Rundown of UFC Fight Night: (#10)Lewis vs (#15)Abdurakhimov

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Tonight the UFC’s heavyweight’s do battle as (#10)Derrick “Black Beast” Lewis takes on (#15)Shamil “Abrek” Abdurakhimov in a fight that could have us see another heavyweight contender in the UFC if Lewis is able to win. Abdurakhimov will look to derail Lewis’ hype train and make a name for himself while the Black Beast will look to make the Russian native another victim at the hands of his power. In the co-main event, you’ve got (#12)Francis “The Predator” Ngannou vs Anthony “Freight Train” Hamilton. Ngannou is arguably the best prospect in the UFC’s heavyweight division but Hamilton is game and could very well pull off the upset on the Cameroon native. UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Aburakhimov features the future of the UFC’s heavyweight division, we could very well see a few stars born tonight.

UFC Fight Pass Early Prelims

(#15)Julianna “Ju Thai” Lima vs JJ Aldrich

Eric “E” Knifong: Lima via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Lima via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Aldrich via unanimous decision

Keith “Sha Bang Bang” Berish vs Ryan Janes

Eric “E” Knifong: Berish via 1st round KO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Berish via 3rd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Janes via 2nd round submission

Frankie Perez vs Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese

Eric “E” Knifong: Perez via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Diakiese via 2nd round submission

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Diakiese via unanimous decision

Tiago Trator vs Shane Burgos

Eric “E” Knifong: Trator via 2nd round submission

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Trator via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Burgos via 1st round KO

Andrew “El Dirte” Sanchez vs Trevor “Hot Sauce” Smith

Eric “E” Knifong: Smith via 1st round TKO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Smith via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: El Dirte via unanimous decision

Joe “Capo” Gigliotti vs Gerald Meerschaert

Eric “E” Knifong: Meerschaert via split decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Gigliotti via split decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Captain via 1st round submission

Randy “Rudeboy” Brown vs Brian Camozzi

Eric “E” Knifong: Brown via 2nd round submission

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Camozzi via 1st round submission

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Brown via unanimous decision

Justine Kish vs Ashley Yoder

Eric “E” Knifong: Kish via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Yoder via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Yoder via 2nd round submission

UFC Fight Pass Main Card

(#15)Gian Villante vs Saparbek Safarov

Eric “E” Knifong: Villante via 1st round TKO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Villante via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Villante via 2nd round TKO

(#9)Corey “Beastin 25/8” Anderson vs Sean “The Real OC” O’Connell

Eric “E” Knifong: Anderson via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Anderson via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Anderson via unanimous decision

(#12)Francis “The Predator” Ngannou vs Anthony “Freight Train” Hamilton

Eric “E” Knifong: Ngannou via 1st round KO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Hamilton via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Ngannou via 2nd round TKO

Main Event: (#10)Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis vs (#15)Shamil “Abrek” Abdurakhimov

Eric “E” Knifong: Lewis via 1st round KO

Analysis: Abdurakhimov is a tough veteran that could give Lewis some problems, but it’s so hard to go against a guy with such raw power and continues to turn every man he faces lights out. I expect this one to end rather quickly as Abrek will feel The Black Beast’s power and immediately know he’s in trouble. However, if Abrek can somehow survive the first round then we could see him push Lewis to his limits.

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Lewis via 1st round TKO

Analysis: Abdurawho? Lewis in a landslide. Any man with two hands has a fighting chance(shoutout James Ellsworth) but what about a man with cinder blocks where his two hands should be? Sounds like a superhero to me.

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Black Beast via 2nd round TKO

Analysis: Alright, this is a five-round fight between two heavyweights who aren’t exactly great fighters so there’s a chance this fight will be a snoozer unless Black Beast can get the early stoppage. Shamil Adburakhimov is game but game doesn’t always mean you can survive getting hit by someone that has sledgehammers for hands. In his last fight, Black Beast got taken down quite a bit and that may be a problem against Abdurak but look for Black Beast to derail the confidence and get the finish after a close first round.

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