SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly NFL Pick Em’: Week 9

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By the staff at SportsTalkFeed

 Week 9 of the NFL season is here with plenty of great match-ups to watch with quite a few having a significant impact on their divisions. Tonight the Atlanta Falcons travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers as Matt Ryan will look to continue being his MVP self that’s been so far this season. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper will welcome divisional rival and Von Miller led Denver Broncos into Oakland where there will be major AFC West implications on the line in primetime Sunday night.

 Drew Brees will look to put another quality performance as the New Orleans Saints travel to Santa Clara as they take on the struggling 49ers that seem to be on life support as of now. Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans two rushing attack led by DeMarco Murray will look to run all over the Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers but the Chargers defense will have other plans they’re only allowing 3.8 YPC, despite giving up 11 rushing touchdowns so far this season.

 Andrew Luck will look to somehow carry the Colts over the Green Bay Packers as they travel to Green Bay in hope that their 31st ranked defense can somehow stop Aaron Rodgers. On Monday night, the Buffalo Bills who are now at .500 after starting the season 4-2 will look to do the unthinkable and defeat the Seahawks in Seattle on primetime. Can Tyrod Taylor outduel Russell Wilson or will Russell Wilson have his way with the Bills defense with Tyrod Taylor struggling on the road?

AFC Game of the Week:

Game: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Prediction: 20-14, Raiders 

NFC Game of the Week:

Game: Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants 

Prediction: 19-17, Eagles

SportsTalkFeed’s Week 9 NFL Pick Em’ Predictions

NFL Thursday Night Football: Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Richie B: Falcons

Meanie: Falcons

E: Buccaneers

Dan Ward: Falcons

Drew Clark: Falcons

Piero Fiorino: Falcons

Pete Luongo: Falcons

VinNy Love: Buccaneers

Matty F: Falcons

Larry Henry: Falcons

Philly Phour: Falcons

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Richie B: Ravens

Meanie: Ravens

E: Steelers

Dan Ward: Ravens

Drew Clark: Steelers

Piero Fiorino: Ravens

Pete Luongo: Steelers

VinNy Love: Steelers

Matty F: Steelers

Larry Henry: Steelers

Philly Phour: Steelers

Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns

Richie B: Browns

Meanie: Cowboys

E: Browns

Dan Ward: Cowboys

Drew Clark: Cowboys

Piero Fiorino: Cowboys

Pete Luongo: Cowboys

VinNy Love: Cowboys

Matty F: Cowboys

Larry Henry: Cowboys

Philly Phour: Cowboys

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

Richie B: Chiefs

Meanie: Chiefs

E: Chiefs

Dan Ward: Chiefs

Drew Clark: Chiefs

Piero Fiorino: Jaguars

Pete Luongo: Chiefs

VinNy Love: Chiefs

Matty F: Chiefs

Larry Henry: Chiefs

Philly Phour: Chiefs

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Richie B: Jets

Meanie: Dolphins

E: Dolphins

Dan Ward: Dolphins

Drew Clark: Jets

Piero Fiorino: Jets

Pete Luongo: Dolphins

VinNy Love: Jets

Matty F: Jets

Larry Henry: Dolphins

Philly Phour: Jets

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Richie B: Eagles

Meanie: Giants

E: Eagles

Dan Ward: Eagles

Drew Clark: Eagles

Piero Fiorino: Giants

Pete Luongo: Eagles

VinNy Love: Eagles

Matty F: Giants

Larry Henry: Eagles

Philly Phour: Eagles

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Richie B: Vikings

Meanie: Vikings

E: Lions

Dan Ward: Lions

Drew Clark: Vikings

Piero Fiorino: Lions

Pete Luongo: Vikings

VinNy Love: Lions

Matty F: Lions

Larry Henry: Vikings

Philly Phour: Vikings

Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams

Richie B: Panthers

Meanie: Rams

E: Panthers

Dan Ward: Rams

Drew Clark: Panthers

Piero Fiorino: Panthers

Pete Luongo: Panthers

VinNy Love: Panthers

Matty F: Rams

Larry Henry: Panthers

Philly Phour: Panthers

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

Richie B: Saints

Meanie: Saints

E: Saints

Dan Ward: Saints

Drew Clark: Saints

Piero Fiorino: Saints

Pete Luongo: Saints

VinNy Love: Saints

Matty F: Saints

Larry Henry: Saints

Philly Phour: Saints

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers

Richie B: Chargers

Meanie: Chargers

E: Titans

Dan Ward: Chargers

Drew Clark: Chargers

Piero Fiorino: Chargers

Pete Luongo: Chargers

VinNy Love: Chargers

Matty F: Chargers

Larry Henry: Chargers

Philly Phour: Chargers

Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers

Richie B: Packers

Meanie: Packers

E: Packers

Dan Ward: Packers

Drew Clark: Packers

Piero Fiorino: Packers

Pete Luongo: Packers

VinNy Love: Packers

Matty F: Packers

Larry Henry: Packers

Philly Phour: Packers

NFL Sunday Night Football: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Richie B: Raiders

Meanie: Broncos

E: Broncos

Dan Ward: Broncos

Drew Clark: Broncos

Piero Fiorino: Broncos

Pete Luongo: Raiders

VinNy Love: Raiders

Matty F: Raiders

Larry Henry: Raiders

Philly Phour: Raiders

NFL Monday Night Football: Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks

Richie B: Seahawks

Meanie: Seahawks

E: Seahawks

Dan Ward: Seahawks

Drew Clark: Seahawks

Piero Fiorino: Seahawks

Pete Luongo: Seahawks

VinNy Love: Seahawks

Matty F: Seahawks

Larry Henry: Seahawks

Philly Phour: Bills

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SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly Pick Em’ Standings(Contributor, Pick Em’ Record, Twitter):

1. Drew Clark, 53-33, @DrewC1420

2. Piero Fiorino, 49-37, @PieroFiorino

3. Philly Phour, 49-37, @PhillyPhour_

4. Pete Luongo, 47-39, @repete617

5. Dan Ward, 47-39, @Dan_Ward_11

6. Richie B, 45-41, @SGSFranchise

7. Chief VinNy Rocka, 45-41, @Knickfan_4life

8. E, 45-41, @e_knifong 

9. Meanie, 45-41, @BmSzabo

10. Matty F., 44-42, @fuzznacht

11. Larry Henry, 42-44, @lhenry019


1. Most correct away predictions from that week’s games.

2. Correct MNF Tiebreaker winner or if both predict the correct winner then closest to the correct score.

3. Best weekly record of any week.

Scenario 1: E vs Chief VinNy Rocka vs Meanie vs Richie B

Tiebreaker 1: Richie B 4 away wins, VinNy 3 away wins, E 1 away win, Meanie 1 away win
Tiebreaker 2: Skip both E and Meanie predicted the wrong winner on MNF.
Tiebreaker 3: E best weekly record of 11-5 beats out Meanie’s best record of 10-6.

Scenario 2: Piero Fiorino vs Philly Phour

Tiebreaker 1: Piero 4 away wins, Philly 2 away wins

Scenario 3: Dan Ward vs Pete Luongo

Tiebreaker 1: Peter Luongo 4 away wins, Dan Ward 2 away wins