SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly NFL Pick Em’: Week XV


By the SportsTalkFeed NFL Staff

It’s week 15 of the NFL season and the playoff race is as close as ever and there are quite a few storylines that should be settled in the coming weeks. Many teams are battling for the Wild Card spots while a few are still going for their division, and some are still fighting for the first-round bye. Tonight, the Rams take on division rival Seahawks in what should be an interesting game with Jared Goff going up against the Seahawks top five pass defense. Earlier this week, the Rams fired long-time head coach Jeff Fisher so it’ll be interesting to see how the Rams respond, and more importantly how young rookie QB Jared Goff handles it. Seattle, on the other hand, is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Packers at Lambeau, they should come out with a purpose, especially Russell Wilson who threw five interceptions last Sunday.

It should be another great week of NFL football as there is plenty of great matchups so enjoy.

Richie B’s Games of the Week

Game: Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

Prediction: 20-16, Giants

Game: New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Prediction: 23-17, Broncos

SportsTalkFeed’s Week 15 NFL Pick Em’ Predictions

Thursday Night Football: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks


Staff Pick: Clean sweep for Seattle

Saturday Night Football: Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Drew Clark: Dolphins

Petey Luo: Dolphins

Chief VinNy Rocka: Dolphins

Meanie: Dolphins

Philly Phour: Dolphins

Piero Edgero: Jets

Dan WardDolphins

Richie B: Dolphins

Larry Henry: Dolphins

E: Dolphins

Matty F.: Dolphins

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Staff Picks: Clean sweep for Green Bay

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

Drew Clark: Texans

Petey Luo: Texans

Chief VinNy Rocka: Jaguars

Meanie: Texans

Philly Phour: Texans

Piero Edgero: Jaguars

Dan Ward: Texans

Richie B: Texans

Larry Henry: Texans


Matty F.: Texans

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

Staff Picks: Clean sweep for Buffalo

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens

Drew Clark: Ravens

Petey Luo: Ravens

Chief VinNy Rocka: Ravens

Meanie: Ravens

Philly Phour: Eagles

Piero Edgero: Ravens

Dan Ward: Eagles

Richie B: Ravens

Larry Henry: Ravens


Matty F.: Ravens

Tennesee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Staff Picks: Clean sweep for Kansas City

Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings

Drew Clark: Vikings

Petey Luo: Vikings

Chief VinNy Rocka: Colts

Meanie: Colts

Philly Phour: Colts

Piero Edgero: Vikings

Dan Ward: Colts

Richie B: Colts

Larry Henry: Vikings

Matty F.: Vikings

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Drew Clark: Steelers

Petey Luo: Steelers

Chief VinNy Rocka: Steelers

Meanie: Steelers

Philly Phour: Steelers

Piero Edgero: Steelers

Dan Ward: Bengals

Richie B: Steelers

Larry Henry: Steelers

Matty F.: Steelers

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals

Drew Clark: Cardinals

Petey Luo: Cardinals

Chief VinNy Rocka: Cardinals

Meanie: Saints

Philly Phour: Cardinals

Piero Edgero: Saints

Dan Ward: Saints

Richie B: Cardinals

Larry Henry: Cardinals

Matty F.: Saints

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons


Staff Picks: Clean sweep for Atlanta

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Drew Clark: Patriots

Petey Luo: Patriots

Chief VinNy Rocka: Patriots

Meanie: Patriots

Philly Phour: Patriots

Piero Edgero: Patriots

Dan Ward: Broncos

Richie B: Broncos

Larry Henry: Patriots

Matty F.: Patriots

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

Drew Clark: Raiders

Petey Luo: Raiders

Chief VinNy Rocka: Raiders

Meanie: Chargers

Philly Phour: Raiders

Piero Edgero: Raiders

Dan Ward: Raiders

Richie B: Raiders

Larry Henry: Raiders

Matty F.: Raiders

Sunday Night Football: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

Drew Clark: Cowboys

Petey Luo: Cowboys

Chief VinNy Rocka: Cowboys

Meanie: Cowboys

Philly Phour: Cowboys

Piero Edgero: Buccaneers

Dan Ward: Buccaneers

Richie B: Buccaneers

Larry Henry: Cowboys

Matty F.: Cowboys

Monday Night Football: Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Drew Clark: Redskins

Petey Luo: Redskins

Chief VinNy Rocka: Redskins

Meanie: Redskins

Philly Phour: Panthers

Piero Edgero: Panthers

Dan Ward: Panthers

Richie B: Redskins

Larry Henry: Redskins

Matty F.: Panthers

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SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly Pick Em’ Standings(Writer, Pick Em’ Record, Twitter):

1. Drew Clark, 112-62, @DrewC1420

2. Peter Luongo, 111-63, @repete617

3. Chief VinNy Rocka, 108-66, @Knickfan_4life 

4. Meanie Szabo, 104-70, @BmSzabo

5. Philly Phour, 103-71, @PhillyPhour_

6. Piero Edgero, 100-74, @PieroFiorino 

7. Dan Ward, 99-75, @Dan_Ward_11 

8. Richie B, 98-76, @SGSFranchise

9. Larry Henry, 95-79, @lhenry019

10. E, 94-80, @e_knifong 

11.Matty F, 94-80, @fuzznacht