SportsTalkFeed’s 2016 Pro Wrestling Awards


As the year of pro wrestling in 2016 is coming to an end, we must look back and reflect on the things that happen. You can say that this year you’ve seen many well-known talents either jump ship to other promotions or were given the opportunity to showcase their craft on a bigger platform. Also, there were many quality matches that were produced this year, interesting feuds, with surprising returns and debuts rather than in 2015. Here at SportsTalkFeed, we’ll celebrate the accomplishments from the very best and worst of what pro wrestling has offered us in 2016. The categories below that we’ve choose will be based on our opinions on topics that were necessary to talk about. So with that in mind, we present to you the second annual SportsTalkFeed Pro Wrestling Awards of 2016.

Best PPV/Special Event of the Year

Peter Luongo: Wrestle Kingdom 10

We started off the year with the WrestleMania of Japan and it solidified itself as the event of the year. AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental championship was unbelievable. Okada vs Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight title was unbelievable, The Young Bucks winning a fatal four way for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles was… guessed it, UNBELIEVABLE. The whole night had MOTY contenders and if you were lucky to see it live then you’ll know you saw WRESTLING at its highest level.

Colin Dunn: NXT TakeOver: Toronto

It might be the fact that it was so recent and still fresh in my mind, but one of the things that made this show great was that every match was a solid 4.5/5-5/5. Solid show all around.

Justin F: Cruiserweight Classic – Finale 9/14

To me, it was tough to choose between NXT Takeover: Toronto and the finale of the Cruiserweight Classic. Both shows were spectacular this year, but I have chosen the CWC Finale as my pick. The CWC Finale, as well the entire CWC Tournament, was well produced and it showcased the most popular Cruiserweights in the independent circuit. The finale compacted two hours of great wrestling from top to bottom. TJ Perkins vs Kota Ibushi was outstanding as a potential MOTYC, the finals between Perkins and Gran Metalik was also excellent, and Zack Sabre Jr. vs Metalik and Alexander/Dar vs DIY were also very good. The commentary team of Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo for this show was spectacular as well and the overall presentation of the CWC was stellar.

Anabelle P: NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2

Bobby Roode & Ember Moon debuted. Asuka took the belt off Bayley to start the reign of the new generation of NXT Women. Lastly, Nakamura had to most epic entrance and he won the NXT title. The event in general was complete from top to bottom and they put on a show for the 2nd year in Brooklyn.

Patrick: Takeover Brooklyn 2

When Bobby Roode debuted, I was beyond excited. After seeing his talent in TNA, I was more than ready to watch him mix it up with some serious WWE talent. The match between Bayley and Asuka was top notch. And of course, Nakamura. Nothing else needs to be said there. The sequel to Brooklyn One was great! One can only hope Takeover Brooklyn 3 will be the best.

Worst PPV/Special Event of the Year

Justin F: WWE Roadblock: The End of the Line

This show was expected to close the year of 2016 on a high note for WWE PPVs. However, the show was nothing spectacular, giving off more of an average RAW vibe, rather than a must-see special feel. We kinda expected this show to be a letdown as there were several things that were disappointing: the Universal Title booking, Sami Zayn made to look weak despite being the underdog, Charlotte winning the belt AGAIN that hurts the credibility of the Women’s Championship, and no appearance from Triple H to start a great cliffhanger for the awaiting feud between Seth Rollins and to end the final show of the year with a bang, Roadblock had its good moments with the tag team title match and the return of Neville. However, the actual quality of the show was quite mediocre.

Peter Luongo: Roadblock: Exactly all the reasons what Justin said.

Patrick: Roadblock.

Yup. Just not as good as it should be. Really should not be a thing anymore.

Anabelle P: WrestleMania 32

Wrestlemania was just a dud this year. They went nostalgia a lot times during the show. You could feel the scrambling and last minute gimmicks they did, like bringing Shaq and having Rock win a match in just 6 seconds etc etc. It was very entertainment based and the wrestling was 2nd. Then, in the main event, EVERYONE knew Roman Reigns was going to win and it was just a lose/lose situation. Albeit, they were killed by injuries and it puts them in a tough spot, but this was a tough Wrestlemania to watch.

