Piero and Richie B’s Juventus 2016-2017 Review: Part I ⚪️⚫️

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By Piero Fiorino and Richard Bowman

We’re a month into Juventus’ 2015-2016 campaign so Piero and Richie B are here to break down how the Bianconeri have fared so far. Juventus still haven’t lost a game, however, they still have a lot of room for improvement as the team still isn’t where they want to be. It’s still early though so there should be nothing to panic about, Juventus is still sitting atop of the Serie A standings and they’re still in a good position to top their CL group.

Juventus Fixtures:

Serie A: Juventus-Fiorentina: 2-1

Serie A: Lazio-Juventus: 1-0

Serie A: Juventus-Sassuolo: 3-1

Champions League: Juventus-Sevilla: 0-0





Serie A Rating

 Miralem Pjanic  2  1  8.30
 Medhi Benatia  2  7.95
 Paulo Dybala  4  2  7.66
 Alex Sandro 4  7.64
 Sami Khedira 4  2  1  7.45
 Gonzalo Higuain  3  3  7.29
 Dani Alves  3  7.26
 Giorgio Chiellini  4  1  7.25
 Mario Lemina  4  7.20
 Andrea Barzagli  3  6.88
 Leonardo Bonucci  3  6.86
 Kwadwo Asamoah  3  6.78
 Gianluigi Buffon  4  6.57
 Stephan Lichtsteiner  2  6.47
 Mario Mandzukic  3  6.41
 Marko Pjaca  3  6.20
 Patrice Evra  2  6.19
 Hernanes  2  5.97

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Best player for Juventus so far?

Piero: Gonzalo Higuain

Analysis: Higuain has already scored 3 goals for Juventus, and there seems to be nothing that can get in his way. Higuain was a proven goal-scorer when Juventus went after him, so there should be no reason to believe he will be slowing down this season.

Richie B: Sami Khedira

Analysis: Khedira has done it all for Juve so far, he’s scored goals, assisted teammates, and done all the little things you want from a midfielder. Juventus will be hoping Khedira can stay healthy this campaign as they’ve seen first hand so far how much of a game changer the German can be.

Which new Juventus addition has been the best so far?

Piero: Miralem Pjanic

Analysis: Although Higuain outpaces him in goals thus far, Pjanic has done a makable job at filling the hole left by all-star Paul Pogba.

Richie B: Gonzalo Higuain

Analysis: It’s tough to go against Higuain here as he has been scoring goals at a high rate for Juventus so far in this campaign.

Most disappointing Juventus player so far?

Piero: Andrea Barzagli

Analysis: It may just be because the season just started, or it may be that father time is catching up to Andrea, but either way, Barz has not looked good thus far in the season. The famed defenseman has yet to record an assist and has not really looked himself on the defensive side. He will look to pick it up as they continue their Champions League run.

Richie B: Giorgio Chiellini

Analysis: Many people are hoping this is just a temporary thing for Chiellini but he has not been good so far this campaign or at least not been his usual self, he did have an assist in the first game vs Fiorentina but inconsistency in his own end has plagued his performance so far.

One thing Juventus can improve on after a month into their campaign?

Piero: Attack

Analysis: Juventus has scored 6 goals through 4 games thus far. Although that is a good ratio, the problem is that 3 of those 6 goals have come from one player. Juve will have to look to spread the wealth around to avoid becoming one-dimensional.

Richie B: Midfield.

Analysis: The defense hasn’t had to deal with much, however, the midfield could do a better job of controlling the game. As of now, Dybala has been forced to drop back, and it’s hurt Juventus up front. Of course, this could change with Marchisio hopefully coming back soon.

Grading Juventus’ first month:

Piero Grade: B-

Analysis: Juventus has had a good month, but with the roster they have, they should be having a great month. Juve tied with Sevilla, which is not the kind of start they were looking for after all their big signings.

Richie B Grade: B+

Analysis: It’s been a good month for Juventus, they still haven’t dropped a game albeit in just four games but the draw against Sevilla drops their grade down to a B+. Juventus will need to find a way to win those types of games this campaign.

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