Pros and Cons to WWE buying TNA


Heavy, heavy rumors have been swirling for weeks that WWE could be a potential and very serious threat to buy TNA wrestling. TNA has been in the gutter for years now with Dixie Carter stepping down as president and Billy Corgan taking over, they have been switching TV stations and nights for months, they can’t really hold on to their top stars and almost shut down months ago. WWE buying TNA like they did with WCW could be the best and worst thing to happen to them and here’s why. Regardless of what happens one thing remains the same, Vince McMahon always wins


They get their video library

The one thing that WWE has done in the past couple of years has been signing former TNA stars and having them achieve great success in NXT and on the main roster. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Booby Roode and Sting have all made big impacts in WWE as they did in TNA, maybe even better. The one thing WWE hasn’t done is acknowledge all those superstars past success in TNA because they simply don’t want to. WWE occasionally references New Japan and Ring of Honor but never TNA and it’s strange because all those superstars I listed earlier are former TNA champions. If WWE finally gets the rights to their video library then they can finally build up these big stars even bigger since they have past footage of how good they can be, they can even say they were former TNA champions. The video library is actually the main reason why WWE wants TNA and it will be very interesting how they utilize it.


Broken Matt Hardy…We knew you’d come home

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Well Matt Hardy certainly became the hottest thing in pro wrestling this past year in the most stupidest way possible. When he first started to run with this broken gimmick, it quickly caught on with the fans and in fact The Final Deletion brought in a 23% viewer increase for TNA. WWE actually got inspired by The Hardy Compound because they had the New Day and the Wyatt Family brawl in very Final Deletion inspired battlefield. Triple H wants him back really bad and that is exciting to hear. If he is to come home and hopefully it’s with Brother Nero, Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1, then he should go to Smackdown and immediately feud with Bray Wyatt, I don’t have to explain that feud to you. Just think about the viewership that will be brought in if they keep this broken gimmick going and think about what it can do for Hardy’s career and even the merchandise sales. Hardy could potentially become WWE World Champion and “delete” guys like Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and John Cena. Forget the video library this would be the biggest move WWE could pull off from the sale of TNA.


Lashley, EC3 and Galloway prove Vince wrong again

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Lashley, Drew Galloway and EC3 all had really mediocre careers in WWE and never realized their full potential until they left the company and found better success in TNA. They all became TNA heavyweight champion and proved Vince McMahon wrong about their abilities to deliver. Now if WWE buys TNA and brings some of their top talents into the company, these three guys can finally be truly successful. The IWC would rally around these guys and even request they become whichever world champion on whichever show they are on or these guys can flourish in NXT and become big faces down there due to the heavy indie feel it has and how better booked it is. If WWE is going to buy TNA then along with the Hardy’s, they should definitely bring back three guys they did wrong years ago and make them the true superstars they are.



We could get another invasion angle

Yes the first thing many fans thought of when the rumors were made public about WWE buying TNA was another invasion angle. If history taught us anything it is that WWE will bury a company they bought for their own personal gain. The WCW invasion was the worst booked and biggest missed opportunity for a big angle in recent memory and ECW’s run in WWE was just as worse. I don’t want to see a TNA invasion, it just wouldn’t make that much sense and they really don’t need to do it. Just sign whatever stars they want and put them on Smackdown or Raw. I would like to see a TNA draft in which each show picks a star they want, that could be interesting


Some top stars wouldn’t want to sign with WWE

I did mention how it would be in WWE’s best interest if they sign Lashley, Drew Galloway, EC3 and the Hardy’s but that’s not a guarantee that they will sign with the company. Maybe Galloway, Lashley and EC3 wouldn’t sign with WWE purely out of spite, same goes for Cody Rhodes who just recently left WWE. There are a lot of former WWE stars in TNA right now who wouldn’t want to have bad runs in Vince McMahon’s big house because they did already so I think losing out on guys like EC3, Lashley and Galloway would be a huge loss for McMahon but I don’t think he would care.


We could possibly never hear the end of it

WWE is really going to drag this out of they successfully buy TNA because they will treat it like it was a bigger victory than buying WCW. Since TNA is basically the modern day WCW, we are going to see highlights of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Boody Roode, Eric Young for months, NO ONE WANTS THAT. Put all that stuff on the network, don’t have the announcers talk about it 24/7 we get you pulled off a big buy but just give us their wrestlers. Vince knows what he’s doing but he could also shove it down our throats.


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