Best Weekly Program of the Year:

Peter Luongo: WCPW Loaded

This one comes as somewhat of a shock considering it started in late summer but WCPW proved many wrong and quickly gained a cult following. Kudos to Adam Pacitti and the rest of What Culture for not only starting an internet wrestling revolution, but bringing in top indy stars like Matt Hardy, Will Ospreay, Jay Lethal, and Drew Galloway. The company is quickly solidifying itself as the next big thing on the UK wrestling scene.

Colin Dunn: Smackdown

This comes with a metaphorical asterisk in that I’m, for the most part, only including the post-draft Smackdown. They have been great shows week after week as of late and it’s certainly better than the “flagship” show.

Anabelle P: Smackdown

Using the depth the roster despite not having the “main event” roster. Great storytelling and character development, especially with some NXT call ups.

Justin F: SmackDown

Before the draft, there was no reason to tune into Smackdown due to finding spoilers online and having no purpose in being on WWE programming. However, ever since the post draft, Smackdown has consistently produced simpler shows that keeps me interested in tuning in every week. It’s two hours that I can sit through with no complaints here and there. Their roster feels more competitive and in-depth than Raw, with people like The Miz, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and others who are given opportunity to shine on the show.

Patrick: Smackdown

Smackdown has been a better show as of late. The talent is on par in terms of main event level. The women hold their own extremely well. The tag team division is somewhat lacking, but not a real problem. When you have AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose is leading your show, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss is dominating the women’s division, and Slater and Rhyno, SD has been more entertaining to watch than Raw. Shane and Daniel make the show really exciting.

Worst Weekly Program of the Year:

Peter Lunogo: Raw

Don’t really have to explain this one….

Colin Dunn: Raw

Is there really any question here?

Justin F: Raw

Just like last year, Raw has not gotten any better with their storylines and storytelling, the inability to make new stars, and the stagnant format of the show has still remained the same. I want to say that it would hopefully improve in 2017, but what’s the point of saying that with a show that is continuing to decrease my interest into watching a product that draws the most revenue and viewership.

Patrick: Superstars

Apparently that’s still a thing. But in all seriousness, Raw. Kind of falling apart as of late.

Best Commentator:

Peter Luongo: Corey Graves

After retiring many thought the end of Corey Graves was near but he proved many of the doubters wrong by taking his time and speaking in a way that was easy to understand. He rarely messes up and he talks in a way that sounds like he is calling a real fight.

Colin Dunn: Corey Graves.

It isn’t the tattoos, it isn’t the fashionable suits, and it’s not because he follows me on Twitter. It’s because Corey Graves, since retiring, has made the commentary to his position. He has redefined that role is in the conversation with one of the greats.

Justin F: Mauro Ranallo

Mauro Ranallo is my pick for Best Commentator of the Year. Since being hired by the WWE on January 6th, 2016, many people have praised his commentary as being comparable to a Jim Ross and adds a level of legitimacy to the product. Some might call his commentary as being too “robotic”, but I think that feature is mistaken for seriousness for the product. Ranallo treats the content in the ring like a serious, legitimate, real competitive sport, which is exactly how professional wrestling should be treated. Also, Ranallo calls the action and allows the viewer to be invested into the story that is being told in the ring and shows the most enthusiasm and energy into the show similar to a Jim Ross. Him and Daniel Bryan made a great commentary team in the CWC Tournament, both calling the wrestling aspect of the matches that made the show great.

Anabelle P: Corey Graves

All for the Jennifer Husband joke he pulled on Otunga

Patrick: Corey Graves

Yup. It’s an easy answer, but it’s the best answer. He makes it very entertaining to listen to. He is one of the best heel commentators ever. He knows how to call a great match, and says what the Universe tends to think as well. Graves knows how to connect with the audience.

Worst Commentator:

Peter Luongo: David Otunga

I mean why? Why put Otunga on commentary? Was Tom Phillips not good enough at first?

Colin Dunn: Byron Saxton

I hate Byron Saxton with a strong passion and for that alone he gets my vote.

Anabelle P: JBL

He tries to be cool with his analogies and they just suck.

