The Time for Jameson Taillon in a Pirates’ Uniform is now.

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The time is now.

It’s early enough that this isn’t a critical game of the season to take a chance for one game, and it’ll give the Pirates organization and fan base a glimpse into the future.

If they’re going to call up Jameson Taillon from Triple-A Indianapolis, the time is this Wednesday vs. The New York Mets.

Here’s why:

The Pirates have announced that Jon Niese and Juan Nicasio will start game 1 and game 2 of the double header today, respectively. The unfortunately fortunate timing of this double header leaves no starting pitchers for the Pirates on complete rest, but fortunately for Taillon he is given a perfect opportunity to get “the call”.

Francisco Liriano would likely start the game tomorrow, if Taillon is not called up, and with his struggles as of late (3.1 IP, 10 hits, 7 Runs and 4 walks last appearance), what’s there to lose?

If the Pirates want to make a deep playoff run, they need more depth in their five-man rotation, and Taillon is a great start. Taillon has posted a 2.04 ERA in 61.2 innings pitched while tallying 61 strikeouts to only 6 walks this season in Indianapolis.

He is scheduled to pitch in Columbus on Wednesday as well, so he wouldn’t be skipping rest days or a start; it would just be in another uniform. AT LEAST, the Pirates should skip his start in Triple-A Wednesday, throw him an extra bullpen and get him ready for the St. Louis Cardinals Saturday.

But I think the future is now, and the Pirates should give him a shot no later than this week. The scenario is perfect, and Taillon hasn’t been hotter. Might as well get his feet wet in the majors now, rather than wait until August and sending him to the playoffs (knock on wood) with little experience.