WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Review

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Sunday, February 12th is the 7th event under the Elimination Chamber moniker and was also the first event in WWE history to hold not one, not two, but three women’s singles matches on the card. I didn’t have a lot of faith going into this show because the last time they held this event it didn’t really go that well, but I think it’s safe to say this show was far better. Let’s dive into the key points of each match starting with the pre-show.


Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley

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The pre-show match was the first match of a rivalry that’s actually been going on for a few months now on twitter between Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins. If you’ve been watching WWE since at least 2007 or were a fan of Edge, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Edge Heads or The Major brothers which consisted of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. These two had actually been teaming up on the indies since 2004 and disbanded in 2009. If you’ve been watching NXT for the last year or so or have been watching Smackdown Live since the brand split you also know Mojo Rawley has been teaming with Ryder. This small rivalry despite not a lot of people caring actually has a lot of history behind it with Hawkins being the former tag partner of Ryder and Mojo being the current partner despite Ryder being on the shelf. These two put on and fairly decent match to kick off the show and it’s not surprising Rawley got the win here seeing has how he’s been getting pushed on Smackdown Live. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Winner: Mojo Rawley


Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

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Lynch and James have been feuding ever since it was revealed that James was the women under the La Luchadora mask. These two put on a really good match and James didn’t seem to show a lot of ring rust and seemed to fit right in with the current women’s division. James lost her first return match at the Royal Rumble so most people would think she was going to win here but that wasn’t the case. James would reverse an attempt by Becky for the dis-arm-her into a roll up but Becky would do the same and roll up James for the win to start the Elimination Chamber show.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Kalisto and Apollo Crews vs Dolph Ziggler

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Up next was the 2-on-1 handicap match between Apollo Crews and Kalisto and Dolph Ziggler. Crews and Kalisto have both had their problems with Ziggler over the last few weeks so Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan put them in a 2-on-1 match which Ziggler didn’t seem to like that as he would attack Kalisto before the match making it a one-on-one with Crews. That didn’t seem to matter later on however because Kalisto would make it to his feet and to the ring to help Crews pick up the win for his team. After the match, however, Ziggler would take out Kalisto again and attack Crews with a chair. It made Ziggler look strong in defeat but once again made Crews look awful. No one was really a winner here.

Winner: Apollo Crews and Kalisto

Tag Team Turmoil

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The Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships were on the line in tag team turmoil tonight and starting it off was former champions Heath Slater and Rhyno against The Fashion Police, Fabreeze, or Breezeango. Like most of these matches go this opening part was quick but also back and forth but unfortunately for Tyler Breeze fans Rhyno would gore them right out of the match. The Vaudevillians would come out next, but just like Breezeango, would be knocked out of the match fairly quickly. The Usos would come out next to be Beauty and the Man Beast’s third opponents and their last as The Usos would eliminate them. The Smackdown Live champs would come out next to face off against The Usos and they wouldn’t wait for them to hit the ring as The Usos would meet them halfway at the ramp. They would all get to the ring and put on a really good match for the short time it was lived and the champs would get the upper hand as they would eliminate The Usos but The Usos wouldn’t take to kindly to this as they would stick around and beat up on American Alpha and leave them for dead as The Ascension would come out next and take the scraps left by The Usos. They would hit the fall of man on Jordan but Gable would break it up and save it for American Alpha for the time being. Despite being left to the dogs by The Usos, American Alpha would come back and retain the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships. This was a great match aside from The Ascension looking like garbage here not being able to get the easy win over a beat down American Alpha.

Winner: American Alpha(C)

Natalya vs Nikki Bella

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Following the tag team turmoil was Natalya vs Nikki Bella. Nikki received a huge face pop when she came out and Nattie was booed which was a nice surprise to see since the fans are always doing the opposite of what they’re supposed too. This was a pretty ok match. It could have been much better without all of the screamings by both Nattie and Nikki but the in-ring work was solid and this match already gets a thumbs up from me because Nikki can actually apply an STF unlike her boyfriend John, which has been made obvious because Natalya won’t let us forget it. The ending, however, was a double count out has Nikki and Nattie would be fighting on the outside and as Nikki went to get back in at 9, Nattie would pull her back and cause a double count out. They would brawl after the match but Nikki Bella would end up getting the upper hand.

Winner: No Contest

Luke Harper vs Randy Orton

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The next match up would be the implosion of The Wyatt Family as Randy Orton would face off against former Wyatt Family brother Luke Harper. These two put on a great match with each other. Harper and Orton are two fantastic wrestlers and it showed in this match. Harper might be the best big man in wrestling since Bam Bam Bigalow. These two went out here and killed it and the fans agreed giving it “this is awesome” chants during the match and rightfully so. They laid into each other throughout the whole match but Randy Orton had Harper’s number as Orton would hit an RKO to seal the victory for the Rumble winner.

Winner: Randy Orton

Women’s Championship Alexa Bliss(C) vs Naomi

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Naomi vs Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship was up next. Naomi has one of the best entrances in WWE right now and of all the women on the current roster who haven’t won a championship Naomi is always one of the first people mentioned but not anymore. Naomi was able to put away the champ and become the new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Naomi has been signed to WWE for the better part of 6 years and this is the first championship she’s won and hopefully not the last. She deserved it and seeing that entrance at Wrestlemania with that belt around her waist will be awesome.

Winner: Naomi

Elimination Chamber: Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, The Miz, AJ Styles, and John Cena(C)

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The main event was upon us after a great show top to bottom. The Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose was out first taking the first pod. Baron Corbin would be out next to take up the second pod. The Miz would take the third spot and Bray Wyatt would fill the fourth and final pod which meant AJ Styles and The WWE Champion John Cena would start off the match. They would have a pretty back and forth contest until Dean Ambrose would be let out of his pod first and would tear into Styles and Cena. Bray Wyatt would be the next person out to make it a fatal-4-way. All 4 men absolutely killed each other with great spots off the pods but coming in next was Baron Corbin and he would have a really good showing before The Miz would come in last. Miz would cause Corbin to be distracted and Ambrose would roll him up to cause the first elimination. Corbin would assault Ambrose by sending him through a pod and delivering the End of Days to him before leaving. The Miz took advantage of this and pinned Ambrose leaving the final 4 to be Miz, Styles, Cena, and Wyatt. The Miz would beat up everyone for a good amount of time but soon fell wrath to super Cena and with one AA was eliminated. Bray would eventually answer back and got a clean pin over Cena to make the final two Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles guaranteeing a new WWE Champion and in every sense of the word we got a NEW WWE Champion as Bray Wyatt would reverse a phenomenal forearm and win his first singles championship in WWE and not a bad one at that. From being in the Nexus as Husky Harris to WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has come a long way and it has no doubt paid off.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

At the end of the night, Elimination Chamber was a damn good show overall and we have two new champions in WWE. What were your thoughts on the Elimination Chamber match? What do you think of the two new champions? Let me know on twitter @UberTieGuy and make sure to follow @SportsTalkFeed while you’re at it.