Justin F: Byron Saxton & David Otunga

JBL was going to be my go-to pick for this category, but David Otunga and Byron Saxton deserve this even more. Saxton seems like the lackey on the Raw commentary team and Otunga is the nonsensical commentator on the Smackdown brand.

Patrick: David Otunga

He really isn’t needed. There are four commentators on the SD commentary team. He and JBL shouldn’t be there, but Otunga definitely doesn’t belong on this commentary team.

Fan Favorite Moment of the Year:

Peter Luongo: AJ Styles wins the WWE World Title

When AJ Styles walked into the WWE in January the first thing on everyone’s mind was “when is he going to win the WWE title?” Well at Backlash those smarks dreams came true and after dominating in every promotion he has been in, Styles finally captured the biggest title in history. It seems fitting to put his name among the greats like Sammartino, Savage, Flair, Hart and Cena.

Colin Dunn: Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship

Zack Ryder is one of the few who, over the years, has naturally gotten over with the crowd and in recent years he fell off the train a bit, but after reinventing himself in NXT with Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder as easily become one of the most over faces and at the time he won the I.C. Belt the entire crowd was rooting for him. It was a great feel good movement that he even got to share with his dad.

Anabelle P: Sasha Banks winning the Women’s Championship on Raw (the first time)

She did a great job paying homage to Eddie Guerrero. Also, Charlotte did that beautiful corkscrew moonsault during that match.

Justin F: Goldberg beats Brock Lesnar in 1:26 seconds

Nothing was as shocking and exciting this year when Goldberg defeated “The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in 1:26 seconds. Goldberg returned to the WWE after 12 years since leaving the company. The match between him and Brock Lesnar was going to be their second encounter in the ring since their first one at WrestleMania 20 was very dull and uninspiring, especially since both of them were leaving the company at the same time back in 2004. Many people expected Lesnar to win here, thinking that Goldberg was going to wrestle one time due to the promotion of WWE 2K17. Unfortunately, plans were changed. When the bell rung, Goldberg quickly dominated with two spears and a Jackhammer to finish off Lesnar. Now hear me out. I COMPLETELY understand why some majority of fans were really disappointed with this match. However, this match for me was very exciting, shocking, and a great adrenaline rush when the bell rang. This match worked for two reasons: ONE, Goldberg needed the victory to advance the storyline between him and Lesnar. TWO, it gets rid of the mystique of Brock Lesnar being this dominant monster and having someone like Goldberg actually beat him. From a storyline standpoint, Lesnar has a reason to go after Goldberg that could potentially set up a match at WrestleMania 33. No matter what your perspective is in this match, at least it got people chattering for the time being.

Patrick: The return of Goldberg

Watching the man return and destroy Lesnar was so exciting. Goldberg did not miss a step. It was a great moment.

Feud of the Year:

Anabelle P: DIY vs The Revival

This feud took their time to develop and in doing so gave us great storytelling in general and the matches were phenomenal. The tore the roof down at both Takeover’s and their matches could easily be MOTY.

Justin F: The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

The feud between these two was intriguing to watch. The Miz alongside with Maryse is this cocky and arrogant champion while standing in his corner is Dolph Ziggler is doing what his moniker says “steals the show”, even if that means putting his entire career on the line. I was skeptical if Dolph Ziggler was legitimately going to leave the WWE after his match with The Miz at No Mercy. But interesting enough, the company decided to put the title on Ziggler. Not only this midcard feud was good, but it also brought back importance and prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. Both competitors have great chemistry in the ring that made this feud work.

Peter Luongo: The Broken Hardys vs The Decay

As stupid as Delete or Decay was, the feud was just good to enjoy. Two teams with ridiculous gimmicks going at it is just something to enjoy and The Great War was a stupidly entertaining match.

Patrick: AJ Styles vs. John Cena

You can’t tell me no one was not looking forward to this feud for years. And what we got was what we wanted. Having the Club involved was great as well. But the matches these two had over the summer were outstanding. And yes, you will see this again later on.

Colin Dunn: AJ Styles vs John Cena

Despite 2016 being “not the best” we did get quite a few good rivalries. One of my favorites was John Cena vs AJ Styles. They always put on top notch matches and blew us all away. To top it all off, AJ Styles walked away the winner.

