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 UFC 207 is finally upon us and it will showcase some great match-ups for MMA fans with two title fights, a title eliminator, etc. all on one card. In the main event, you have the return of Ronda Rousey as she takes on Amanda Nunes for the Women’s Bantamweight title. There’s a lot of question marks in this fight, the biggest one being how will Ronda respond? She was dominate then one night got wrecked and disappeared. Amanda Nunes since then has emerged and took out Miesha Tate violently at UFC 200. It should be a great match-up with a lot of questions being answered. In the co-main event, you’ve got arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC and overall in MMA in Dominick Cruz as he takes on the young and heavy hitting Cody Garbrandt in the ultimate clash of styles. Can Cruz play the role of Matador successfully or will Cody play the role of the bull and pull off the upset? That’s not all for the Bantamweight division as TJ Dillashaw takes on John Lineker for the chance to take on Cruz-Garbrandt for UFC gold in the future. This fight is a lot like Cruz-Garbrandt and should be another great. The UFC closes out the year with a great event that should leave fans happy about 2016 and excited for 2017.

UFC Fight Pass Early Prelims

Brandon “Rukus” Thatch vs Niko “The Hybrid” Price

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Thatch via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Thatch via 1st round TKO

SportsTalkFeed: Thatch via 1st round TKO

Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira vs Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Means via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Means via unanimous decision

SportsTalkFeed: Oliveira via unanimous decision

UFC 207 FOX Sports 1 Prelims

Mike “Quicksand” Pyle vs Alex “The Dominican Nightmare” Garcia

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Gomer Pyle via 1st round submission

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Garcia via 3rd round TKO

SportsTalkFeed: Garcia via unanimous decision

Antonio “Cara de Sapato” Carlos Junior vs Marvin Vettori

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Vettori via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Vettori via 2nd round submission

SportsTalkFeed: Carlos Junior via 2nd round submission

(#6)Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks vs (#8)Neil Magny

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Fat Boy via Bonzai Drop

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Hendricks via unanimous decision

SportsTalkFeed: Magny via split decision

UFC 207 Main Card

(#12)Louis “The Last Samurai” Smolka vs (#13)Ray “The TazMexican Devil” Borg

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Smolka via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Smolka via 2nd submission

SportsTalkFeed: Borg via 2nd round TKO

(#9)Dong “The Stun Gun” Hyun Kim vs (#12)Tarec “Sponge” Saffiedine

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Hyun Kim via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Sponge via unanimous decision

SportsTalkFeed: Saffiedine via split decision

(#1)TJ Dillashaw vs (#2)John “Hands of Stone” Lineker

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Lineker via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Dillashaw via majority decision

SportsTalkFeed: Dillashaw via 1st round KO

UFC Featherweight Championship: (c)Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz vs (#5)Cody “No Love” Garbrandt

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Dominickator via unanimous decision

Analysis: Cody Cody Cody, any other night you would be my guy #OhioStrong, but I have to be realistic. Cruz is just better. He has the best movement in MMA, fights very intelligently and would absolutely be considered the best active fighter if he didn’t catch the injury bug for 4 years of his prime. Can Cody G catch a surprise right hook and put Cruz to sleep? Absolutely. This kid has unbelievable power for his size and is just scratching the surface of his abilities. He is the future of the division but the future will have to wait.

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Cruz via unanimous decision

Analysis: Dominick Cruz is the best p4p fighter in the world right now and has once again shown why he is the best in the world at 135 pounds, but this is MMA and every fighter has that punchers chance. Cruz should outclass Garbrandt in this one, he’s the better more all-around fighter that also has a lot more experience. Cruz won’t stand in front of Garbrandt like everyone else has, Garbrandt’s boxing has been somewhat overhyped, he’s got some speed and power but he’s really only showcased it against guys who stand right in front him and just ask to be punched in the face. How is he going to deal with the footwork and movement of Cruz? That’s the big question that will be answered Friday night. Cruz looked great against Dillashaw and even better against Faber, he’s clearly hitting his prime now so I have to go conventional wisdom here and say Cruz outclasses Garbrandt, don’t be surprised if Cruz finishes it either.

SportsTalkFeed: Garbrandt via 1st round TKO

Analysis: If my prediction isn’t right then get ready for another five round decision for the Decisionator. Cruz is a top fighter but he has very little finishing ability(Mizugaki fight was the exception rather than the rule). Garbrandt probably isn’t ready for this moment but hey you can’t make shots if you don’t shoot.

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship: (c)Amanda “The Lioness” Nunez vs (#1)Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Rousey via 1st round submission

Analysis: We are finally here. The day the MMA world has been waiting over a year for is upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Ronda’s mental health has been a well documented since the last time we saw her inside the cage. Public opinion of her took a hit. Many who used to view her as the all-conquering warrior who has no fear. Now she’s a mere mortal who lives in a shell of herself. I see this fight going exactly the way Ronda wants. All the emotion leading up to the big moment of Friday will be special and propel her to victory…..or she may actually kill herself. We shall see. But warriors face adversity, deal with it and come back better than ever. That is just what we do.

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Rousey via 2nd round submission

Analysis: I don’t even know what to make of this fight, this is the ultimate unknown. We haven’t seen Ronda Rousey since her loss to Holly Holm when she went MIA and avoided the media since then we have seen Nunes reach her potential when it all came together for her on the biggest stage at UFC 200. Nunes is a long and aggressive striker but against Rousey, she’ll need to pick and choose when she uses her aggression and the same goes for Rousey, she can’t just bull rush forward anymore, she’s going to have to get inside using proper footwork, feints, strikes, etc. I’m expecting Nunes to take the first round but to get overly aggressive in the second round allowing Rousey to get the classic armbar submission win.

SportsTalkFeed: Nunes via 1st round TKO

Analysis: I just don’t trust Rousey’s mental state. She lost one fight and acted like her word ended. It happens. Fighters lose fights and no one is perfect, but she seems to think the rules should change for her. She fought an awful game plan against Holm and charged in with her striking. It had thrown others off in the past but Holm was a seasoned striker and didn’t fall for it. I expect more of the same here. Nunes has elite power and will put it on display Friday night. However, if Rousey can fight smart and get Nunes deep into the fight she should be able to secure a patented submission.

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