WWE Great Balls of Fire Preview

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By Patrick Cheesman

Well, at least Jerry Lee Lewis would approve of this name. The PPV before Summerslam, this PPV with a stupid name has a fairly decent card attached to it. And headlining it is a dream match between Lesnar and Samoa Joe. Let’s dive into it!

Neville vs. Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Title

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Neville has been great as Cruiserweight champion. He is the shining star of the division, hands down. Tozawa is a great talent that has a future title reign in him. Tozawa will not win the title this time, but if he faces off for it at Summerslam, he will then. Tozawa brings a very strong style to the Cruiserwight division. And we all know what Neville is capable of. The Power of Tozawa won’t be enough this time, but it will soon.

Winner: Neville

Big Cass vs. Enzo Amore

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I want to go on record saying that I didn’t really like how they split up. I felt that it would’ve been better if it was a mutual parting of ways, or Enzo turned into manager instead of competitor. Enzo won’t win this match. Cass is way better than Enzo in the ring, and neither will really be hurt by the outcome of the match. Cass is main event material in the future, and Enzo could have a promising career in the Cruiserweight division. Hopefully, this is a one of match.

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

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This seems like a throw away feud for these two. It feels like creative didn’t have anything for them to do, so they just put them together. I’m not saying this will be a bad match. This will probably be a great match. It just doesn’t make sense to have these two feud, when you could’ve given us Bray vs  Finn leading up to Summerslam. I’m gonna say Seth wins this match because he is on a hot streak lately. There isn’t much to say here really. Moving on.

Winner: Rollins

Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Title

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In a feud that has lasted for the better part of two pears, Dean and Miz face off once again. There won’t be anything new in this match, but it will still be a good match. With Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in his corner, expect interference during this match, which will result in the Miz keeping the title. Once again, there isn’t much to say here, as we’ve seen this before.

Winner: Miz

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Womens Title

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Alexa Bliss has truly dominated the women’s division on Raw, just like she did on SD. Banks is an outstanding talent. This match will be a great match to watch. Banks has always been talented, and Bliss has greatly developed over time. I expect this match to be a real fight. I’m giving Bliss the edge here, as Bliss has a more intense side, as well as the fact that Nia Jax might interfere as well.

Winner: Bliss

Hardys vs. Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Titles

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In a feud that kind of needs to end, the returning Hardys get another opportunity to regain their Tag Team Titles. Sheamus and Ceasro are a great tag team, but they aren’t on the level of the Hardys. Because I feel a title needs to change hands on this PPV, I’m giving the Hardys the win in this match. A Hardys feud with the other tag teams on Raw are what we want. Sheamus and Ceasro will be around longer than the Hardys. So let’s speed up the other Hardy feuds please!

Winner: Hardys

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match

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A returning Braun Strowman is what we all needed. And putting him in an Ambulance match with Roman Reigns is a great way to end the feud. Strowman needs this win in my opinion simply because he returned from injury. Roman is gonna get pushed whether we want it or not, and whether he wins or not. Strowman is gonna win this match because he is the more logical option to win. Strowman wins!

Winner: Strowman

Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe for the Universal Title

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This is a dream match. Two behemoths going at it. This is gonna be great. Joe has gotten the upper hand on Lesnar every time. Joe is a serious threat to the title. It’s too bad he won’t win this match. We all know about Lesnar and what he can do. Joe can do two times what Lesnar can do. Joe is a much more dangerous opponent. Joe is stronger, faster, and technically better. Joe has all the skills of a future Universal Champion. Just not this time.

Winner: Lesnar

Here’s what the other members think

Pete: Neville, Cass, Miz, Sheasaro, Braun, Bray, Alexa, Brock

Szabo: Neville, Cass, Seth, Joe, Alexa, Braun, Miz, Sheasaro

Zach: Neville, Cass, Alexa, Bray, Roman, Brock, Sheasaro, Miz

Guido: Tozawa, Sheasaro, Cass, Miz, Brock, Seth, Alexa, Braun

Anabelle: Neville, Enzo (DQ), Miz, Sheasaro, Strowman, Rollins, Banks, Lesnar

Justin: Neville, Cass, Miz, Sheasaro, Seth, Braun, No contest between Brock and Joe.

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