Headline of the Year:

Justin F: TNA vs Billy Corgan

Honestly, there is no need to explain this one. If you have been following the saga between TNA and Billy Corgan over the past couple of months, you will understand why.

Peter Luongo: WWE raids NJPW talent

By taking AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura away from the second biggest promotion in the world reassured that WWE was still the big dog. The company created a whole lot of dream matches involving these men and two of them have already captured world titles. Hopefully WWE does the same in 2017.

Patrick: TNA vs. Billy Corgan

This whole story was a confusing one and an interesting one. Just reading up on it, made the whole thing intriguing.

Anabelle P: WWE announces CWC, Tag Team, UK Tournaments/Classics etc.

WWE doing their tournaments with the cruiserweights, the UK, Tag Team and soon to be Women’s tournaments/classic have given WWE audiences and these wrestlers a chance to showcase their talent in WWE. This is a great way for WWE to get indie talent onto their brand and tryout with a huge payoff. It’s a smart move on their to have these tournaments/classics.

Colin Dunn: CWC and Brand Split

2016 provided us with quite a few big announcements and headlines, but two stuck out to me the most and that’s the announcement of the CWC and the Brand Split. The CWC provided us with multiple classics and outstanding chemistry, but at the same time the brand split was something that drastically changed the WWE so for me it has to be a tie between these two.

Tag Team of the Year:

Peter Luongo: DIY

DIY could be considered as one of the best thrown together tag teams WWE has produced. Gargano and Ciampa are two great indy talents and their classic at the CWC was enough to elevate them to the NXT Tag title picture. They had two match of the year candidates against The Revival at both Takeover Brooklyn and Toronto and when they finally reached the mountaintop, it was an emotional moment for both indy darlings.

Anabelle P: New Day

New Day has had a historic year. They had the most merch sold at WrestleMania and have the longest Tag Team title reign. They have done a masterful job of getting themselves over, to the point where they can win ANY kind of way and it’s fine. They are one of the best things to happen to the tag division in a LONG time.

Patrick: New Day

They set the record for the longest reign as tag team champions. They are over as hell. They came out in full DBZ gear at this year’s Wrestlemania. They made a cereal called Booty-Os. You cannot tell me that the New Day does not rock. What a year they have had.

Colin Dunn: New Day

They might have grown stale, but the New Day definitely had the best 2016 by having great matches and breaking the all time record in WWE to become the longest reigning tag team champion. For that they get my vote.

Justin F: The Revival

To me, I think The Revival had a better run as a tag team in 2016 than The New Day. Of course, New Day became the longest reigning tag team champions in the company and they are very entertaining every week when they do their shtick, but I think deserves some praise as being tag team that will do anything to win by cheating .You can say The Revival can be also known as Most Underrated due to how undervalue their talent is as a tag team.

Rookie of the Year:

Peter Luongo: Will Ospreay

Ospreay is one of the best young talents in the world today and his match against Ricochet was one of the best I have seen. Winning Best of the Super Juniors elevated Ospreay to superstardom and he only continues to rise.

Colin Dunn: Will Ospreay

Ospreay has had one hell of a year. At the ripe age of 23 Ospreay has had classic matches in WCPW and with Ricochet and even Vader. He definitely has my vote.

Anabelle P: AJ Styles

His first year in WWE and he’s had memorable matches, rivalries and is actually a champion in WWE. He’s been so good, Vince wants him on Raw now.

Patrick: Will Ospreay

His WCPW matches were outstanding. Just watch his match with Ricochet and you’ll see how great he is.

Justin F: Ricochet

Ricochet is one of those young talents that you have to keep your eye on. His match as Prince Puma with Rey Mysterio at Ultima Lucha Dos was spectacular to watch. Also, his match between Will Ospreay caught the attention in the wrestling industry, with Vader criticizing the match that they had. He’s rumored to be WWE bound since he’s close friends with Apollo Crews and has officially wrapped up his commitments to Lucha Underground.

