SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly NFL Pick Em’: Week 5

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By the NFL Department

Week number five of the NFL season is here and the good people at STF are bringing you their weekly picks but before we get to the picks, Richie B. will be bringing you his look on this week’s games. Guess who’s back? Tom Brady is back that’s who and he’ll be looking to take out his frustrations on the 0-4 Cleveland Browns, however, Hue Jackson and the Browns will be looking to spoil the comeback. Matt Ryan is playing MVP football and has the Dirty Birds in control of the NFC South as they travel to Denver to take on the undefeated Broncos featuring that Vonted Denver defense. Carson Wentz has the Eagles flying high at 3-0 and he’ll look to make it 4-0 in Motown unless Matthew Stafford and company can end their three-game skid. Rex Ryan has the Bills back from the brink of death but a 3-1 Rams team awaits them in Los Angeles. Can the Bills make it three straight or will the Rams one up them and make it four straight? After a dominating performance last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be looking to give their fans an encore of the greatest show on grass against a Jets team that has been hit and is just barely staying off the ground.


Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers

Richie B: Cardinals

Meanie: Cardinals

E: 49ers

Dan Ward: Cardinals

Drew Clark: Cardinals

Piero Fiorino: Cardinals

Peter Luongo: 49ers

VinNy: Cardinals

Matty F: 49ers

Lord Henry: Cardinals

Philly Phour: 49ers

New England @ Cleveland Browns

Richie B: Patriots

Meanie: Patriots

E: Patriots

Dan Ward: Patriots

Drew Clark: Patriots

Piero Fiorino: Patriots

Peter Luongo: Patriots

VinNy: Patriots

Matty F: Patriots

Lord Henry: Patriots

Philly Phour: Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions

Richie B: Eagles

Meanie: Lions

E: Eagles

Dan Ward: Eagles

Drew Clark: Eagles

Piero Fiorino: Lions

Peter Luongo: Eagles

VinNy: Lions

Matty F: Eagles

Lord Henry: Eagles

Philly Phour: Eagles

Chicago Bears @ Indianapolis Colts

Richie B: Colts

Meanie: Colts

E: Colts

Dan Ward: Bears

Drew Clark: Bears

Piero Fiorino: Bears

Peter Luongo: Colts

VinNy: Colts

Matty F: Colts

Lord Henry: Bears

Philly Phour: Colts

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins

Richie B: Titans

Meanie: Dolphins

E: Dolphins

Dan Ward: Dolphins

Drew Clark: Titans

Piero Fiorino: Titans

Peter Luongo: Dolphins

VinNy: Dolphins

Matty F: Titans

Lord Henry: Dolphins

Philly Phour: Dolphins

Washington Redskins @ Baltimore Ravens

Richie B: Ravens

Meanie: Ravens

E: Ravens

Dan Ward: Ravens

Drew Clark: Redskins

Piero Fiorino: Ravens

Peter Luongo: Ravens

VinNy: Ravens

Matty F: Ravens

Lord Henry: Redskins

Philly Phour: Redskins

Houston Texans @ Minnesota Vikings

Richie B: Vikings

Meanie: Vikings

E: Texans

Dan Ward: Texans

Drew Clark: Vikings

Piero Fiorino: Vikings

Peter Luongo: Vikings

VinNy: Vikings

Matty F: Vikings

Lord Henry: Vikings

Philly Phour: Vikings

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Richie B: Steelers

Meanie: Jets

E: Steelers

Dan Ward: Steelers

Drew Clark: Jets

Piero Fiorino: Jets

Peter Luongo: Steelers

VinNy: Steelers

Matty F: Steelers

Lord Henry: Steelers

Philly Phour: Steelers

Atlanta Falcons @ Denver Broncos

Richie B: Falcons

Meanie: Bronos

E: Broncos

Dan Ward: Falcons

Drew Clark: Falcons

Piero Fiorino: Atlanta

Peter Luongo: Falcons 

VinNy: Broncos

Matty F: Broncos

Lord Henry: Broncos

Philly Phour: Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys

Richie B: Bengals

Meanie: Bengals

E: Bengals

Dan Ward: Bengals

Drew Clark: Bengals

Piero Fiorino: Cowboys

Peter Luongo: Cowboys

VinNy: Cowboys

Matty F: Cowboys

Lord Henry: Bengals

Philly Phour: Bengals

Buffalo Bills @ Los Angeles Rams

Richie B: Rams

Meanie: Rams

E: Bills

Dan Ward: Rams

Drew Clark: Rams

Piero Fiorino: Rams

Peter Luongo: Rams

VinNy: Rams

Matty F: Bills

Lord Henry: Rams

Philly Phour: Bills

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders

Richie B: Chargers

Meanie: Chargers

E: Raiders

Dan Ward: Chargers

Drew Clark: Raiders

Piero Fiorino: Raiders

Peter Luongo: Raiders

VinNy: Raiders

Matty F: Raiders

Lord Henry: Raiders

Philly Phour: Raiders

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers

Richie B: Packers

Meanie: Packers

E: Packers

Dan Ward: Packers

Drew Clark: Packers

Piero Fiorino: Giants

Peter Luongo:  Packers

VinNy: Packers

Matty F: Packers 

Lord Henry: Packers

Philly Phour: Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers

Richie B: Panthers

Meanie: Buccaneers

E: Panthers

Dan Ward: Panthers

Drew Clark: Panthers

Piero Fiorino: Carolina

Peter Luongo: Panthers

VinNy: Panthers

Matty F: Buccaneers

Lord Henry: Panthers

Philly Phour: Panthers

AFC Games of the Week

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders 

Promo: The Chargers travel into hostile territory to take on a surging Raiders team. Del Rio has the mongrols of Oakland excited for the possibility of playoff football after a 3-1 start but Phillip Rivers and broken company will look to spoil a division foe’s homecoming.

Prediction: 31-28, Chargers

New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns

Promo: Tom Brady returns and the poor people of Cleveland have to first-hand witness what armageddon could potentially look like Sunday. Hue Jackson has the Browns fighting despite the constant setbacks as they’ll look to pull off an upset of the year against the Patriots.

Prediction: 27-17, Patriots

NFC Games of the Week

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers 

Promo: The money hasn’t added up for the Giants but what adds up is them having to prove themselves in Green Bay. This is a do or die game for the Giants as the G-Men look like a team that despite having a lot of firepower are on the verge of self-destructing. Aaron Rodgers will lead the Pack against the G-Men in hope to end an NFC foe for good.

Prediction: 28-20, Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

Promo: The Cardiac Cats are on life support as the Bucs roll into town looking to steal a divisional win. Can Cam Newton play the role of Super Man, or will the Bucs put the Panthers on the brink of extinction?

Prediction:  35-27, Panthers




13-10, Cardinals


24-20, Eagles


28-27, Colts


20-14, Titants


23-17, Ravens


24-13, Vikings


24-20, Steelers


21-17, Falcons


24-19, Bengals


13-10, Rams

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