Rundown of UFC 206: (#2)Holloway vs (#5)Pettis

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UFC 206 is upon us and while there have been some setbacks, the fights are just meant for violence to take place. In the main event, you’ve got (#2)Max “Bless” Holloway vs (#5)Anthony “Showtime” Pettis in a fight that should show the fans in Canada what fireworks look like on the 4th of July. However, Pettis has missed weight(148) so we’ve got some stipulations if Holloway wins, he’s awarded the interim belt and unify it against Jose Aldo, however, if Pettis wins then he’s not awarded any belt and nobody knows what the UFC will do straighten that out. Just when you thought UFC 206 was ready to go, this happens but at least the fight is still on.

In the co-main event, you’ve got two fighters who were born to fight in (#5)Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and (#14)Matt “The Immortal” Brown. This match-up just breeds violence, Cerrone is the better more all-around striker but Brown is that aggressive in your face striker that has given Cerrone problems in the past. It should be a war. On top of that, you also got (#4)Cub Swanson taking on Korea’s own (#11)Dooho Choi in a fight could be a changing of the guard at 145 or for Choi a fight where he realizes he’s maybe not ready for the elite at 145. It doesn’t stop there, the always patriotic (#10)Tim Kennedy takes on Kelvin Gastelum in what should be a good fight. Kennedy hasn’t fought in the UFC in a few years but he’s always been game and Gastelum is that young fighter with potential who just seems to mess it up with bonehead mistakes(weight). Can Kennedy show everyone that he’s still game or will Gastelum once again show us why he’s regarded as a potential UFC contender? Last but not least UFC 206 kicks things off with Canada’s own Jordan Mein as he takes on the always crazy Emil Meek. Mein is a very underrated fighter with sharp boxing while Meek is the heavy hitting brawler, this fight should come down to who can implement their style and make their opponent fight their type of fight. It hasn’t been ideal circumstances but UFC 206 is still a very good fight card with the potential to steal the show.

UFC Fight Pass Early Prelims

(#7)Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky vs (#10)Dustin Ortiz

Eric “E” Knifong: Ortiz via 1st round TKO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Makovsky via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Makovsky via unanimous decision

Jason Saggo vs Rustam “Tiger” Khabilov

Eric “E” Knifong: Saggo via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Saggo via 2nd round submission

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Khabilov via majority decision

John “The Bull” Makdessi vs Lando “Groovy” Vannata

Eric “E” Knifong: Vannata via 2nd round submission

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Makdessi via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Vannata via 1st round TKO

UFC 206 FOX Sports 1 Prelims

Mitch Gagnon vs Matthew Lopez

Eric “E” Knifong: Lopez via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Lopez via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Lopez via 2nd round submission

(#9)Valerie “Trouble” Letourneau vs Viviane “Sucuri” Pereira

Eric “E” Knifong: Letourneau via split decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Letourneau via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Pereira via 3rd round TKO

Olivier “The Quebec Kid” Aubin-Mercier vs Drew Dober

Eric “E” Knifong: Aubun-Mercier via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Aubin-Mercier via 3rd round submission

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Dober via unanimous decision

(#8)Nikita “The Miner” Krylov vs (#13)Misha Cirkunov

Eric “E” Knifong: Krylov via 1st round submission

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Cirkunov via 1st round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Cirkunov split decision

UFC 206 Main Card

Jordan “Young Gun” Mein vs Emil “Valhalla” Meek

 Eric “E” Knifong: Mein via 2nd round TKO

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Mein via unanimous decision (RIP Viking Beard)

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Mein via 1st round TKO

(#10)Tim Kennedy vs (#8)Kelvin “El Gordito” Gastelum

Eric “E” Knifong: Gastelum via 2nd round submission

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Kennedy via 1st round TKO #Merica

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Gastelum via unanimous decision

(#4)Cub Swanson vs (#11)Dooho Choi

Eric “E” Knifong: Swanson via split decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Swanson via unanimous decision

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Dooho Choi via 1st round KO

(#5)Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs (#14)Matt “The Immortal” Brown

Eric “E” Knifong: Brown via unanimous decision

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Cowboy via 2nd round TKO

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Cowboy via 1st round TKO

Main Event

Interim Featherweight Championship Bout

(#2)Max “Blessed” Holloway vs (#5)Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

Eric “E” Knifong: Pettis via 3rd round KO

Analysis: This fight is hard for me to pick because of the missed weight cut and might still be going with my heart more than I should. I’ve always enjoyed Pettis and his fighting style. He could of become one of the best fighters to ever step foot inside an MMA cage. And this – this was the fight to prove it, but he managed to take a step back in a fight that should have crowned him as a champion in two weight divisions. A feat so rarely done. I digress though because we still have the match up of two versatile strikers with above average ground skills. Holloway continues to improve and impress every time he is inside the octagon. Holloway will bring the fight to Pettis in the beginning, but Pettis’ power will be the difference. Pettis is the bigger fighter (obviously) and I expect him to use that to his advantage.

Justin “Meanie” Szabo: Holloway via unanimous decision

Analysis: I don’t believe in Pettis at 145. That extra ten-pound cut will eventually take its toll. He looks like a zombie moping around. Not good at all and has not looked great since his exile from the 155 division. I will forever credit RDA with murdering Pettis. Max Holloway is a bad match up in your second fight in the division. Holloway has been killing guys left and right, one of the most dominant fighters in the company. This can’t go well for Showtime.

Richard “Richie B” Bowman: Holloway via split decision

Analysis: I truly believe Anthony Pettis will give max Holloway a fight come Saturday even though both guys have sort of been trending in opposite directions over the past few years, we should see a much better Pettis on Saturday. The key in this fight will be pressure for Holloway as good of a striker as Pettis is, his weakness has always been striking when pressured. Pettis will need to use footwork and cage awareness to avoid succumbing to Holloway’s pressure. Look for Pettis to do a lot of circling early on while throwing some leg kicks at Holloway as he looks to get a feel for what Holloway will want to do. As for Holloway, he’s gotta pressure and not give Pettis any space or else he’ll be on the wrong side of victory. Neither guy has been stopped by strikes and Pettis to date has never been finished, this fight could very well come down to who wants it more and that’s why I’ve gotta side with Holloway in what should be a close fight.

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