SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly NFL Pick Em’: Week 7

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By the NFL staff at SportsTalkFeed

It’s time for some football here at SportsTalkFeed as Week 7 of the NFL season is about to get underway and two heated rivals will kick things off, the Packers will look to put away the 1-5 Bears but Brian Hoyer has bad news on his mind for Packers fans as he’ll look to give the Packers their second straight home loss in five days tonight.

Sam Bradford will be facing off against some familiar faces but he’ll be doing it with the best in football as the Vikings have been magnificent so far sitting atop of the NFL at 6-0 but now they welcome in the Eagles, losers of two straight and will be looking to give the ol’ Philly faithful some restored faith by knocking off the best team in football.

Two of the AFC’s elite will square off this Sunday but unfortunately, there’s nothing elite about Landry Jones’ game as he’ll look to do the unthinkable and knock off Tom Brady in Foxboro. Brady is back and that means bad news for the rest of the NFL, the Patriots will look to supplant themselves as the undisputed best team in the AFC Sunday.

The Seahawks will travel to the desert to take on the Cardinals in a primetime showdown that should shake up the NFC playoff picture.

AFC Game of the Week

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers 

Promo: It’s not the quite the match-up people thought it was going to be but it is still Patriots vs Steelers. Two teams that have been atop of the AFC for the past decade doing battle again.

Tom Brady is back and hasn’t missed a beat as he’ll now face a bend but don’t break Steelers defense, however, last week the Steelers got torched by the Dolphins on the ground so don’t be surprised if Bill Belichick looks to exploit and Brady ends up with just a decent stat line. For the Steelers, it is not good as their star QB Ben Roethlisberger is now out for who knows how long after getting surgery this past Monday on a torn meniscus. Landry Jones is not a good QB and the only reason why I even have the Steelers scoring 10 points is because it is nearly impossible to not score a touchdown when you have Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in an offense. Look for the Patriots to grind one out in impressive fashion.

Prediction: 28-10, Patriots

NFC Game of the Week 

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals 

Promo: The cream of the crop in the NFC West is set to do battle(sorry Rams) but the Seahawks are just on another level. This isn’t to say the Cardinals aren’t a good team but they’ve basically just beat up on bad teams so far. Holding a Jets offense that has only scored two offensive touchdowns since week 2 is not impressive. Carson Palmer did look better against the Jets but he wasn’t asked to do too much, this will be much different against the Seahawks.

This game should be a close one throughout until a costly turnover late gives the Seahawks the win.

Prediction: 24-14, Seahawks


SportsTalkFeed’s Week 7 Pick Em’ Predictions

Thursday Night Football: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Richie B: Packers

Meanie: Packers

E: Packers

Dan Ward: Packers

Drew Clark: Packers

Piero Fiorino: Packers

Pete Luongo: Packers

VinNy Love: Packers

Matty F: Bears

Larry Henry: Packers

Philly Phour: Packers

New York Giants @ Los Angeles Rams

Richie B: Giants

Meanie: Rams

E: Giants

Dan Ward: Rams

Drew Clark: Giants

Piero Fiorino: Giants

Pete Luongo: Giants

VinNy Love: Giants

Matty F: Giants

Larry Henry: Rams

Philly Phour: Giants

New Orleans Saints @ Kansas City Chiefs

Richie B: Saints

Meanie: Chiefs

E: Chiefs

Dan Ward: Chiefs

Drew Clark: Chiefs

Piero Fiorino: Saints

Pete Luongo: Chiefs

VinNy Love: Chiefs

Matty F: Chiefs

Larry Henry: Chiefs

Philly Phour: Saints

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Richie B: Titans

Meanie: Colts

E: Titans

Dan Ward: Titans

Drew Clark: Colts

Piero Fiorino: Colts

Pete Luongo: Colts

VinNy Love: Colts

Matty F: Colts

Larry Henry: Colts

Philly Phour: Colts

Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles

Richie B: Vikings

Meanie: Vikings

E: Eagles

Dan Ward: Eagles

Drew Clark: Vikings

Piero Fiorino: Vikings

Pete Luongo: Vikings

VinNy Love: Vikings

Matty F: Vikings

Larry Henry: Vikings

Philly Phour: Eagles

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

Richie B: Bengals

Meanie: Bengals

E: Bengals

Dan Ward: Bengals

Drew Clark: Bengals

Piero Fiorino: Browns

Pete Luongo: Bengals

VinNy Love: Bengals

Matty F: Bengals

Larry Henry: Bengals

Philly Phour: Bengals

Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions

Richie B: Redskins

Meanie: Lions

E: Lions

Dan Ward: Lions

Drew Clark: Lions

Piero Fiorino: Lions

Pete Luongo: Redskins

VinNy Love: Lions

Matty F: Lions

Larry Henry: Lions

Philly Phour: Lions

Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Richie B: Raiders

Meanie: Jaguars

E: Jaguars

Dan Ward: Raiders

Drew Clark: Jaguars

Piero Fiorino: Jaguars

Pete Luongo: Raiders

VinNy Love: Raiders

Matty F: Raiders

Larry Henry: Raiders

Philly Phour: Raiders

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Richie B: Dolphins

Meanie: Bills 

E: Bills

Dan Ward: Dolphins

Drew Clark: Bills

Piero Fiorino: Dolphins

Pete Luongo: Bills

VinNy Love: Bills

Matty F: Bills

Larry Henry: Bills

Philly Phour: Bills

Baltimore Ravens @ New York Jets

Richie B: Ravens

Meanie: Ravens

E: Ravens

Dan Ward: Ravens

Drew Clark: Jets

Piero Fiorino: Jets

Pete Luongo: Ravens

VinNy Love: Ravens

Matty F: Ravens

Larry Henry: Jets

Philly Phour: Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

Richie B: Buccaneers 

Meanie: Buccaneers 

E: 49ers

Dan Ward: Buccaneers 

Drew Clark: Buccaneers 

Piero Fiorino: Buccaneers 

Pete Luongo: 49ers

VinNy Love: Buccaneers 

Matty F: Buccaneers 

Larry Henry: Buccaneers

Philly Phour: Buccaneers 

San Diego Chargers @ Atlanta Falcons

Richie B: Falcons

Meanie: Chargers

E: Chargers 

Dan Ward: Falcons

Drew Clark: Falcons

Piero Fiorino: Falcons

Pete Luongo: Falcons

VinNy Love: Falcons

Matty F: Falcons

Larry Henry: Falcons

Philly Phour: Falcons

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Richie B: Patriots

Meanie: Patriots

E: Patriots

Dan Ward: Patriots

Drew Clark: Patriots

Piero Fiorino: Patriots

Pete Luongo: Patriots

VinNy Love: Patriots

Matty F: Patriots

Larry Henry: Patriots

Philly Phour: Patriots

Sunday Night Football: Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

Richie B: Seahawks

Meanie: Seahawks

E: Seahawks

Dan Ward: Cardinals

Drew Clark: Seahawks

Piero Fiorino: Cardinals

Pete Luongo: Seahawks

VinNy Love: Cardinals

Matty F: Seahawks

Larry Henry: Seahawks

Philly Phour: Seahawks

Monday Night Football: Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos

Richie B: Broncos

Meanie: Broncos

E: Broncos

Dan Ward: Texans

Drew Clark: Broncos

Piero Fiorino: Broncos

Pete Luongo: Broncos

VinNy Love: Broncos

Matty F: Broncos

Larry Henry: Broncos

Philly Phour: Broncos

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