Most Improved:

Peter Luongo: Cesaro

When Cesaro came back from injury the night after WrestleMania 32 many fans believed that his impending push was beginning. That didn’t come true, but Cesaro has been apart of several MOTY candidates, including the Money in the Bank ladder match, the fatal four way for the Intercontinental title at Extreme Rules and the final match of the best of 7 series against Sheamus at Clash of Champions. Cesaro’s stock continues to rise and hopefully he captures a world title in 2017.

Colin Dunn: Baron Corbin

It’s no secret if you know me that I’m a huge Baron Corbin fan. He won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal to start his 2016 and since then he has gotten much better than what he was and had one of the best matches at TLC. He has the ability to be WWE Champion and I think by the time 2017 is over we will see it.

Justin F: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss started 2016 in NXT and was a solid performer in the ring but was only average with her mic skills. However, since her call-up to the main roster, she has be arguably been the most popular female talent on the Smackdown roster. Her facial expressions and crowd control whenever she speaks on the mic makes her one of the most interesting characters on the main roster. Not only that, her in-ring work has improved on the main roster as well. Her timing and psychology makes her just as charismatic during a match as she has become during her promos.

Patrick: The Miz

He can arguably be named as the breakout star of the year as well. But he is extremely underrated. The way he is acting now is how he needed to act when he was WWE Champion. His aggression, his in ring work, his mic work, all of it has vastly improved. You can’t tell me the Miz isn’t doing great work now.

Anabelle P: Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin started out with a bang, winning the Andre the Giant battle Royal at WrestleMania. He’s a big guy with an attitude and got to showcase this with Kalisto, which was a good and underrated feud. He also had a decent run with Dolph Ziggler. He’s being more assertive as we’ve seen on Talking Smack when he’s talking to GM Daniel Bryan about getting more opportunities. He got a chance to spread his wings and challenge himself. Corbin was able to do more in 2016 and hopefully in 2017 he gets the pushes and delivers on those.

Most Underrated:

Peter Luongo: Cedric Alexander

When the CWC was announced many fans started to freak out with names like Kota Ibushi, Zach Sabre Jr and Tajiri were announced for the tournament. But an underrated name that was lost in the shuffle was Cedric Alexander, the most athletic wrestler I have ever seen. Alexander and Ibushi put on the best match of the tournament and luckily Alexander stayed in WWE after the CWC was over. I attended an NXT Boston event which saw Alexander defeated Roderick Strong in what could have been a WrestleMania match, it was that good. I would love to see Alexander win the Cruiserweight title next year.

Colin Dunn: The Revival

They barely got edged out for me for the tag team of the year, but they have more than proved that they are the team to watch in 2017. The Revival has been having outstanding matches in NXT and I think once they are called up they will become a tag team we talk about for years to come.

Justin F: The Revival

Not only they’re the Tag Team of the Year, but they’re also the Most Underrated team in my opinion. They remind me of this generation’s Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard; classic heels that don’t use high spots to get over with the crowd, just use brute strength and wrestling technique to win their matches. The Revival have put on great matches this year with American Alpha and DIY that make them and their opponents get over with the crowd. I can’t wait for them to get called up on the main roster soon and let their presence be known either on Raw and Smackdown as the tag team to look out for.

Anabelle P: The Miz

The Miz was underrated for a long time and his shoot on Daniel Bryan finally gave him the recognition he deserved and yet he’s still underrated. He’s been consistently one the top 3 heels in WWE for quite some time now. He’s not a tweener or an anti-hero, he’s a legit heel that the majority of the crowd still boos for.

Patrick: Baron Corbin

Honestly, he has some great potential. It may not look like it now, but as he develops, he will definitely be a great star. He has the look, he just doesn’t have the sharpened skills as of yet. To be fair, the only feud we’ve seen him in was one with Kalisto. Put him in a feud with someone better, and you’ll see that he has potential.

