the walk and the attitude should remind anyone of the 16 time world champion. The one problem I have is it seems Roode doesn’t have a specific finisher yet. Roode won the match with a DDT which is odd and if you recall NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2, Roode defeated Andrade Almas with a Glorious Bomb so I just would like to see Roode have one good finisher and it not be a basic move.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final

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Result: Authors of Pain def. TM-61 to win the Dusty Classic

Grade: B-

Analysis: To be honest here this match didn’t have that much hype around it. The stipulation of Paul Ellerling being suspended above the ring in a shark cage was a bit odd but also nice nostalgia. WWE used this tournament to get over one specific tag team and they did that to a tee. TM-61 are crazy athletic and strong as was apparent in this match. Nick Miller was picking up both of the Authors of Pain like it was nothing and Shane Thorne also showed off some unreal athleticism. The Authors were meant to look like beasts and they did that to some degree. We’re just lucky this wasn’t a squash match and at times it looked like TM-61 would win the whole thing. The Authors of Pain will probably be in line for the NXT Tag Team titles very soon but hopefully won’t dethrone the new tag champs. Speaking of the tag team champs….


2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Tag Team titles: #DIY vs The Revival

Photo Credit: WWE

Result: #DIY def. The Revival to become the new NXT Tag Team champs.

Grade: A+

Analysis: Yet again both DIY and The Revival put on the match of the night and another match of the year candidate. This match had so much real emotion on the part of DIY and the way they spoke about this match almost felt like they were going after the WWE World championship. The match was tag team wrestling displayed at its highest level. Johnny Gargano is one of the best talents on both the main roster and the NXT roster. He has such a high ceiling and pulls of some of the most incredible moves. The Revival are probably the closest you’ll get to a classic tag team in WWE. They remind me of the Midnight Express or event the US Express. They are headed to the main roster after this match and hopefully they end up on Smackdown so they renew their rivalry with American Alpha.


NXT Women’s championship match: Asuka vs Mickie James

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Result: Asuka def. Mickie James to retain

Grade: B

Analysis: Well Mickie James certainly looked like she hadn’t missed a step in that ring. We all knew there was no way that Asuka would lose her title but even still that didn’t take away from this being a very good match. Asuka doesn’t look like she will be dropping her title to anyone anytime soon but when she does she needs to face Charlotte. Imagine a match between the best women’s talents we have in WWE? That is WrestleMania worthy. In terms of action this match was good. Could have been better in some parts but I’m not complaining. I wonder who the next challenger for Asuka is?


NXT Championship: Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Photo Credit: WWE

Result: Samoa Joe def. Shinsuke Nakamura to become the new NXT champion

Grade: A

Analysis: What a complete shock to have Samoa Joe dethrone Nakamura as champion. Joe becomes the first two time NXT champ in history but this also brings up questions as to where both men go from here. I’m assuming this rivalry will continue but I don’t think that is the right move here. I believe Nakamura should’ve won and Joe debut on the main roster in the near future. I guess WWE thought it was a bit too early for Joe to come up and could possibly call him up closer to WrestleMania. I don’t doubt that their rubber match will be an instant classic. This match was a fight, not a wrestling match but a fight. Both men took each other to their limits and put on another spectacular match. It will be really interesting to see where they both go from here.

Final analysis: What a night of action it was in Toronto. NXT keeps on proving that it can tell better stories than both Raw and Smackdown. Each city that gets a Takeover should be lucky to do so. Match of the night clearly was DIY vs The Revival yet again.


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