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The NFL MVP award, along with a couple of other prestigious honors, will be awarded next week but unlike in previous seasons, there isn’t a consensus Most Valuable Player this season. A few months ago, the good people here at SportsTalkFeed gave the fans our own early NFL MVP picks (article can be seen here). Since then, many things have happened in the NFL: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers went on a run to the NFC title game, Derek Carr got injured on Christmas Eve, and Tom Brady/Matt Ryan clinched berths in the Super Bowl. This season has seen one of the craziest NFL MVP races ever as there are many potential candidates so let’s see how the rankings have changed since early November.


Petey Luo 

1. Tom Brady

2. Ezekiel Elliott

3. Matt Ryan

Analysis: Tom Brady has dominated since his return and has been steamrolling over every NFL team with little to no weapons. Ezekiel Elliott keeps on proving to be one of the best rookie running backs in NFL history and seems to always rush for over 120 yards in every game. Matt Ryan has had a real bounce-back season after last season’s struggles and he has had some shaky moments but overall has had a dominant season, having Kyle Shanahan and Julio Jones has helped him out a lot. Overall, I say the MVP is Brady’s for the taking, he’s playing like he’s 25 and looks to not even be slowing down as he approaches 40 years old.


Chief VinNy Rocka

1. Matt Ryan

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Tom Brady

Analysis: From the beginning of the season until the end, Matt Ryan has made his case for league MVP, leading one of the best offenses in league history. Putting up 38 touchdowns to 7 interceptions on 4,944 yards with a 117.1 QB rating as one of the top QBs this season is hard to do, but having a receiver like Julio Jones can make things easier for you.

Aaron Rodgers started off the season mediocre and ended on a very hot note.  Rodgers has made his claim putting up 40 touchdowns to 7 interceptions on 4,428 yards with a 104.2 rating leading a one dimensional offense. Tom Brady might be the only NFL player to be an MVP coming off of a four game suspension, but even at the age of 39 his age didn’t show in his game this season. In just 12 games, Brady put 28 touchdowns to 2 interceptions on 3,554 yards with a 112.2 rating and that isn’t easy to do at all. Usually if you miss games you wouldn’t be considered an MVP candidate but with putting up those number and going 11-1 in the process, you’d be a fool to think if Brady wasn’t MVP worthy.


Richie B

1. Matt Ryan

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. N/A

Analysis: The MVP award doesn’t always make sense, nor does it always go to the most valuable player, it typically comes down to timing, and while Aaron Rodgers has been more valuable overall to the Green Bay Packers, this season’s MVP is Matt Ryan.  Yes, he’s got a lot of weapons at his disposal and is in one of the better offensive schemes in the NFL but he’s getting more out of them and elevating them, which is a rare thing to see. Matt Ryan was 1st in the NFL in yards per a pass attempt with 9.3 and still completed 69% of his passes, that is the most telling stat for Ryan this season.

Many, for some dumb reasons, wrote off Aaron Rodgers earlier this season even though he was still playing really good but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve wowed people for most of your career. Personally, I believe Aaron Rodgers was the most valuable player this past NFL season, he took a below average receiving corp that offensively was not being used properly in terms of the scheme and still put up insane numbers along with 10 wins. Jordy Nelson hasn’t looked the same since he tore his ACL and really struggled to get open because of it and Rodgers was forced to throw guys open on a consistent basis with no run game until Mike McCarthy allowed Ty Montgomery to shine at running back.



1. Tom Brady

2. Ezekiel Elliott

3. Derek Carr

Analysis: The New England Patriots tore up the NFL this past season and when Tom Brady returned, he finished with a touchdown to interception ratio of 28 to 2. One can wonder how crazy these stats would look if he had played in the four games he missed.

Ezekiel Elliott was the NFL’s rushing champ as a rookie, and there was talk of potentially giving the Cowboys offensive line some votes as well but in all honesty, he has proven that it takes a special running back to be able to pull off what he has done in his first year. Over 1,600 yards on 322 carries along with 15 rushing touchdowns.

Unfortunately for Derek Carr, his season was cut short with a fractured fibula. Car was excellent this past season as he helped guide the Oakland Raiders back to relevance with a 12-4 record and he passed for almost 4,000 yards and had 28 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. It’s safe to bet that Carr will improve from this and become an MVP candidate for years to come.


Larry Henry

1. Tom Brady

2. Ezekiel Elliott

3. Matt Ryan

Analysis: Tom Brady. This guy always gets it done and deserves credit for the season he has had. After missing the first four games due to suspension, Brady has been able to start yet again with New England as they head towards the playoffs. Brady will go down as one of the best to ever play the game.

Zeke Elliott. The rookie tailback has been able to excel in the Cowboys explosive offense this season. A lot of credit has to go to Dallas’ O-Line, but still Zeke has been able to pound the rock successfully for Jason Garrett’s team and should be also in the running for R.O.Y.

Matt Ryan. The 9 year veteran looks to be on pace for his best year yet. Amassing 4,300 yards so far is impressive, and he still has two regular season games left. 32 T.D.’s to only 7 INT’s is also stellar in today’s NFL and Ryan has been able to work well with other options at WR. With Julio Jones injured, his production may slip a little, but he has been able to help Atlanta to what seems to be another N.F.C. South title and potentially their 1st ever SB.


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