Breakout Star of the Year:

Peter Luongo: Matt Hardy

If you were to tell me that Matt Hardy of all people would be one of the best wrestlers of the year, then I probably would have laughed at you, but he has turned his Broken gimmick into one of the hottest things in wrestling today. The gimmick is without a doubt ridiculous, but much like The Undertaker, Hardy got his gimmick over. I mean he also got his wife, his one year old kid, a Hispanic landscaper and a DRONE over with the crowd. That is something that isn’t easy to do at all. The Final Deletion was so great that it gave TNA a 23% viewer increase. Followed by Delete or Decay and Total Nonstop Deletion, this gave people a good reason to watch TNA. Matt Hardy’s broken brilliance will only get stronger and hopefully he comes back to MeekMahan’s company.

Anabelle P: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy gets my vote because only in 2016, which has been a hell of a year would “Broken” Matt Hardy thrive like this. Seriously, he’s done a great job at getting over such an insane gimmick.

Colin Dunn: Matt Hardy

I agree with Justin F. that The Miz has definitely had the year of his career, but nobody has had a better rejuvenation then Broken Matt Hardy. If I asked someone five years ago who the better Hardy would be no one in a million years would have said Matt. Matt Hardy has completely re-imagined his career and has become one of the biggest things in Wrestling. 2017 will definitely be interesting because Broken Matt has much more to come.

Patrick: Matt Hardy

Yup. Even though he’s been around for a long time, this year was his breakout year. I agree with Peter on this point.

Justin F: The Miz

What can I say about The Miz. He has been on fire this year ever since he went to Smackdown. Him alongside with Maryse make the perfect duo to watch. The Miz generates the right type of heat that gets him over, as well as getting the opponent that he’s working with over too. He is definitely one the top heels in the company today.

Comeback of the Year:

Peter Luongo: Seth Rollins

Rollins’ comeback at Extreme Rules was one of the most exciting moments of the year. The man had basically destroyed his knee just months previously and to see him back at full strength was amazing. He captured the WWE World title and also turned face so I would think Rollins had a pretty good comeback this year.

Colin Dunn: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho, in my opinion, has had the best go of his career in WWE here in 2016. He has been the most entertaining thing in WWE here in 2016 and you’d be a stupid idiot not to vote for him.

Justin F: Matt Hardy

Chris Jericho would’ve easily been my pick due to always reinventing himself every time he returns to the company, getting his “list” over on the main roster, and screaming “STUPID IDIOT” for whomever he interacts with, but honestly I have to give this to Matt Hardy. Despite my feelings towards TNA, Matt Hardy has truly reinvented himself this year by being this insane and wacky character that might turn people away, but he makes it work regardless what people might think of him. Like Peter said, his loony persona created The Final Deletion, which garnered an increase in viewership for TNA. His persona has brought interest in his character and you hear the “DELETE” chants not only in TNA, but in WWE arenas as well.

Anabelle P: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy because it’s “Broken” Matt Hardy’s year. TNA has been a doozy in 2016 however, they let Hardy do what he wants and it’s been golden. For the last few years, we knew Matt Hardy was in TNA but the takeover in 2016 has been STRONG.

Patrick: Chris Jericho

HE MADE A LIST GET OVER WITH A CROWD AND MADE “STUPID IDIOT!” A TOP CATCH PHRASE! Anyone that can do that had a great year, and Y2J is known for reinventing himself. After a lackluster return a couple years ago, this was one of his best returns to date. Only thing that comes close is Broken Matt Hardy.

Match of the Year:

Peter Luongo: Shinuske Nakamura vs Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover Dallas

When Shinsuke Nakamura signed with WWE, we knew MOTY candidates were coming. He had already put on a classic against AJ Styles at Wrestle Kingdom 10 which many fans thought couldn’t be outdone, but at NXT Takeover: Dallas we were proven wrong. It was also the perfect way for Sami Zayn to leave NXT. This match was hard hitting, close and amazing, all the formulas for a Match of the Year.

Colin Dunn: DIY vs The Revival at NXT TakeOver Toronto

This match was one of if not the single greatest match I’ve seen. The build up to this match was flawless and the tension everyone had was insane. This match was a house of fire straight off the bat and with DIY finally winning the NXT Tag Team Championships from The Revival it made for great TV.

Patrick: AJ Styles vs. John Cena

The matches between these two were great. AJ and John have been known to put on great matches, and their matches they had this summer were some of the best. This was the match I have been waiting a long time for, and after finally getting it, I can say I more than enjoyed it! My only knock on these matches is that this didn’t take place a couple of years earlier.

