The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA Champions


It has finally happened! A Cleveland team has won a major sports championship for the first time since 1948 (everyone knows football before the Super Bowl era didn’t exist). Kyrie Irving hit the biggest shot of his life to win the game. I feel like I am in an alternate universe. These things are not supposed to happen to me. I am supposed to be sulking right now as the Warriors celebrate. But NO! I am the one who finally gets to be happy. 20 years of dedication and misery has rewarded me. This is an amazing feeling. I could get used to this.

Everyone counted the Cavaliers out. Even I did. I will admit, I was pessimistic all series to prepare myself for the potential heartbreak. I did not start to open up to the idea of being a champion until the start of the 4th quarter. The Cavaliers did not stand a chance in many people’s eyes. Those claims were strongest after the first two games where the Warriors obliterated Cleveland both nights. Game three gave us hope again to only be squashed after game four. Then we regained our confidence after games five and six and felt game seven was anyone’s game and it truly was. Most of the game was a close back and forth battle with the biggest lead (off the top of my head) was the 7 point Golden State lead at half.

Golden State has not lost three straight games since 2013. I told everyone they have not faced Lebron James for 7 straight games. His strong style really takes a lot out of you and grinds defenses down.

However, Kyrie Irving was the real superhero of the series. He made Steph Curry look silly most of the nights and scored seemingly at will. Without Kyrie, no chance the Cavaliers win this series. I will even go as far to say that if Kyrie stayed healthy through the finals last season the Cavaliers would be back to back champions.

Here are come twitter highlights to recap.

Special moment for one of Cleveland’s proudest ambassadors.

Kyrie getting mauled by his coach warms my black heart.

The entire city of Cleveland until we are inevitably let down by the Browns or Indians again.

Really shocked Draymond didn’t try to sneak a shoulder shrug to the chin or a surprise ball tap to Bron Bron.

We live as one and die as one. #AllIn216

PS: Thank you, Stipe.