SportsTalkFeed’s Weekly NFL Pick Em’: Week 6

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By the staff at SportsTalkFeed

It’s week 6 of the NFL and while the standings start to shape up so do the contenders and pretenders. Dan Quinn has the Atlanta Falcons soaring into Seattle atop of the NFC South as they’ll look to beat another potential Super Bowl team in the Seattle Seahawks. Philip Rivers and his bad news bears will welcome a pissed off Broncos team to San Diego in what should be a very interesting divisional game. Can the Chargers break the curse of blowing games or will the Broncos feast on helpless Chargers team? Colin Kaepernick gets his chance against an all charged up Buffalo Bills. Can Kaepernick prove his worth on the field or will the Bills trample another team en route to a fourth-straight victory?

The Browns are still looking for their first win of the season as they travel to the city of country to take on DeMarco Murray and the Tennessee Titans. Can Hue Jackson inspire the broken down Browns to victory or will DeMarco Murray pound away at another foe and have the Titans potentially sitting atop the AFC South? The Ravens have lost two straight after starting the season 3-0 and now find themselves taking on the frustrated Giants who’re losers of three-straight. Can Eli Manning or Joe Flacco will their teams to victory or will either one be the reason why they’re staring down the barrel of another lost season?

Don’t look now Panthers fans but the season is in jeopardy just six weeks in and now you must travel to New Orleans as the 1-3 Saints led by Drew Brees will look to end the Panthers. The life support Jaguars travel to Soldier field after their bye week and will look take out the Bears but Brian Hoyer and company have other ideas. Can Blake Bortles revive the fans in Jacksonville or will Brian Hoyer continue to make the good people of Chicago forget about Jay Cutler? The Los Angeles Rams were brought back down to earth last week and now they travel to Motown to take on the Lions coming off a big win against the Eagles. Can the Rams improve to 4-2 or will the Lions take out another winning team? The greatest show on grass will take their talents to south beach but not to help but to take out a struggling Dolphins team. Can the Dolphins pull off the upset or will the Steelers continue their dominance against an AFC foe? Tom Brady is back and that spells trouble for everyone including an up and down Bengals team. Brady will look to dispatch of another AFC North foe for a second consecutive week.

The Raiders are 4-1 for the first time since 2002 and the fans in Oakland looking for more divisional blood as the Chiefs roll into town. It’s a classic NFC showdown as the Dallas Cowboys travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers. Both teams have only one loss in what should be a pivotal NFC match-up. Can Dak Prescott help lead the Cowboys to their best start since the 2007 season or will Aaron Rodgers lead the Pack to within one game of the Vikings in the NFC North? It’s an AFC South showdown with a potential first place in the division on the line as the Colts travel to Houston to take on the Texans in what should be a very interesting game. Can Andrew Luck will his Colts to victory or will the Texans do enough to overcome their struggles? Last but not least the New York Jets travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in what could be a deciding game for both teams.

AFC Game of the Week 

Kansas City Chiefs(2-2) @ Oakland Raiders(4-1)
Promo: Jamaal Charles is back and while the Chiefs statistically are better on offense without Charles, he should carve up a Raiders defense that has had issues stopping the run(125 carries, 610 yards allowed, 4.9 yards per carry) so far this season. The Raiders are 4-1 this season and while they’re a talented team, look for the Chiefs to pull out a close win with their veteran leadership being the difference.
Prediction: 24-20, Chiefs

NFC Game of the Week

Atlanta Falcons(4-1) @ Seattle Seahawks(3-1)
Promo: The Atlanta Falcons are far from a perfect team but they’re well coached and have for the most part went out and executed this season. Last Sunday, the Falcons went into Mile High and took it to the Denver Broncos in a beatdown despite what the final score might say. The Seattle Seahawks are always tough at home but look for Matt Ryan and the Falcons win a close one in Seattle and put the NFL on notice once and for all.
Prediction: 23-20, Falcons in OT


SportsTalkFeed’s Week 6 Pick Em’ Predictions

Thursday Night Football: Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Richie B: Broncos

