The Ice Has Been Broken: Let The Trades Commence

Credit athlete photos to USA TODAY

Around 2pm ET, NBA Writer Adrian Wojnarowski released a tweet about the first major trade of the NBA Off-Season.

Hawks Jazz Pacers Trade 1

Minutes later, he provided more details of the trade. The three team deal consisted of the Atlanta Hawks receiving the number 12 overall pick in this year’s draft, the Indiana Pacers receiving PG Jeff Teague, and the Utah Jazz receiving PG George Hill.

Hawks Jazz Pacers Trade 2

While not necessarily a blockbuster¬†trade, this is a trade that involves valuable players moving to different teams. For the Indiana Pacers, this is a good trade because they get an improvement at the PG position. While George Hill is a solid three point shooter and defender, his assist numbers were low this past season. Jeff Teague has similar, if not better, offensive talent to Hill; however, he is also a facilitator. Playing alongside the superstar that is Paul George and the scoring threat of Monta Ellis should only help Teague’s numbers. While being a threat to score himself, he will also set up George, Ellis, and company with easier looks and take the pressure off of them. In Indiana, Teague won’t have to worry about being the main offensive option for the team, and his overall game should improve because of that. As his game improves, so does the Pacers team.

Looking at the Jazz, they did what the SportsTalkFeed staff had said they should do, but they did it even better than we projected. In a previous article entitled, “One Trade Each Team Should Make This Offseason: Northwest Division Edition” the trade scenario for the Jazz was:

Jazz Trade ScenarioThe analysis was that they needed a veteran guy who could teach the young point guards and also be a scoring threat off the bench. They got exactly that in George Hill and they gave up less than we thought they would have to give. With Trey Burke and Dante Exum coming back next season, the Jazz will have a veteran to show them the ropes of being an NBA point guard. This should speed up the growth process of those two players and that, along with the added offensive threat of Hill, should speed up the Jazz’s process of being contenders in the West.

Finally, Atlanta is in no man’s land this off-season. They have Horford and Bazemore becoming free agents and they don’t know if they will resign. They had two quality point guards in Teague and Dennis Schroder but no way to play them both. They had a question of should they still fight to be a contender or should they start to bring in new pieces for a small rebuild. By trading Teague and getting the 12th pick in the draft, the Hawks have sped up the process of a small rebuild. This now allows Schroder to be THE point guard and it will bring in two talented rookies out of the first round of the draft. Horford may walk, but the Hawks will have more money to lock up Paul Millsap and quickly get surround him with more talented players so they can be right back toward the top of the Eastern Conference.

Overall, every team involved is better for making this trade. Now that the first is done, the ice is broken and more trades can commence.