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 Tomorrow night on FOX, the UFC features two of the top contenders in the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division as we enter the post-Rousey era in the division. (#1)Valentina Shevchenko vs (#2)Julianna Pena should decide who gets the next shot at (c)Amanda Nunes belt. Shevchenko is coming off an impressive against Holly Holm back at UFC on FOX in July while Pena is coming off an impressive performance back at UFC 200 against Cat Zingano. In the co-main event, you’ve got the most active fighter in the UFC in (#5)Donald Cerrone as he takes on the always durable (#12)Jorge Masvidal in what should be the scrap of the night. Cerrone seems to be on the cusp of a title shot at 170 so this fight is somewhat of a headscratcher, a fight with either Damian Maia or Robbie Lawler made more sense but when Cerrone wants to fight, he really wants to fight. With a win here, look for Cerrone to most likely fight Lawler but that’s only if he wins. Masvidal is about as game as they come. Also, on the card, you’ve got great match-ups in (#4)Raphael Assuncao-(#7)Aljamain Sterling, (#7)Andrei Arlovski-(#10)Francis Ngannou, Alex Caceres-Jason Knight, Alexandre Pantoja-Eric Shelton, and Nate Marquardt-Sam Alvey. It should be a great night of fights tomorrow night on UFC on FOX so tune in and enjoy.

UFC Fight Pass Prelims 

Jason “Nicoya” Gonzalez vs J.C. “Superstar” Cottrell

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Gonzalez via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Gonzalez via 3rd round TKO

Masked Man: Gonzalez via unanimous decision

Alexandre Pantoja vs Eric “Showtime” Shelton

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Shelton via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Pantoja via unanimous decision

Masked Man: Shelton via unanimous decision

FS1 Prelims

Marcos “Pezao” Rogerio De Lima vs Jeremy “Grizzly” Kimball

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: RDL via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Kimball via split decision

Masked Man: Rogerio de Lima via 2nd round submission

Eric “Zebrinha” Spicely vs Alessio “Manzo” Di Chirico

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Spicely via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Di Chirico via 3rd round TKO

Masked Man: Spicely via split decision

Henrique “Frankenstein” da Silva vs Jordan Johnson

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Frankenstein via 3rd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Johnson via unanimous decision

Masked Man: da Silva via 2nd round TKO

Bobby “Nashty” Nash vs Li “The Leech” Jingliang

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Nash via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Nash via Nashty 2nd round TKO

Masked Man: Nash via 2nd round TKO

(#4)Raphael Assuncao vs (#7)Alijamain “Funk Master” Sterling

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Sterling via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Assuncao via split decision

Masked Man: Sterling via split decision

Nate “The Great” Marquardt vs Sam “Smile’N” Alvey

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Nasty Nate via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Alvey via 1st round TKO

Masked Man: Alvey via 1st round KO


Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres vs Jason “The Kid” Knight

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Caceres via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Caceres via 3rd round submission

Masked Man: Bruce Leeroy via 2nd round submission

(#7)Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski vs (#10)Francis “The Predator” Ngannou

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Arlovski via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Ngannou via unanimous decision

Masked Man: Ngannou via 1st round KO

Co-Main Event

(#5)Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs (#12)Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Cowboy via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Cerrone via 3rd round submission

Masked Man: Masvidal via split decision

Main Event

(#1)Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko vs (#2)Julianna “Venezuelan Vixen” Pena

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Shevchenko via unanimous decision

Analysis: I’m awful at picking girl fights so always bet on the lady I didn’t pick 🙂

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Pena via heel like decision

Analysis: Julianna Pena is the greatest fighter of all-time regardless of male or female, she has Anderson Silva like striking ability with the ground ability of Georges St-Pierre, and the submission game of Damian Maia. There will never be another Venezuelan Vixen, she is truly a once in a generation… actually, she’s a once in a lifetime athlete and fighter. It’ll take an absolute miracle for Valentina Shevchenko to beat her, she might have to make her nickname literal and put a bullet in Pena’s head but even then I’m convinced Pena would take it with ease and still dominate Shevchenko. Forget everything I just said, the only reason why I’m picking Pena is because both Masked Man and Meanie dislike her with a passion so I’m gonna play the role of the heel in this one and hope for a Pena win. This is a great match-up between the two top contenders in the women’s bantamweight division so it should be a good one.

Masked Man: Shevchenko via unanimous decision

Analysis: I think Richie Angle has lost his mind. Pena couldn’t hold a torch to Anderson Silva and when you’re compared with GSP, I suddenly get very sleepy. Nonetheless, Valentina has fought the last two champions. Losing to the current champion and then beating the former champion. I think she has the tools to once again face off with Nunes and she should see that dream become more clear after a somewhat dominant victory over Pena. Pena is good and aggressive in every fight but this is a fight where she might now want to be so aggressive. Shevchenko should use her aggression against her and secure a unanimous victory to give the masked man yet another victory and securing him as the best fight picker in the whole bWo.

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