Meanie: Broncos

E: Broncos

Dan WardChargers

Drew Clark: Chargers

Piero Fiorino: Broncos

Pete Luongo: Broncos

VinNy Love: Broncos

Matty F: Broncos

Larry Henry: Broncos

Philly Phour: Chargers

San Francisco 49ers @ Buffalo Bills

Richie B: 49ers

Meanie: Bills

E: 49ers

Dan Ward: 49ers

Drew Clark: Bills

Piero Fiorino: Bills

Pete Luongo: Bills

VinNy Love: 49ers

Matty F: Bills

Larry Henry: Bills

Philly Phour: Bills

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Richie B: Eagles

Meanie: Eagles

E: Eagles

Dan Ward: Eagles

Drew Clark: Eagles

Piero Fiorino: Eagles

Pete Luongo: Eagles

VinNy Love: Eagles

Matty F: Eagles

Larry Henry: Eagles

Philly Phour: Eagles

Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans


Richie B: Titans

Meanie: Browns

E: Titans

Dan Ward: Browns

Drew Clark: Titans

Piero Fiorino: Browns

Pete Luongo: Titans

VinNy Love: Browns

Matty F:  Browns

Lord Henry: Titans

Philly Phour: Titans

Baltimore Ravens @ New York Giants

Richie B: Giants

Meanie: Ravens

E: Ravens

Dan Ward: Ravens

Drew Clark: Giants

Piero Fiorino: Giants

Pete Luongo: Ravens

VinNy Love: Ravens

Matty F: Ravens

Lord Henry: Giants

Philly Phour: Giants

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

Richie B: Saints

Meanie: Panthers

E: Panthers 

Dan Ward: Panthers

Drew Clark: Saints

Piero Fiorino: Panthers

Pete Luongo: Saints

VinNy Love: Panthers

Matty F: 

Lord Henry: Panthers

Philly Phour: Panthers

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Chicago Bears

Richie B: Jaguars

Meanie: Jaguars

E: Jaguars

Dan Ward: Bears

Drew Clark: Jaguars

Piero Fiorino: Jaguars

Pete Luongo: Jaguars

VinNy Love: Jaguars

Matty F: Jaguars

Lord Henry: Jaguars

Philly Phour: Bears

Los Angeles Rams @ Detroit Lions

Richie B: Lions

Meanie: Rams

E: Rams

Dan Ward: Lions

Drew Clark: Lions

Piero Fiorino: Lions

Pete Luongo: Rams

VinNy Love: Rams

Matty F: Lions

Lord Henry: Rams

Philly Phour: Rams

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins

Richie B: Steelers

Meanie: Steelers

E: Steelers

Dan Ward: Dolphins

Drew Clark: Steelers

Piero Fiorino: Steelers

Pete Luongo: Steelers

VinNy Love: Steelers

Matty F: Steelers

Lord Henry: Steelers

Philly Phour: Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals @ New England Patriots

Richie B: Patriots

Meanie: Patriots

E: Patriots

Dan Ward: Bengals

Drew Clark: Patriots

Piero Fiorino: Patriots

Pete Luongo: Patriots

VinNy Love: Patriots

Matty F: Patriots

Larry Henry: Patriots

Philly Phour: Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

Richie B: Chiefs

Meanie: Chiefs

E: Chiefs

Dan Ward: Chiefs

Drew Clark: Chiefs

Piero Fiorino: Chiefs

Pete Luongo: Raiders

VinNy Love: Raiders

Matty F: Raiders

Lord Henry: Raiders

Philly Phour: Raiders

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

Richie B: Falcons

Meanie: Seahawks

E: Seahawks

Dan Ward: Falcons

Drew Clark: Seahawks

Piero Fiorino: Falcons

Pete Luongo: Seahawks

VinNy Love: Falcons

Matty F: Falcons

Lord Henry: Seahawks

Philly Phour: Falcons

Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

Richie B: Packers

Meanie: Packers

E: Packers

Dan Ward: Packers

Drew Clark: Packers

Piero Fiorino: Cowboys

Pete Luongo: Packers

VinNy Love: Cowboys

Matty F: Cowboys

Larry Henry: Packers

Philly Phour: Packers

Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

Richie B: Colts

Meanie: Colts

E: Colts

Dan Ward: Texans

Drew Clark: Colts

Piero Fiorino: Texans

Pete Luongo: Texans

VinNy Love: Colts

Matty F: Colts

Larry Henry: Colts

Philly Phour: Texans

Monday Night Football: New York Jets @ Arizona Cardinals

Richie B: Cardinals

Meanie: Jets

E: Cardinals

Dan Ward: Cardinals

Drew Clark: Cardinals

Piero Fiorino: Jets

Pete Luongo: Cardinals

VinNy Love: Cardinals

Matty F: Cardinals

Larry Henry: Cardinals

Philly Phour: Cardinals

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