Anabelle P: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover Dallas

This was essentially the passing of the torch between NXT vet (Zayn), and WWE’s hottest newcomer in Nakamura. Nakamura gave us “Strong Style” and Zayn gave us one last great OLE round. This match took over the biggest weekend in sports entertainment.

Justin F: AJ Styles vs John Cena at Summerslam 2016

It’s a dream match that finally came into fruition, “The Face That Runs the Place” John Cena battling against “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles in a WWE ring. Their match at Summerslam was the second encounter that puts AJ Styles on the top of the food chain. It was nice for Cena to put AJ Styles over not only once, but twice on two PPV occasions. This match was back and forth, not knowing who was going to win. But surprisingly, Styles manage to secure the victory and is now claiming to be the new “Face That Runs the Place”. Eventually, the rematch between the two will happen next year. Bet on it.

Women’s Wrestler of the Year:

Peter Luongo: Charlotte

I wanted to give this to Sasha Banks but Charlotte just narrowly outdid her this year. She captured the Raw Women’s championship on three separate occasions, put on the best women’s WrestleMania match along with Banks and Becky Lynch, was in the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell and the match was also the first women’s match to main event a WWE PPV. She is without a doubt living up to her father’s legacy and is proving to be one of the best women’s wrestlers ever.

Colin Dunn: Charlotte

I hate saying it because it’s so stupid but it has to be Charlotte. She’s been a 4 time Women’s champion in the span of a year and has much as I hate saying it she has definitely been the best.

Anabelle P: Charlotte

Charlotte has had peaks and valleys, but her performance has been great when it needs to be like Wrestlemania. She’s getting more comfortable as a heel and you can see her growing. Not to mention her and Sasha had a historic year.

Patrick: Sasha Banks

She won the women’s title three times on Raw. THREE TIMES. ON RAW. That never happens. She had great matches in the past, she is the best mic worker of the women’s division, and she is the most entertaining. Yes, Charlotte did have a great year, but Banks made Raw more fun to watch. Give me Banks over Charlotte.

Justin F: Charlotte

One of the best heels in the WWE today, Charlotte gets my vote as Women’s Wrestler of the Year. I would of loved to give it to Sasha Banks. Unfortunately, it was Charlotte who had the better run as being the narcissistic woman that proclaims to be the “queen” of the women’s division. I’ve had a prediction that she was going to be a focal point in the Women’s division when she arrived to the main roster, and man I was right. As much I did not like the hot potato with the Women’s Championship between her feud with Sasha Banks, she proves that she can get the job done when the stakes are high on pay-per-view.

Wrestler of the Year:

Peter Luongo: AJ Styles

Don’t really have to say what has already been said already about AJ Styles 2016 campaign. He is the face that runs the place and will continue to be for as long as he is in WWE.

Colin Dunn: AJ Styles

It’s got to be AJ Styles. From his debut in the Rumble, to his feud with John Cena, to becoming WWE champion isn’t for everyone to do.

Anabelle P: AJ Styles

AJ Styles has been a sensational all year. Literally since he debuted at the Royal Rumble to his last PPV match of the year at TLC. He’s done such a great job that we now have James Ellsworth on the roster. That’s how good he’s been.

Patrick: AJ Styles

He has always been great. It only took a matter of days for the WWE to prove how great he is. He is great on the mic, great in the ring, and is excellence personified. And his matches with John Cena have been great. Just watch him work, you’ll see we’re right.

Justin F: AJ Styles

My co-horts all agree, AJ Styles is the Wrestler of the Year. He had a sensational year, even before arriving to the company. His match with Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10 was spectacular to be qualified for a MOTY Candidate and getting kicked out of the Bullet Club to let Kenny Omega take over in NJPW. Since arriving to the WWE, he has definitely improved on the mic, having awesome matches with whomever he works with, and has the accolade to say that he beat not only once, but twice the face of the company, John Cena. His popularity has sky rocketed him to the top of the company and he holds the most prestigious prize in the company, the WWE (World Heavyweight/World) Championship. I expect him to be a huge player for the company heading into 2017.

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